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Published: 10 months ago

Maximum Restore

Max Restore is the only formula I have used or 20+ years for all sickness. It started as my version of Dr. Christopher's Anti-Plague formula, minus the cayenne and extra herbs.

I have never really made Max Restore identically twice, it literally is too large of an herbal formula to duplicate twice. For that reason a couple years ago I set out to make a "life-Time" supply and thought I had and then 2020 came and the amish took it by the barrels. So in 2020 I have been for months, making what I would normally be calling 2 life time supply.

EVERY TIME I make it---I ad more herbs to the base formula. WHY? Because for 25 years I have seen the 1957 Co-Q10 Theory work and history suggest the largest herbal formulas herbal doctors made; were their most successful formulas and NO ONE makes larger formulas than I. NO ONE, not even close. ONLY, because the largest formulas are what the Amish will ask for year after year after year. I swear the 1957 Co-Q10 Scientist stumbled upon some truth, but like all white coats their greed stopped them from choosing the correct raw materials.

The Max Restore Formula was always a big formula from the get go. I have about 5 formulas that are very similar in size and they are what people like--even though they have no clue why.I proved the 1957 Theory some years ago with an Amish formula for kids that was a blend of "EVERYTHING" and that formula grows in popularity every year to the point it is in the top 10 and goes by many different names......and Max Restore is way way away beyond that formula in size of the variety of herbs.

MAX RESTORE for 2021 will be the largest formulas ever and maybe the last time it is ever made. (I thought last time would be the last time.)

It has so much good stuff that it should be a daily herbal supplement for life----BUT the same old problem exist, humans lack the fats of the plants/trees and in order to make 1 product that covers EVERYTHING, it needs to be what I call an HERBAL CONCENTRATE. An Herbal Concentrate covers it all------in 1 jar. BEST is to put this paste in your fruit smoothie---because of this, I make my self a 5 gallon bucket and just put a big scoop in the 1 gallon size blender. Otherwise you take it by the spoon full.

I HAVE NEVER made a MAX RESTORE Concentrate---in fact the concentrates have been phasing out, because amish have never tried them and internet people do not like tasting their herbs, so there are less than 10 people who buy the concentrates on a regular basis.........BUT, I like the idea of 1 formula does it all and I may try a concentrate using the Max Restore and see what the final formula taste like.

Max Restore can be custom made in that any tincture can be added as desired to "boost" what a person is wanting---but no one ever ask.

Max Restore has always been very anti sickness and pro lung health, a great de-wormer and bone and teeth building formula........

The new 2021 formula is a BEASTE of the best herbs--maybe 20-50 more herbs than the last time it was made, depending on the option.

I think something like this:

Maximum Restore (Syrup/tincture)

Maximum Restore "ADULT"

Maximum Restore P/W A

Maximum Restore Concentrate

Then what people almost always ignore is herbs for the skin. I personally use these herbs mostly on my scalp/hair and that seems to take care of the entire body---because I use extreme herbs on my scalp----as described on the website for hair. Those adult use only kits are "extreme" to say the least.

The external herbs should eventually 1 day, lead to the skin being free of all lumps and blemishes--too me that is PRICELESS. Each person is always at a different degree and their dosages all depends on their desires.

MAX can have anything added to it, easily Maximum Restore / Longevity Spices / P/W A Extreme would be the FULL BLOWN and that could be as a syrup/tincture or a spray or a concentrate.............BUT, humans have no interest in the EXTREME USE of HERBS.......such things are impossible to sale---------BUT I love using them.

Your arm strength should remain the same no matter how old you are and NO FATTY crap hanging on your arms ever......

Your legs from the knees down should stay fat free and strong as you ever were..

YOUR HAIR? yes, it will go through periods of problems, but you can fight it and herbs through your skull does wonders for your brain------exterminating lymes from your brain is a priority for those that like to live.

Your belly and your hips can turn into a fatty problem--if you allow it and the diet goes out of control for years.

FAT is perhaps the world's largest health issue beyond gov depopulation poisons.

THERE are many ways to control fat and caffeine is not an option. COFFEE kills more people than just about anything that is a "choice".

YOU BLOW an adrenal gland by way of caffeine abuse and your dead before your head hits the ground.

"IF" you permit your spine to shrink and curl like so many elderly women do----your screwed, once your bones collapse, your done, you shrink and you look horrible and disfigured---YOU WAITED TOO LONG---but never too late to live better.

YOUR brain must be lymes and tapeworm free, or you may end up like Biden. Those with too much aluminum and titanium dioxides will loose their brains and may not know your own names the last 10 years of your life.

Your poisoned
Your full of worms
Your loaded with rock

"IF" you understand why your dying---you should not like that and be doing something about it and the younger the better.

Wealthy people will choose dope and operations and far worse, they will seek gene / dna manipulation and consuming aborted baby tissues. Wealthy people normally will never seek Nature..........but not impossible.

YOUR ORGANS can replace them selves in short amount of time-------you can save your brain and nerves. BUT you need to work on the things that have been killing you since your can not expect to keep your brain or your bones if you ignore your enemies.

I am sure what you eat needs to go down the toilet un-used.......................

"IF" you have the raw-usable plant/tree based organic minerals and a good liver and blood, there i no reason why you should ever look old. MEDICAL has know this since 1930 by studying males at age 250 that looked no different than their 22 year old sons.

"IF" they were not all crooked in this world------THIS WORLD would have hundreds of millions of people past age 200 today and that is what strikes fear in the leaders of this planet---they want the land and not good at sharing.

YOU NEVER EVER want anything from this list:

beer/ booze
over counter drugs or vitamins
drugs of any type
operations (only if your in an accident or otherwise in need of repair)
caffeine / flavored drinks
well water
city water
live within 200 feet of power lines

There are endless things you want to avoid, but as you reduce your worms and heavy metals, you will live longer so you have time t avoid those things.

DOCUMENTARIES can supply a lifetime of interesting stuff---a 2 hour video have give you 3 words that can change your life-------you never know what you can learn from a HOW THEY MAKE IT type of video or the paranormal videos, UFO videos, ancient history videos, etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,many years ago believed in the occult authors that wrote books about human health and those books find ways to survive and can find their way to people at the correct time......there is endless history seeking to educate the present.......

they expose tid bits of what they have learned.

TAKE A SUBJECT such as belly fat-----IF THAT INTEREST YOUR BRAIN........every time you hear anything about belly fat, you will remeber it and over 20+ years time accumulate and piece together this and that and self-experiment.........the other day with this covit 19 scam, they have been exposing little secrets about belly fat---interesting stuff, I hope to live long enough to figure out how to melt belly fat--------similar methods have been exposed through out history on how to live past age 100 and stay lean and healthy--------it is possible for some and should be possible for all.

FAT / OBEASE is what gov demands of all people that obey their 12 th grade education. RESIST your school education is key to learning truth. Deny false and truth will come your way. GOOD PEOPLE can communicate through so many different ways through out history---write your book, someone 50 years from now may learn from it.


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