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2.2 ounce tubes
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Published: 14 months ago

2.2 ounce tubes

The 2.2 ounce tubes that you can fill with liquid herbs that will solidify, are one of the greatest products for herbal use !

Herbs for the skin can do amazing things and I doubt books exist on that subject and surely no book exist today on the use of some of the herbs they were using over 100 years ago---because over 100 years ago, doctors had to be honest or they had no business. For example, Dr. Earl Sloan use to only live 4 miles form where I live today and over 100 years ago, he believed in his lineament for humans and animals so much, that he sent a free booklet to every home in AMERICA and gave a 100% satisfaction guarantee. He believed most would get good results their first use.

Can you imagine what it would cost today, to send a free booklet to every home in AMERICA.......but just 120 years ago that was very possible and your product only cost 25 cents and free shipping.

That is also an example of how bad the world has been taken over in just such a short period of time---once people believed they were smarter than their neighbors, the wars have never ended and never will as smart people believe they control others, like farmers control livestock.

Dr. John R. Christopher was an unwanted baby, he was dumped as a baby and luckily someone took him and raised him. He was born with a poor heart---today, his mother probably wu;d have killed him when her M.D. told her that his baby boy would be born with a poor heart.

Dr. Christopher was the only herbal doctor drafted by World War 1 and permitted to use herbs.

Dr. Christopher learned from the best and understood Natives Indians were a great source and was friends with Sitting Bull and learned from him.

Dr. Christopher's most famous formula came from Germany, from a famous fasting expert. That expert proved through out Europe that you "bleed" as a method to expel the undigested food in your blood. He would walk to towns and take a knife and open up his arm and no blood would drop to the ground and heal quickly------then living with the town people, he would eat their crap and then cut his arm and blood would ooze out and puss / scabs, etc.....proving the puss was undigested food.


THE CURE for PUSS has always been a simple cure.

Dr. Christopher learned from others, learned from his patients and believed everyone can take what he had and learn more---same as he did.

Dr. Christopher had to know the Dr. Hay Orange Juice Cure ---very well, there is no way he could have not known. Only once in a video does he ever mention oranges....he would suggest if you have sex problems, eat an orange instead. He did understand that humans should never have a baby more than once every 3 years and only the human abuses sex, so that is why he suggested eating an orange instead of following all the monkey teachers.

In the same manner, Dr. Hay, Jackson and many others, avoided Dr. Christopher, Dr. Huggins, etc.......

"IF" they had only took what each one knew and combined their efforts, all those guys would probably be alive today. "THEY" all had to know there were people age 250 that looked young---only Dr. Hay published it though----Luckily they all printed their books and a few of their books exist today, some the Christopher books are still printed because the boy never gave away the rights, he understood that if you give your books to a publisher, that publisher can burn your books and prevent you from ever printed them ever again---so more many many years he self-publishes, but he is not close to being what his dad was. "IF" you read his dad's 1,000 pages about herbs and then read their current publication, you see how when they went commercial, not only did their herbs fail, their education failed. Commercialism demands failure in the health field--commercialism can not tolerate healthy old people---exactly as Dr. Christopher predicted would happen to human health.

So today, the internet has destroyed much of history and when it comes to human health---FORGET IT, you will find more false info than you will ever find truth on the internet or in books published after 1950---that is how corrupted the world has became after 100 years of world war.

WE HUMANS are designed to breathe perfect air and live in a perfect environment-----they know humans that did this, the men at age 250 looked the same age and health as their 22 year old boys----according to the top M.D. in North American History, Dr. Hay and he published that the english army had been studying those people for 11 years at the time of printing his first book.........history also proves that the english murdered hundreds of millions of people in Africa and world wide for various reasons, but always if the people were too old. They understood that they could never promote drugs and vaccinations if there were people living past age 150 who never ever took a drug or had a vaccine, so they literally murdered them all. Same as they murdered millions in South America and today the school books say they have no clue why all those people just died for no reason. When you control the history books and then the internet, you can raise people to be ignorant. Luckily there are always whistle blowers and HOTEMA was one of the best whistle blowers of all time. "IF" you really want to understand the BIBLE, read the Pastor Hotema Books and get the books he suggested and read them and then you will know why all the biblical colleges are corrupt and serve the same masters as commercialism does. Those that printed the first bible, control all the corruption world wide.

THE OLD DOCTORS all used herbs.......herbs are foods/. Drugs are poisons, it really does not need to me more complicated than that fact.

The best parasite book was written almost 100 years ago by doctors who only printed 1,000 copies and it suggested herbs as the cure all for all mammals on the planet, from elephants to humans--same herbs. Same herbs suggested by Dr. Christopher----the same herbs that today, the internet and every M.D. / want be fake doctor says will kill your dead---especially the so called essential oil authors---all liars, all fakes-----all crooks they are.

"IF" you want to understand the herbs that worked, look at what medical was using 100+ years ago.

WHY? They apparently understood parasites more than we knew---they may have not been able to see them, but they knew people / mammals die of worms.

First wrong diet / habits, environment and then came the worms---the worms are garbage men and sickly humans are just that---full of garbage that they stuck in their mouth.....commercial foods all garbage.

Vegetables are fine is you can find go find one------"IF" you can, you will not eat it---BECAUSE IT IS NOT A HUMAN FOOD.....only your false teachers trained you to eat it and it will prematurely kill you.

GRAINS? Go find your self some grains in the open wild......."IF" you can, you can bet there is a parasite living inside each grain that one day will hatch out and fly away.


Real seeds and nuts can be some great foods.....

Real sweet tree / vine fruits are REAL FOODS.

What you buy in a box on a store shelf, probably is not food at all.
Parents serving the children morning breakfast cereals covered with white /corn sugars are not real---that is terror, but the kids trust their elders at that age.

PARASITES are such as issue, because the diet and environment is such an issue---BUT before evil people started world war and poisoned the planet---the REAL DOCTORS, used herbs and every good mother was the family doctor.

The internet, current authors all day the good herbs will KILL YOU.....after 30 years I have never seen 1 ill effect and Dr. Christopher was trained to understand 2,000 herbs and he said all the toxic ones were worthless and he chose 100 top herbs and luckily all the great medical herbs are in the top 100 list. NO ONE SALES or uses toxic herbs---except self-proclaimed witches and they mostly just smell the herbs or use them to commit their abortions. No normal human ever can buy or use a toxic herb--but can find toxic herbs outside easily---such as tomatoes, potatoes and many night shade plants that can kill a horse.

The good herbs Dr. Christopher wrote about not only work as he wrote, they can be used on the skin and or in your air as you sleep with amazing results.

Salves, ointments and sprays on the skin----can be incredible.

It takes YEARS to self experiment; but 100 years ago, before the colleges took control, people like Christopher had patients and doctors with patients learn fast what works and what does not.

for 100+ years---the evil people have been separating and secluding so they can control what people learn. They can not control slaves with out educating them first. Free People educate them selves and are not trained by false teachers.

You put an herb on a spot on your hand and you may see a spot on your face go Because your blood uses herbs as foods, because they are just foods and your blood goes everywhere and where the blood goes, parasites do not thrive in healthy blood.

CLEAR FLUIDS----yea, worms have a holiday in your clear fluids. BUT essential oils can bust their fun up.

Sprays and droppers are a must use for thin liquids for the skin and can be the largest formulas when a dropper is used.

Ointment in a 2.2 ounce tube can be easy use and potent as desired, but some herbs can not be put into an oil base formula---so not easy to blend both worlds.

Dr. Earl Sloan use to live within walking distance from me, I went to a high school dedicated to him, because back in the day, he paid to have the schools built. Over 120 years ago he proved what is good herb wise for you, is good for animals too. His world famous liniment was a foundation---he believed it could not be made any better, if he could of, he would of. He hated all those that copied him and said their's was better.

Sadly because it was fore external use only--he used rubbing alcohol and rubbing alcohol is not healthy at all, but very cheap and people are tricked into using it all the time--especially in the medical field. So in fact, it can easily be made better and it can be made for internal use, as a spray, as an ointment and it can be added to endlessly.

In fact, I believe the 1957 co-q10 scientist got it correct on how our stomach and liver really works...and our blood is 10,000 smarter than school teachers will ever tell you.

Dr. Hay gave the best clue--best kept secret: The men at age 250 looked the same as their 22 year old boys.

"IF" we do not look age 22, we are poisoned by endless ways. Most by us and many by design of those that want us dead by age 40. Some by Nature. Most by those that want us dead. People past age 40 is a subject of military schools, medical schools, world 1992 they determined you are of no value to them after age 40.

By age 40, it is time to leave the rat race, walk away as they say and and live free. 99.9% never will, because they became slaves to $$ till death.


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