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Flukes, Mucus, and Alien parasites

Tapeworms, Round worms, Flukes?
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Published: 33 months ago
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Flukes, Mucus, and Alien parasites

Flukes, Mucus, and Alien parasites

Good catch phrase.

Flukes are common, mostly unseen unless there are other things going on.

Mucus, Rope worms, slime, sewer, SIBO, SIYO, all of these GI infection things go hand in hand.

Alien Parasites? There are some Cestodes, Trematodes, Marine Parasites, and Play helminths that may look Alien, but Alien?,... No, I do not think so.

The sad truth is that there are millions of undiscovered species and variants. Some Doctors like Dr Blaylock believe less than 2% of parasites can be tested positive. I myself had pictures, the tests were negative. The Infectious Disease Guy I found that wanted to treat, ran when he saw the pictures of many species. There is a point, where even the few doctors that are in the know, will not get involved.

Finally I got a positive for Ascaris on my third try, Wife was now in the boat, and understood, and then I gave up on tests for a long while. Started Educating.

The Truth:

So the tests barely work, even if you have an eyeball identification. I am sorry to say that the meds barely work as well. Having shared my experience with others over the years, we discovered that complicated infections cause such a stress on the body, the meds become ineffective, unless everything is done right.
I had over a dozen species of parasites. Curing these infections took an effort beyond imagination, and I still have a few species left.

The possible scope of the treatment:

Using Minerals, Metals, Amino Acids and Foods...
Using Antiparasitic meds, Co-factor meds, and Co-medications...
Using and activating metabolic processes, the Citric Cycle, Urea Cycle, others..
Simultaneously taking meds for other worm types, flat, red, white...
Detoxing, and Amping up pathways..
Controlling Ph. Alkaline processes...
And of course taking vitamins...
And in a specific sequence..
Then an only then can you cure parasitic infections, one by one.

So ...


It takes education, and a lot of perseverance to clear infections.

The way to get started is to get in communications with others, that have gone through what you are facing, and gotten thru it successfully.
These are mentors.

Set up your communications group, have an outlet for both technical and emotional baggage. Get rid of it.

If you cannot get family support, at least keep relationships in tact if possible.

Watch the finances.

Getting good pictures can help save a lot of misdirection. Use a macro-zoom camera, wash and isolate parasites. Get identification if possible.

All that gloom and doom stuff said, Many get lucky.

Getting Started:

So, here is how to directly proceed.

Take your peripheral Ph., by touching Litmus paper under your "tongue" , upon first rising from bed, no food or drink.

The bottom of the tongue is best.

If your Ph. is above 6.5 then you can proceed.

If your Ph. is below 6.5 then get an essential hair and mineral hair analysis performed.

It looks at key essential minerals and metals to give an idea of your mineral status, stress on the body, immune system metals.

The next priority, is the liver, unless more is wrong. I started there. I had flat worms, and Flukes, so the first organ in the line of fire is the liver, gall bladder, body balance.

The liver uses most vitamins, A-Z. The liver uses sulfur, Selenium, Boron, Taurine, Choline, and other substances. Many Flush the liver.

Since so many people start treating parasites when they are barely alive, Dr Hulda Clark derived a capsule of Magnesium Sulfate, which is aimed at directly intervening in both Magnesium and Sulfur status, to turn people around.

Many have a poor selenium status.

Many have a poor overall status.

Start supplementing RDA levels of supplements. I use Now Foods Daily Vits 3770, and Source of life NTP035. These two are ideal.

To get an idea of status, I promote the use of challenge testing.

Challenge Testing:

Challenge testing requires Ph. above 6.0, supplements of magnesium sulfate 1030mg...after a while this can be tapered., Magnesium Citrate 133mg, and Potassium Citrate 99mg per day. This is insurance. Take Epsom Salt baths with a bit of Baking Soda.

Take the Daily Vits Vitamin and the Source of Life Amino Food Vitamin.

If your Ph. is below 6.0, challenge test must be avoided until your body is strong enough to take a reaction.

It can take a while, but in its most simple form, for a flat worm infection, the following things apply.

Prehistoric Flatworm Co-Factors:

Castor oil Caps, Now foods, 650mg. Two per day should be enough.

Peppermint oil caps, 320 - 330mg capsules. 6 per day should be enough.

Praziquantel Co-Med:

Albendazole tablets or liquid, typical daily total in day is 4mg/kg/D - 8mg/kg/D. Do this challenge for 3 days, in 4 equally divided doses during the day. Then take Albendazole while (same time) you are doing a Praziquantel dose if you want to challenge flatworms stronger.

Or a simpler method is to just see if you react.

A single dose per day may be enough to see if you have a significant flat worm infection.

The simple 3 day method is:

Praziquantel teaspoon at 6PM in Greek Gods yogurt. Three days should just bring you to a little pain if your infection is severe. If your infection is light it may take up to 21 Days to see a result in the toilet bowl. Have a camera ready for quality pictures that can be used to identify all the species.

To challenge, one just accepts the taste for a few days.

After 3 days, with no reaction, think the Praziquantel capsules method.

The actual dose of Praziquantel "For" a sustained basis is some 25 - 50mg/Kg/D, usually divided into 4 smaller doses per day. 00 caps hold 600mg of Prazi powder, and 000 caps hold 900mg of Prazi powder.

A 100kgs person may take 3-4 Prazi 000 caps every 6 hours. A 75 kgs person can take 3-4 Prazi 00 caps every 6 hours. For treatment, capsules are best. Again taken with Calcium Milk or Greek Gods Yogurt, Pizza or Cheese.

Vitamin D3 at 5000IU per day. More than that could cause a strong reaction.

If you have a sharp pain in the base of the brain, or between the shoulder blades, stop. Flatworms in nerve tissue need a special slow method, that minimizes risk.

Once you have pictures of the flat worm species you have, you can start a plan.

That is it for flatworm challenge testing.

The Big Picture:

Red worm challenge tests involve Invermectin and Fenbendazole or oxfendazole. These challenge tests requires a lot of education and preparation.

White worm challenge tests involve oxibendazole. Primarily one looks for Ascaris, or Larger Canis or Catus worms. These challenge tests requires a lot of education and preparation.

Pyrantel (like PinX) can be taken per the box instructions, for a single day dose. This kind of establishes any intestine red or white worm infection severity, via the results. A huge reaction means a large infection. No reaction means no intestine involvement. The maximum stated on the box is 10mg/kg dose. A good guideline.

While there are many more challenge tests, basic planning can now be performed.

If you are positive for flat worms, and negative for White and Red worms, then direct treatment of flatworms may proceed. Typical cure using Praziquantel takes from 3 months to 8 months, depending on the infection(s).

If there are other Phylum's of parasites present, beyond platyhelminthes, all the phylum's must be medicated at once time, to eliminate flatworm platyhelminthes.

I had flat, white, red worms.

Could not make them budge.

Taking meds for Flat, white, red worms at the same time, lead to a clearing of flat worms.

Plain and simple, if you want to cure, not just play with the worms for years, improve your status, force health, take the meds, keep other infection enzyme influences at a minimum by a little of this or that, and you will generate a cure.

Once in a while, a person has a bad flatworm species, or Asian Fluke, requiring other meds after the Prazi.

Once in a while, a person has prehistoric flatworm species, that require additional Castor oil Peppermint and Ginger Root.

Seldom, there is a failure. Maybe 5 - 10% of the time.

If you react strongly to Flat, White, and RED worm challenges, you will have a fight on your hands, and be prepared for hand to hand combat.

Other than that, getting a cure for Flukes, Tape worms, and other Playhelminths is strait forward.


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