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What can herbs do for you?

Eliminate Parasites Fast and Easy
One of the most powerful aids in helping the body el...

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses


Eliminate Parasites Fast and Easy
One of the most powerful aids in helping the body el...

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 11 months ago

What can herbs do for you?

Herbs are at best 1/6th of the solution. Herbs can not counter bad habits and daily consumption of poisons; but what can herbs do?

1. LBB (Lower Bowel Balance) capsules is the number 1 herbal capsule formula in the world for the past 100 years. Originating from a fasting expert in Germany and given to Dr. John R. Christopher who perfected it over his lifetime. Dr. Christopher was Americas only herbal doctor drafted in world war 1, so the LBB Formula dates back in history.

The LBB Capsule stimulates the colon muscles to "move" via the herb cascara sagrada. All the other herbs in the large formula is to balance that herb and for the health of the stomach, liver, blood stream.

Dosage: For an adult of normal bad habits and over weight: 9 capsules daily for 9 months. In sever over weight situations; take for life with each meal. This herbal capsule will keep you alive longer than any other herbal medicine you can consume and still continue your bad eating habits.

Experienced people soon understand that you take the LBB Capsules for life, as you need them. They are just herbal foods. Zero addiction, zero ill health and nothing but just an herbal food as described by Dr. Christopher's book.

For children---constipation and ill health of the intestines and stomach are cured with diet-------no need for this adult formula. That said, once a child can properly consume a 00 size capsule, this herbal formula is a miracle food at all ages and extremely valuable for the elderly.

"IF" an adult is not taking the formula properly first----then in fact, they have no business even wasting their time and $$$ on herbal supplements.

LBB is the first, NUMBER 1 thing a person does when seeking herbs for improved human health and yes, it works for all mammals.

1a. LBB bulk powder I blend in Wild Oregano Oil to make it better and as a preservative, but since the main herb must be 4 years old before use, this is 1 powdered formula that last a very long time on the shelf. I know it works as good as the first day, even after 10 years setting on a shelf. Otherwise the average herbal powder should be used within a few years, unless kept properly sealed or frozen and then it can last many many years.

1.b as a bulk powder the consumer must put in their own capsules; this is easy done at home. Bulk powder is cheaper and can be made better as the consumer desires....any herb or essential oils can be added to make it a super all purpose capsule.

LBB is a capsule only formula, you must consume it as a capsule and not put the powder direct in your mouth. YES, you can put in a fruit smoothy, but it taste bitter and not wise thing to do.

For beginners they should drink water after swallowing the capsules to get all herbal dust off their throat and those with issues of taste, they should take and then eat their meal. ONCE a person has no fear of herbs such as LBB, they can take anytime with no issues. FEARS is what makes people have problems. People that fear herbs or fear anything, should avoid what they fear.

1.c The LBB formula is a great base formula for the 1957 Co-Q10 Theory by way of adding additional herbs. As a stand alone formula, this is the one you take daily and as needed for life.

LBB Formula is Life saving:
Constipation kills
Poor colon health kill
Poor stomach health kills
Poor liver health kills

2. Once you literally have the crap moving 1 direction---down and out via the LBB formula and not rotting and creating gas in your gut---now your ready for the best herbs in the herbal kingdom--the Kidney Herbs.

You can not become sick, unless you have kidney troubles first and that starts when your 1 day old. Can you have a cold if your kidneys are working properly? NO
Can you be sick as a baby if your kidneys are working properly? NO Can "you" be sick if your kidneys are working properly? NO

2.a The chiropractor can save your Kidney life, because if your spine gets pinched and the nerves to your kidneys is not functioning 100%, that kidney can eventually decay and die....All the herbs and drugs on earth can not do what the chiropractor can do.

2.b water. Dirty water full of rock is your number 1 reason for kidney failure and premature aging and death------I will estimate all humans on planet earth are prematurely going to die due to the fact they drink dirty water. Odds are kidneys and all your organs and all your bones and your flesh is full of toxic rock that is killing you and you got that rock via your drinks........

HERBS can not undo your bad habits. I can write 1,000 pages explaining why your going to die because you are poisoned, but no one likes that, it scares them. they do not want to know why they die......which is crazy, but just a fact. Luckily for them, the greatest herbs on earth, aid the kidneys.

Get the rock out of your kidneys, get the worms out of your kidneys, get your nerves fully functioning and odds are you will never be sick again. Clean kidneys removes the rock from your bones, organs and flesh. "IF" your kidneys are fully functional you be as limber as little baby-----------painless and sleep so good that you can not be easily woke up. A healthy little baby sleeps so pain free that you can pick them up like a wet noodle.........while sickly humans loaded with rock are stiff and full of pain and can't sleep well at all.

CLEAN KIDNEYS are essential, but 99.9% of modern humans all have poor kidney health and dying from consumption of heavy metals until they turn to literal stone.

CUT your organs out and they can be weighed and know how much rock is inside the tissues...

KIDNEYS are the reason Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. learned THE CURE

That CURE was proven by harvard/yale/rockefeller by 1950 as THE CURE for ALL and is recorded in the medical yearly journals under Dr. Hay of America nd Dr. Jackson of Toronto.

The Cure increases your red blood cells 5x in just 14 days. The greatest medical colleges on earth believed that was the greatest cure on earth at the time and it scared them into doing the opposite out of fear no one would need them anymore.

The greatest medical cure THE HAY WAY cured 60,000+ patients in the Sunrise Clinic before you were born and after Dr. Hay died, the gov bulldozed that clinic and today a hotel stands on top of it. In that same time era, FRANCE had a cure that was unbelievable and the Dr. had 35 years of photos to prove it and when he died--kings and queens and presidents from all over earth came to pay tribute for all the lives he saved and then they all destroyed his work---out of fear humans would live way too long.

TAKE any great medical cure in world history and blend in Dr. Christopher's herbal wisdom and it will be 10x easier and 10x better......the only problem is that after he died, the scavengers destroyed the company over and over and over to the point it does not exist and just a commercial name and operated by 2 very bad deceivers. DR. JOHN R. CHRISTOPHER knew spiritually this was going to happen, so he wrote a book before his death. That book was 1,000 pages long---those in charge chopped it down to 500 pages and have altered that book many times in the past 40 years. I have the an original hand typed copy and those in charge removed every word that they believed was not in their best interest for making more $$$$. The 1,000 pages are basically a lifetime accumulation from what he learned from his teachers, such as Sitting Bull, Harry Hoxey, and the greatest american herbal doctor of them all. Dr. Christopher believed each human should do it their way and herbs are a lifelong learning experience. Dr. Christopher needed to sale herbs to stay in business and the LBB Capsule was the core of his business. He had at least 63 herbal formulas that enabled him to survive $$$ wise.

You can use herbs as MEDICINES, because they are true medicines, while drugs are poisons and medical "stole" the name and use it the opposite to trick people.

Dr. Christopher is your MEDICAL DOCTOR and explains in great detail how to use 100+ herbs as medicines. That is how they can sale herbs---as medicines or alternative medicines. That is OK, if you read and then use single herbs as your medicines.




The whites coats have spent hundreds of billions of $$$ world wide on understanding human health and by 1900 they understood all that was good. By 1860's they understood more than any harvard M.D. today knows........far more.

By 1900 they knew how to use ocean water to save dying babies, dying people of any age and could bring life back so fast, that in just 45 days the people looked better than new......

the greatest GERMAN M.D. in his old age in the 1970's wrote that he had created some of the greatest cures in his lifetime---BUT, nothing good has been learned after 1900.

Those white coats n 1957, created what they called the CO-Q 10 Theory. How the liver of each animal/fish, etc., makes use of the food consumed. For the humans, they called it Co-Q10 and for every creature--it was 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, etc. but the human they called it 10
Their greed for a drug made them choose beef liver and they sold their first drug for $1,000 per gram to wealthy people. IT DID NOT and WILL NOT WORK---because their greed made them choose wrongly and they gave it to JAPAN the same year to mass produce and they chose to make it from Tobacco then and still to this very day.....WRONG. Humans are not created to eat tobacco. The Theory was sound, but their logic all wrong..............they would not lower them selves down to using common herbs.

Co-Q10 is a theory that happens when you eat any and all sweet fruits of the tree and vine and herbs in wide varieties. Not just the tobacco herb.

The reason learning about poisons is so important is the fact there are hundreds of poisons killing you and avoiding them in part of your LIFE.

Herbs can do wonders, but not if your consuming so much poisons daily that your organs can not function properly.

Then you have the subject of PARASITES-------medical believes they have over 300,000 samples of parasites that eat you.

Medical 100 years ago used a few simple herbs to treat all known parasites in mammals of all types--------today the internet condemn all those herbs.....IN FACT, the bad people use the internet as a false education...

KIDS today want to trust the internet for all their info and education because their school teachers failed them and their parents failed them........THEY ALL, YOU ALL are victims of the internet. The internet is operated by very very very bad people that control the planet via FALSE EDUCATION (lies). You know who lies....there are 2 types of people today. Those that lie and those that do not lie. There is no in-between anymore and the internet is loaded with health lies. The white coats scare you away----same as bad pastors/priest scare people away from the truths.

With the burning of the great books by 1950 and creation of the internet---the bad people today have the kids dependent on the internet and for your health----those in charge keep the good stuff erased-----google/facebook/utube all are organized to keep people ignorant and fearful so they do not live too long. They do not want common slaves living past age 40--------that is a fact established by the best whistle blower in medical/chem trail history back in 1992.

GOOD herbs are always good--they will always be foods that feed the blood and that proves the 1957 co-10 scientist were correct.

With herbs---the sky is the limit, you can never do it all, it is endless, until you understand the 1957 theory. Then you learn blending 100 herbs into 1 formula can be better than anything you have ever read in any health book ever written.


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