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breathing salve
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Published: 10 months ago

breathing salve

Unkers, Vicks, Skinners, etc. all made the most successful salve in current history; their only issue was they all use petroleum jelly and that is a mess and not healthy. a few years ago I made the exact formula using, none perfumed coconut oil and it was about 10x nicer and I use it 365 nights a year at bedtime.

I put it in 2 ounce tubes and rub just a small amount on the front of the throat every night and that is "perfect". It also makes the best lip ointment you ever tried. Also people have used that type of formula for burns, scrapes, bites, etc. Long ago they took a small amount and put on the back of the tongue for sore throat and works "instantly". The Vicks type commercial jars they used in vaporizers----but the raw / pure essential oils minus the coconut oil work fantastic in water mist machines.

It can also be made easily into an herbal spray by adding to Spray 1.

It has unlimited additions for de-worming or any essential oils desired...such as the world famous Liniment of the late 1800's; by just adding a few potent / spicy essential fact, it makes the best "base" formula entire product line / company could be created using that as a base for a salve /spray /vapor line of natural health products.

2 years ago I set out to obtain lifetime supplies of the basic essential oils / crystals. Yesterday I received the menthol crystals that set at customs for nearly 9 months for no other reason FED X screwed up the labels and put a California company address over the top of our address and once sent there--fed x was so screwed up, they refused to ship to us, so they returned it to customs in TENN and then eventually sent back to California and then eventually a Fed X whare house and then back to the California company, where the owner quickly called us and had UPS pick it up before fed x could return and take it again. ONCE FED X screws up a package, they will not correct their mistake.....they will tell the shipper it is LOST and refuse to locate the package....

Menthol Crystals is one of the peppermint herbs that has a tremendous smell. Menthol is what gives peppermint that KICK.

I have 2 more essential oils to obtain and then surely will be able to perfect one of the greatest salves ever made for daily use and in reality, it is easily made into the best bone repair salves/ muscle repair etc. that we already call salve A, B, C, D, E or F.

Back in the days of inventing in America, they had petroleum jelly and no coconut oil. RAW, non perfumed coconut oil is a wonderful product from the palm trees.

NEVER EVER buy coconut that has that perfume / chemical smell and taste---that is a poison added to coconut long ago because the commercial sources want a strong perfume to cover up any smells after it got old or was made wrong in the first place.

THE WORLD ONLY KNOWS of coconut that smells like perfume........that stuff will cause asthma symptoms and even cause death to as much as 5% of the world population and people will not know why they have trouble breathing after eating something with coconut in it. Coconut is a great humans food-----just their toxic chemical is bad. SO if your coconut smells like coconut---throw it away, not fit for even animal use.

It can take you years to obtain the correct stuff, the fun is finding it---or in reality it may find you.

People that wrote hard back books, did this world a great favor (as long as they were truthful). Those hard back books may find you---if your lucky. If your truly lucky they will find you in proper "order>

The Dr. Hay Way Orange Juice Cure for All, when done correctly should lead to a cleaner mind and free flowing ideas and when that happens-----things from, around the entire planet may find you and supply you with your needs------because many believe that was all pre-planned to happen before you were even born......your just following the script and enjoying every day as it comes.

In the year 2020, many of those screwed up specialist have jabbered on TV and in books, etc. and have accidentally exposed or gave away allot of their "ideas" that actually had nothing to do with their faked virus scam. many of the best things I have came up with, came form the ideas of very smart people, only their greed stopped them from ever putting all the pieces of the puzzel together.

1. IF you have an "interest"---everything you see, hear and read that has anything to do with that subject......your brain should catch on and make you alert to it. After years of accumulating, hopefully you can create a solution for that subject.

The Number 1 human health problem is FAT.

FAT is killing the human life...........

FAT is not a given, while others are doomed to FAT.

Dr. Hulda Clark said you can dance around the cancer subject and still avoid prison, but if you DARE try to cure FAT, the gov will come down upon you so hard you will not know what happened to you. FAT is how the colleges control human populations. Commercial foods will make you FAT. "if" their product says "diet", you can guarantee it is addictive chemicals that will make you super fat. WE ALL KNOW for the past 3 years that the leftist liberals all 100% lie and they own the colleges, the manufacturing and depopulation of humans via medical/food/water and even poison our air by their design to kill us.

FAT is a desired outcome of the very evil scientist........they have destroyed animals and humans via FAT.

There are MANY MANY MANY clues about FAT and people that live past age 100 are great clues and everyone knows you get FAT by eating wrong trash. YET, some people live on trash and do not get FAT. David Christopher said FORGET DIET FORMULAS, they never ever work, because you can not eat pounds of trash daily and expect a diet formula to stop that. YET, some people do eat allot of trash daily and never get FAT.

I have been listening for years to all their clues........and looking at those guys that are over 100 and NOT FAT and why they are NOT FAT and finally 1 of those covic 19 white coats gave away a clue about FAT, that makes all those years of looking and listening start to make sense......

ONE THING YOU LEARN-----is this simple fact of life. WHEN your prompted to do something and do not try, and that idea comes back and back and back to you over years of time-----YOU MUST TRY, or your forever stuck at that point in your hit a brick wall. BUT when you stop and TRY, you will move to the next step in your life---kind of like playing a board game and your waiting to roll the dice so you can move.

There are all kinds of things going on with people that get LARGE FAT HANGING on them and they are still hungry. FAT has nothing to do with hunger------FAT is an accumulation and possibly there is a way to just DISSOLVE IT and not go and get it cut off, etc....some day maybe there will be a "spray" that you spray your fat and it just slowly dissolves and herbs used to shrink the theory it sounds possible.


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