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Peppermint Tea
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Published: 11 months ago

Peppermint Tea

I have made over 100 gallons of peppermint tea this summer.

I have drank orange juice 30+ years and I believe orange juice is still KING, if you have access to fresh orange juice and Costco organic is the cheapest good brand available in my area. YET, when you taste a fresh made orange juice, the costco juice proves to you that "they" do something to it when they make it so the juice never separates that is not all that "natural" and that affects the taste or the simple fact their mega commercial machines are putting more than just the juice is the juice. MEGA juicing facilities can not help but get some of the peel in the product and filtering still can not filter the taste.

Peppermint Tea BECAUSE I HAVE ALLOT OF IT and it is potent / strong in essential oils on its own--so much so it takes allot of water to reduce the taste, which then equals allot of tea.

The last batch I froze 3 five gallon buckets, those buckets must have 5 gallons of water added in order to make it the correct taste. Not sugar, just water and even then with 100% added water, it will be plenty sweet and plenty strong.

The peppermint tea grows like crazy and ready to cut again and 1 batch can easily make 60+ gallons.

"IF" I do not cut the peppermint, it will naturally crawl on the ground and sink down roots until nothing else lives but the peppermint--it will choke out every weed and all pest leaves peppermint alone.

The use of organic sorghum molasses allowed me to reduce the organic cane juice concentrate by 50%---------that was a good thing.

THE SECRET INGREDIENT --------so far with no question has been a little MAPLE SPRYUP and luckily I purchased many 5 buckets of that many years ago.

When dealing with pure unfiltered maple syrup, over year, sugar crystals will fall-out to the bottom of your container and turn hard as rock.... it does not turn thick like honey will, but the heavy sugar will fall-out. YOU can later dissolve those crystals with hot water, because they are GOOD.

"IF" you have any fears of bacteria on maple syrup or with the making of home made vinegar------the only good sterilization is 195 proof grain alcohol....a dab of that stuff will sterilize most anything. So for super long storage of your maple syrup, a little go go juice and if you do not mind oregano oil, a few drops of that just makes it all better.

There are so many things can be added to the peppermint tea, last time I added comfrey roots to make it a bone/tooth building tea and no one long as the peppermint taste is dominant, you can sneak in more good herbs.

costco and all the gov owned mega walmart companies all demand face mask now---just 1 more reason to stop going to such places and consume your own foods........with a little dirt, anyone anywhere can grow mints.

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