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the average person

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Published: 10 months ago
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the average person

I am always amazed how the "average" successful adult is clueless about human and animal health.........

What you believe to be the most educated, successful people in any given community were "ALL" trained by their school teachers to rely on strangers for 100% of their health needs and vets for their animal's health.

It is very rare for any adult to have any clue about clean water, they look at you like you asked them a question from another planet and 99% of the time when it comes to their dental health----they seem to ignore that you asked anything; when it comes to the subject why they are aging, why they hurt; they seem completely "lost" and what education they do have, is 100% the opposite of truth and was designed to make them turn over their lives and their family's lives to "strangers" in white coats.

"UNIFORMS" are a created scams by colleges. Take any uniform on this planet-----as wild as it sounds, those that wear uniforms of any type, for their job or for any con they are portraying upon the public, wear those uniforms to show others that they are "trained" in a subject of authority; be it a janitorial uniform or the highest pries ---the uniform is a "symbol" that the person wearing it "knows" more than you do on the subject. The ideal uniform is just a company uniform so you do not dirty your street clothing--such as a factory uniform; using HONDA as 1 example. HONDA supplies 100% white uniforms for all employees from the top boss down to the janitors---that way in a sea of white, any employee can not see the boss coming. "IF" Honda does not like something you did, not only do they take your uniform away, they pay special people to enter their factories at night time and 100% erase the existence of that employee---remove their name, remove their record and by daylight, they make it so that employee never existed.

HONDA / JAPAN is the original cancel culture that erases people they can not train.

In Japan and America they still practice 100% black balling of employees or those that they never hired the first time, they black ball for life so no HoNda facility ever hires that person. The desire for complete power goes along with the gimmick of "uniforms" and obeying your masters. You obey, you eat, you disobey they starve you out of their country.

The average person turns their life over to the white coats and more and more and more I hear this "1" common story. the person, often a young male, goes to his M.D. and is "chosen" and sent to a major college hospital or some place like the Cleveland clinic or state capital hospital. This person went to their M.D. for a common pain and before they know it---they find them selves at these major hospitals being experimented upon and 5+ medical doctors staring at them as they go under experimental therapy that "literally" is killing them and they will even tell the doctors that this is killing me and the doctors can care less, they basically say shut up and do it for us......I am certain many are killed like this every day, because for the past 30 years the ones that I hear their stories; the only reason they survived was they got the hell away from these murders and lost faith in medical.

YET, they fail to understand why they have pains, why they can have massages or see the chiropractor weekly and life is just a constant life of pains that have to be dealt with. Their education "blocks" them from seeking answers, because they are not medically trained. They are in need of a DE-EDUCATION and actually the white coats all suffer even more, they load up on vaccines and longevity drugs that make their life just as miserable. The white coats need a larger DE-EDUCATION.

When a person does not even ask why they need clean water------you know they are never going to make it--NEVER BE INDEPENDENT, healthy free people. They concentrate on their diagnoses and can't understand the BASICS.

If you ignore the BASICS, who cares about all your diagnosed health issues, because if you can't clean up your kidneys, your stomach and gut, then nothing is ever going to work out well for you. MEDICAL NEVER teaches to cure your self---their wealth comes by way of "milking" your bank account the rest of your life by way of treating your symptoms.

The BASICS suggest herbs are NOT more than 1/6th the solution, same as the best chiropractor is no more than 1/6th.

Fresh air/sun
Your chosen strong faith that you "trust" in

Are just 6 basics

Otherwise they have studied human health for the past 200 + years to the point they know every reason why your sick and dying......

1 particular reason they never discuss in the modern world is the theory that when you are born---your body is dedicated to that area for the rest of your life and it had better be the same area for many many generations or you do not have time to ADAPT and within 7 generations will be sterile and not survive in that new area. They use North America as the education, because so many came to America from other countries---they believe ONLY if your ancestors mated with the Native Indians and Native Blood flows through your veins-------can you do well in North America, otherwise your family will eventually succumb to disease and be REMOVED BY NATURE, because your race does not belong belong where you came from LONG AGO, otherwise you had no time to adapt and disease will punish you for moving (invading) other lands. This principle dates back through out humanity and the original tribes where every human that looked different, spoke different and did not live together in peace.

these tribes have never stopped killing each other, never stopped fighting and will fight forever...they will refuse to ever get along with each other. It is as though each race of humans came from a different planet and have eternally fighting each other ever since planted on earth.....

in 1950, the USA ARMY showed and proved to a select group of soldiers that space travel existed in ancient times and some of these space ports are still 100% functional. They showed/proved that using magnetics, objets could travel from 1 space port to another on the other side of the planet in just minutes or maybe seconds----as fast as magnetics can travel. The USA ARMY showed these soldiers a MAP of hundreds of planets, all named and said this is where humans traveled to and came from in ancient times here on earth. This map was HUGE and earth was in the lower section of the map. Literally hundreds and hundreds of planets was your choice to travel back and forth to.........these soldiers were given what was called RED CLEARANCE back in 1950. Once out of the army, they were given gov jobs in cities and kept with an easy job with plentiful $$. Naturally many talk when they no longer fear the gov.

TODAY in recent world news, these same military scientist now state that they believe there is a possibility of 2 BILLION planets that may support human life.

You may find some day that "earth" is some wealthy person's private zoo.

Zoo (farm) animals look to those that house feed them as their gods. Animals are often harvested..........the human race harvest millions of babies every year....Hmmmm


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