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Your Blood

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses


Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 10 months ago
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Your Blood

Your air is full of energy / hydrogen and as your air passes through your nose, your nose has the ability to make use of that energy and keep your blood a perfect temperature.

Your blood cells are intelligent.

Your blood can react in less than 1 second time.

Your blood should never ever leave your body, if so much as 1 drop leaves---it causes SHOCK to your circulation systems...."IF" some white coat takes blood from you, you should turn "pale" and about throw up from the shock and harm being done.... YOUR BRAIN should never be deceived and trained to allow blood to be removed from your body ever. Not even 1 drop.

Blood removed from the body is an evil scheme. That blood changes/dies instantly, it is of NO VALUE to anyone else. 1 drop enters another person's body, it will be dissolved and removed and was already dead before injected into the victim. The white coats buy blood from drug and booze addicts in the cities and harvest parts of the blood---they take so much blood from these drug addicts that they start expelling yellow glue out their nose and throats as they are killing them for $50 so they can buy more booze and drugs--the major west coast cities supply the booze and drugs and even hotel rooms for them so they know where their blood supplies are located. As little as 25 years ago the boozers, druggees and those with diseases were forbidden to donate or sale blood--------then all of a sudden, they wanted all blood regardless how many tattoos you had or what diseases and started harvesting the blood of those dying as homeless on the streets.

Those addicts that take their sugar test every day---------their blood would not drip if they were healthy. WHEN they stick you in the finger for a drop of blood, your should see 1 tiny red spot and never a drop. "IF" you see a drop or a drip, then you are not healthy, your blood is sick.

Those that are tricked into taking the poison known as "aspirin" will drip blood, their organs will drip blood and they will develop heart disease along with body failure over time. By 1923 a medical paper written at OSU condemned aspirin and stated that it causes heart failure. They grind up trash wood, bleach it to a powder, use it as wheat substitute in boxed foods like cake mixes and make drugs out of it by pressing into into tablets after chemicals have been added---and owned by the aspirin companies.

YOUR blood need not be thinned or thickened by drugs......YOUR BLOOD is smarter than all the white coats ever could be. Your blood "knows" what to do in every case.

Healthy blood will repair instantly, while a sick body will drip blood as a way to cleanse it.Long ago people used white coats to cut them and drain blood..........very stupid idea, much more simple to eat correct so the blood would not be full of garbage.


Take green bile for 1 example:
Russians call green bile---GREEN DEATH for a good reason, all acids harm your cells, harm your blood, harm your heart.

YOU SHOULD NOT be making stomach acids, you should not have 10# of green bile inside you----BUT YOU DO and it harms your tissues, harms your blood. It happens because you eat wrong.

Take a cough drop or any commercial food that has chemical VITAMIN C in it and a minute later you should drip a few drops of blood out 1 side of your nose as YOUR BLOOD captures that acid and expels it rapidly.

What you put in your stomach--------aids you or poisons you almost instantly. YOUR STOMACH should never have food in it longer than 15 minutes........those with ulcers keep their stomach full, keep eating---because their ulcers feels bad if not covered by garbage they call food.

Are sickly people, sickly blood and are starving them selves wrongly. HUMANS are designed, created to thrive on the 220+ natural sugars found in trees and plants.

THAT WHITE CHEMICAL is not true sugar, it is man made garbage. White Sugar kills like wheat, corn and beans kill-------WRONG FOODS, because they are not for humans.

Women that are sickly will expel allot of blood monthly and this can become so bad, that they will bleed badly by age 50+. Some will suffer badly as teenagers.

That blood is full of their body waste--what they ate. The more trash they eat, the more they bleed. When they reach an age that the surgeon cuts them up and removes their organs so their bleeding stops-------then all that trash has no way out and goes into their lymph glands and then they say they have arthritis.

EVERYTHING that enables medical to take billions and no trillions, has its foundation in commercial foods-----the same people that train the doctors, train the people that own the chemical/food factories and train the people that poison the city water and spray the air with chemicals-----they exist by way of poisoning the world populations. They are "organized", they literally live by way of misery and premature death of all humans. You should avoid them best you can. Learn about what God created you to eat and method of living with Nature and not against Nature---BECAUSE NATURE kills all species that fights against NATURE.

Varicose veins
You have a valve between your artery and your vein------a ONE WAY VALVE. YOUR BLOOD travels a anti-magnet highway through your body so FAST-----that man will NEVER create anything that can travel that fast....and when your blood passes through that valve-----it turns into a gaseous state, BECAUSE nothing large is permitted through------NO ROCK, no inorganic minerals such as you get from drinking dirty water and vegetables/grains. Those inorganic rock minerals will clog and kill your valves and after years of abuse those valves can be so large that you can literally see them and people call them varicose see one, then odds internally your organs have plenty.

YOUR BLOOD is ALIVE, it is not something you just kill and sale. YOUR BLOOD CAN NOT LIVE in another human's body----unless that creature is a zombi.

YOU drink or eat anything that is a true human food and your stomach is healthy--------YOU could find that food in your blood seconds later and within a few minutes that food can be exiting out your lungs, your skin and within 12 hours the waste should go down the toilet.

IF your trash stays in your stomach more than 15 minutes, then your burning your stomach, burning your intestines and destroying your blood as your calcium balance is being attacked by your own acids.

Your brain/body/blood uses acids as defense.
Within 1 second time-----your blood can create/send acid ANYWHERE in the body as protection. To repel an enemy.

USE CAYENNE PEPPER as 1 simple example--------essential oils are thin and able to enter the skin too fast, so the blood responds and makes you think cayenne pepper in burning you-------the opposite is true, your blood is burning you as it tries to repel the invading subjects you put on your skin or in your mouth. 100% of your body can create this acid, even your eyes.

YOUR BLOOD is beyond is your flowing life.

YOU can drink & eat through your skin........

YOU WERE NEVER CREATED to live in a toxic environment and the white coats world wide have mixed and created endless poisons that once you have contact--those poisons can be found in your blood 1 minute later as your blood captures and attempts to cleanse your body from the non nature chemical poisons. The white coats have literally destroyed the land / water and air---the planet and make it more toxic every minute. They do not mind doing this, because people are still adapting and still live past age 40. As long as people live top age 40, they do not care.


75 years ago, if you died, it was serious, because you belonged to a family that loved you---today gov has taken control and the toxic people have no family---they die they are just burned by the gov back to dirt.

Pre gov control, humans were humans and today they are just livestock. Today, cows show more love than humans do.......LITERALLY, the common cow LOVES their children 100x more than humans love their children---that is a FACT. A PIG is even smarter than the cow, even the stupid buzzards turned into chickens--love their babies more than humans love their babies.......this all happened by way of world war 1, public schools and false education along with toxic chemicals. the year 2020 is the year people are learning how bad public schools have always been. Today, public school teachers do not want parents to see what they are training the children to believe--they have the goal of 1 group controlling all. They need these kids vaccinated / poisoned and trainable. Toxic sickly people are easier to train. The sickly stand with their hands out, just like cattle, pigs, farm and zoo animals come to depend on the person that feeds them daily.


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