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Unexpected Wonderful Side Effect of acupuncture on constipation/parasites

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lisushka Views: 885
Published: 3 years ago

Unexpected Wonderful Side Effect of acupuncture on constipation/parasites

Hello all,

I had an unexpected amazing result from the last therapy that I thought would affect chronic constipation, acupuncture, and I wanted to share it.

If you look through some of my old posts you'll see I've had a long term issue with constipation caused by what I've surmised was a parasite, a bacterial dysbiosis, or possibly complications from sublicinical hypothyroidism (maybe causing the slow transit time and the ability of the bacteria to hang out too long), or candida or god knows what. It started for me, that I can recall, after a parasite I got following a virus in Indonesia -- I got dengue fever, and then after that I got a bad parasite causing at first diarrhea and then white worm things. I suffered from constipation for a year, then found a local NRT practitioner who prescribed me Systemic Formulas VRM 3 and 4, which did the trick for many months. But when I went off it, the next time I got a virus (unrelated), the constipation came back, as did the weird white things. I kind of went through this cycle of, whenever I had a constipation flare-up, usually showing white things or stringy things in my BMs and also usually following a period of sickness or virus, for about a year. Then while I was abroad I reached out to a Vietnamese doc, I found his name here, who looked at the original pics of the white wormy thing that had come out right after the virus in Indonesia, and decided it was fasciola buski, so I took triclabendazole (and did feel things coming out of my liver). Following that, though, I still had occasional constipation and the stringy rope things that some have called rope worm, that another poster (Jorge) said he had tested and was just discarded intestinal lining that had been colonized by some bacteria or fungus. I showed that to the Vietnamese parasite doc and he said he's mainly seen that in Westerners, doesn't know what it is, and doesn't know how to kill it. (Interesting right?) So from there I went back to my own prescription of rotating, when the flareups happened, either the VRMs 3 and 4, or Serrapeptase and Monolaurin (to get the biofilm and then to kill it), or garlic if that helped (often did). I later found Atrantil whlch caused TONS of the ropey stuff to come out and solved the constipation for a good while. I'd take prescript assist and florastor too, regularly. But the constipation and the BM ropey stuff still came back post sickness, for example recently I got altitude sickness very badly and the constipation came back. I got hemorrhoid flareups too whenever the constipation came. And I'd have to use enemas, at first based on the experiences I read here with candida to get out the bad bacteria or fungus (from reading dvjorge's posts) and also because I felt better when the ropes were out, during a flareup.

However, over the past two months I have found the weirdest solution for all this, that at least is working for now -- which is as long a period of relief as I've had with any of the other therapies I listed above- -acupuncture. I know, I didn't think it would affect this at all, I didn't go for this, I thought it was all about what bugs are in and what will kill or displace them and keep em out. I dunno, man. So after I got the altitude sickness and a lung infection at the end of April (in Peru), when I came home I went to a local acupuncture school's walk in clinic very regularly, several times a week, to help with the fatigue following this. The fatigue evolved into later on being too speedy (I guess adrenal stuff) and finally came back to normal. It was the first time in my life I'd go to acupuncture so often . -- more than once a week- and regularly. It was affordable because it's all students doing the practice under supervisors. So, the weirdest thing is that my BMs for the first time in my life became like textbook perfect and easy to come out after a morning tea-- not even coffee, just a black tea. I stopped taking Prescript assist or florastor, and its still perfect. And you know that awful acrid smell that the BMs have when you know there's some dysbiosis, like a foul acid smell? Versus the nice manure-y horse farm smell you get when you take a good probiotic like precript assist? Well my BMs still have the healthy smell, even though no probiotics.

I don't understand it at all, and I dont know if it will last, and I'm glad I've learned about all the other techniques just in case of more problems. My mom has dysbiosis, my dad is prone to constipation so it makes sense to me that I'd get it, that it's a weak spot. BUT, this side effect of the acupcuncture really surprised me- its the only change, no change in diet or exercise or lifestyle or anyhting else. So just wanted to share it, in case it might help someone else.

Thanks to all for this wonderful forum, its helped me a lot.


one local doc thought was fasciola buski. I

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