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Re: Camping Ohio

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Published: 10 months ago
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Re: Camping Ohio

People stopped fishing approx. 8 years ago when smart phones became obtainable. They told me that they text all day and come the weekend they don't get together, because they have nothing left to talk about. I would say it has been at least 10 years before anyone stayed the night other than 1 couple and they stopped at least 5 years ago.

So for those reasons we do not do anything anymore and stopped mowing around the ponds and let the cows have the area. I purchased 2 amish made 1 room log cabins many years ago and placed 1 on each main pond. The 1 cabin the kids used a little 15 years ago, the other cabin no one but the bees and ants ever entered. Both cabins have been greatly harmed by bubble bees that bore holes through wood and ants that eat wood and then water destroys the wood. SO FOR THE FUN OF IT, this summer my 70 year old brother with 1/2 a heart, upside down and backwards heart since age 17; has been working a couple hours 1 day a week putting metal siding on the outside, new windows, new doors, all new decks and trying to save the cabins from dissolving into the ground. The idea would be that someone would rent them for the year or month or something, but odds are they will continue to exist unused and the metal keep the rain from destroying them so easy. It will be the end of the summer before they are completely rebuilt.

The ponds have so many fish, that a person could live happily ever after with a little garden and fish if forced to---no one ever need go hungry as long as they can pay the taxation on the land.

COWS have became a problem, no one can get rid of a cow and that is BAD NEWS for cows. The same thing happened to horses some years ago--once the crazy people made it impossible to get rid of horses, the horse population decayed fast and today this is a small fraction of horses compared to just 40 years ago when horses outnumbered humans. With cows, there is no place to get rid of them and after they are 2 years old, commercial sources don't like them anyway. The only farms to survive are GMO GRAIN FARMS that supply beans and corn for CHINA plastics and commercial (toxic) food. These farmers consume all the land that comes up for sale, they buy it all and convert it to grain farms. These gov farmers often own 10-20+ farms and continue buying everything.

2020 will end the small farms, end the animals and surely put an end to the beef cows, other than the mega beef farms out west that abuse the cows by stacking them close in horrible conditions.

I got rid of the bull and will never raise another baby calf. The past 10 years has been giving cows away because no one wants them anymore---people have became addicted to eating out and paying others to cook for them----only the amish will raise animals and take care of them selves today. For 2020, no one can have a cow butchered, if you wanted to, they will tell you next spring at the earliest-----basically 1 year after you call.

IF a person raised a hog ever again, the butchers tell you to make an appointment a year+ BEFORE you get a baby pig. Chickens, pigs, cows have quickly been destroyed---unless your amish and take care of all on your own land. The non amish world shops at walmart owned stores, such as krogers, aldies, costco/sams and just about every large food store in America is somewhat owned by walmart/china.

When there would be 10 strangers using the ponds, that made it much more "safe", because when there would only be 1 person around, they always would do things they were not suppose to be doing--because no one to watch them. So starting 8 years ago when just 1 or 2 people would come per month, it was not worth it and that is when we stopped and after we stopped, basically no one cared because their cell phones would not allow them to fish--someone always calling them to come home.

People like the state lakes because they can camp side by side and listen to the neighbors and fell safer as the cops are always vide taping them in hopes they can "fine" them for leaving a pop can or dropping a piece of trash.

Possibly next summer I might try something with the 2 cabins, but for now, the cows control the grass and not worth dealing with port-a-jons for someone to stop by. For the fun of it many years ago, I have probably a mile+ of underground electric and boxes, because 20+ years ago people were always here fishing and the idea of camping was a goal. I had just built the best/largest pond of them all, the year the smart phone came out and that pond was never ever died that fast....the cell phone changed the world over night.

the cell phone today will tell your exact location every minute of your life-------the only unsolved crimes today, are the ones they do not want to solve.

So the best answer is Next Summer, choice of 1 room log cabins, with electric.


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