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The power of your brain

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Published: 10 months ago
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The power of your brain

The human brain makes or breaks you. This is why your parent education is so powerful. If your parents turned you over to strangers as a child--they failed you and you were "trained" by false teachers that can harm you the rest of your entire lifetime.

Your brain decides how you function---your reality, your abilities or lack of. Your brain can easily create a "false" world around you, if you permit it to out of "fear".

Fear destroys lives.

Your brain is trained by your eyes, your ears and your touch.....your senses can make or break you. These senses can become your FALSE PROFITS, if they fixate on your neighbors and the zombies you experience in your travels.....IF your brain starts believing or trusting strangers, before you know it, could become a "follower".......THE LAST thing you ever want to find your self doing, is becoming a follower of other humans. Your only true teacher is Nature=--Nature never lies.

Your brain can make your muscles lie, can make your sense of "feel", lie. Your brain can deceive you.

There is "YOU", your Brain and your Body----no wonder most people talk to them selves at some point in their lifetime... Your brain decides most everything you experience and it can be true or any degree of false that the brain decides you should experience......making what you believe---your greatest enemy "IF" it is false. Making false teachers your slave masters....their power comes by way of teaching anything but truth.

Your brain controls your pains or lack of and determines your reality. Your brain can make you feel like you are lifting 100#, while in fact your not lifting an ounce---because the brain has that much power over "all". Your brain can put you down and keep you down and keep you down. Your brain can kill you, if that is what you "believe". What you truly believe is what your brain tries to make happen for your body.

False teachers literally are your worse enemy in your lifetime--unless you can recognize they lie and your brain rejects their lies. YOU are one on one with God and God's Nature your only truth........if a human writes a book or does anything to educate others----it is their opinion and not always the must be capable of determining which is truth and which is lies.

Great medical doctors 100+ years ago, back when much of society treated women/girls poorly and not suitable for schools, etc.----those old long past doctors recognized as gov schools started to appear and mandate children be taken from their homes, that boys should not be forced into gov schools until at least age 10--that way they could tell those teachers off and to get lost. The schools recognized that and started taking children younger and younger and creating single mothers so they could get their babies into day care and early school training---by strangers. The gov child gives the brain to the gov.

Once out of school, it can take 10+ years to come out of the daze your teachers put you in--because schools/books/tv/radio, neighbors and this world---harms your brain with false education, false reality. Keeping you in debt, gov dependent and under the courts---keeps most men lost and when booze and drugs enter the picture--those humans literally loose their body. Their brain takes over control and "you" become a prisoner of your own ancient times they believed thousands of demons/spirits could enter the human body and take it over; in not too past time people still believed that......for many their existence becomes a battle they can't control and they end up homeless on the streets.

The brain is so powerful that if your not enjoying every day of life---you can bet false education has entered your life and doing you harm.


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