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garlic oil by MH

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MH 108 8 Views: 159
Published: 12 months ago

garlic oil by MH

Garlic is an historical herb, easily grown around the world. dates back thousands of years.

Wild garlic grows freely and easily found in the spring and when cows eat it, it makes their milk smell like garlic, so the dairy people pour commercial strength clorox bleach in their milk tanks before the milk man will pick it up. WELL, actually they all do that regardless of the garlic, as a method to kill the puss in their milk.

Garlic and Garlic Oil is super cheap to obtain........

I like what they call elephant garlic, because it can grow unattended for 40+ years, the only thing that kills it is a super killer late spring frost. That and the bulbs will crowd each other out, so digging it up and spreading it helps, but it can survive with no help. MOST garden garlic people will collect each fall. There are easily 20+ different garlic brand names...many hotter than others.

A Japan M.D. believed he could cure cancer with fresh garlic juice.........Somehow I ended up with a hand signed / first addition copy of his book in mint condition and i cut it up and scanned it years ago to a pdf. In that book he sprayed garlic juice into the skin of the patient---the entire patient. he literally put them in a chamber naked and sprayed their entire body under "pressure'--------I assure you, most people would choose death instead of smelling / touching or having their entire body injected with the pure fresh juice.

PURE / FRESH JUICE will burn your eyes, burn your lungs and chase you out of your house. LITERALLY BURN YOU. How the M.D. was able to inject the entire body with garlic juice, I really do not know, because I know I could not do such a thing to my self----he had to dilute it with water or something. HE also had the patient eat fresh pieces of garlic at the same time... His machines were truly bazaar and should scare a person to death.

If you eat fresh garlic, you have done all garlic can do for you........gets no cheaper than that.

Garlic oil often is olive oil with garlic oil---still cheap.

Then you have essential oil of garlic------one would want to think that also would be cheap, but actually it is very expensive, at least 40% more expensive that pure wild oregano oil. Essential Oil of Onion you would think would also be cheap, but it cost double what garlic cost.

GARLIC has the history----it is potent stuff. The stuff anti-plague formulas are made of.

Common anti plague formula would be :

Raw Vinegar

Yes it is horrible tasting stuff. Burn your mouth.

You can find essential oil of garlic on the internet from places like will be dark in color and that is a clue that it is not steam distilled and was made with chemicals.

NEVER do you want chemical or synthetic essential oils and sadly that is what you get in North America.......mostly synthetics with zero herb in the product.
Canada gets this garbage from various places around the world and often their websites are medical looking and say everything possible to convince the consumer they sale the best and it is just garbage and worse than garbage because it is toxic and the reason all the essential oil authors say external only---like toxic perfumes.

TRUE STEAM DISTILLED is real herbal essential oils---but the ancient Egyptians. They created flower type oils by burring in the ground for a few years and they still do this today and the oils are very much like steam distilled, but they can only do this with flowers and herbs that have allot of oils, while steam distilled can get oils out of the plants easier and super fast in comparison.

Sadly thanks to the 2020 world wide scam, America is lacking much out of their stores and to import, the gov makes it hard and expensive and they want only commercial sources to be capable of jumping those hoops.....this way they shut down all small stores and only mega gov corporations will supply all human needs.

YOU NEVER will know the differences in essential oils, UNLESS you can communicate with those that make the real essential oils and that is not easily achieved, because your dealing with a company that is more large/expensive than probably all the other essential oil manufacturers on earth combined and MEGA companies country controlled do not like giving away information period. Luckily for me, a fellow educated me for a few years, took pictures at my request and liked to he wished he could leave his country someday and travel to America......naturally when the company found out he was giving away answers--he was canned, but a year later the company stared communications again and will answer questions to a certain degree.

The shipping pre 2020 for 1 jug of essential oil was $500, after Jan 2020, shipping is now $1,000 on 1 jug. Thanks to Trump's crack down on imports as a method to slow down AMAZON.COM flooding the american markets with cheap imports. Trash or Quality it makes zero difference, the shipping has skyrocketed and as a result many american stores today that sale imported products, has bare shelves and are slowing closing down.

So as a result, 1 jug is ALLOT as far as essential oils go, because a normal dosage is a drop per day, etc.

So I always try to keep a lifetime + or pure oregano oil stocked up and due to the possibility that importing will become a thing of the past as countries gear up for wars-----I decided the 1 essential oil I would never want to live with out---is essential oil of garlic. So now I probably have about 20+ lifetimes of pure essential oil of garlic. MANY YEARS ago I stocked up with essential oil of cayenne and have a great collect of 30+ steam distilled oils of which Wormwood and Wormseed are the prized top shelf rare oils. YET, those that make such oils, suggested a couple oils you never hear of, are as good or better, so I have all of those types....

It is a beast of an essential oil---in the air while you sleep does wonders and sadly people have very little interest in herbs in the air as we sleep--so i never went past 1 formula and it has an option of garlic and as well as any combo possible--but no one ever ask.......the price i guess scares them away, but actually, you get more bang for the buck when used as you sleep or on your skin, hair or diluted--because a few ounces can last a very very very long time.

The Egyptians still believe essential oils will last 3,000+ years.......I hope so.

2 ounce bottles sealed in glass and hidden away where they can be collected no matter how hard life becomes---is true prepping.

EVERYONE should have a hidden capsule in the ground that only you can find---that way no matter what---you can find it years later if need be. the military calls these SPIDER HOLES----hidden in the ground close or far away---so in truly hard time, you can find what you need to survive....some marines make holes in the ground x amount of miles away from where they live--so if anyone or anything takes their home from them or forces them to leave---they have a place they can go and obtain what they need to take their land back or just survive till the bas times are past.


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