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Toxic Plants
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Published: 13 months ago
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Toxic Plants

Wealthy famous kids became more famous by killing them selves with toxic plants ---a large portion of humans are actually suicidal and toxic poisons are capitalized upon by people desiring to make lots of $$ selling toxic drugs and other socially acceptable methods to commit suicide. The old standard was/is booze and gov made sure every gas station can sale it to the kids, along with every sort of form of "speed" to stimulate (beat) the adrenal glands. There are 2 types of humans, those that want to live and those that do not and booze, pot, dopes, drugs of all types are for the suicidal class. Life is hard enough, with out choosing to poison your self.

A classic "today" example: James and his brother Jim. James and many of his friends killed them selves via drugs and made $$ as comedians, because being dope heads, they did stupid stuff and that made people laugh. Jim, the younger brother should have learned from his family's mistakes, but instead, followed his brother's footsteps with booze and dope and today, has a new TV documentary that follows him on his quest for STRONGER, more deadly POT. Jim wants the kids to believe he is a good person and that pot is a great poison that all humans should be eating and smoking. The desire for more potent pot takes him dangerously down through the drug country of the planet----where all the coke comes from and all the humans are on pot.....he walks among 1/2 million pot smokers who are all burned out and death is cheap---you don't like someone, you just kill them and he is so burned out, he thinks he is in the land of paradise..........and believes if the people would just stop raising coke and turn all their land into pot farms it would be the earth's utopia. In fact, the movie star followed his brother and is nothing but a "burned" out pot head.

Israel is the KINGS of POT, their scientist manipulate pot until it is thousands X more potent and they feed it to their elderly as a common drug. In tiny countries, there are no room for the poor or the elderly. Dope is their way to depopulate. Dope opens the body to demon possession. JIM, the pot head, openly wants people to buy their chocolate bars made with their pot.He warns that you need to take small bites---otherwise your going to be #### up badly, JIM wants you to start slow and get HOOKED, that makes more $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for his hollywood friends.

PLAIN POT that anyone can grow most anywhere on earth there is dirt and rain, can grow 10 feet tall and if you put it in a 2 story building with controlled water--it can grow 20+ feet tall.........the plant had manufacturing value because it grows so easily and so large----a normal pot plant you need a saw to cut a mature plant down. POT should have never had any $$$$$$$$$ value, because 1 plant produces so much weight that it literally should cost pennies to produce pounds of the buds that the pot heads like to destroy their brain with. the so called legalization of pot in America never happened at the federal level, it is an illegal poison in all states---only the destructive democrat state politicians make it so pot heads can become salespeople for the gov. The SAME LIBERAL GOV that makes sure booze is sold cheap on every street corner----THE SAME GOV THAT MAKES SURE KIDS CAN DRINK SUPER CHEAP POP/SODA DRINKS loaded (laced) with tons of corn syrup. CORN SYRUP is not CORN, it is an accumulation of chemicals and those chemicals are consumed in large quantities via commercial manufacturing controlled by those same liberal democrats that came from the same liberal democrat controlled colleges--THE SAME PEOPLE that for 125 years have been depopulating the planet.

In Fact, CORN SYRUP surely kills many more humans that POT DOES. In Fact, drinking coffee, kills FAR MORE HUMANS than pot ever will. Everyone today knows that the inner city suicidal class are killing them selves by the thousands via toxic pills ------and those same liberal democrat politicians pay the people that turn humans back to dust, to collect the dead bodies daily by the thousands-----same as the white coats kill unborn babies by the thousands...

DEMONS are what you want to call them---they/it is the excuse to be stupid/suicidal/murder/rape/abuse your life and the loves of your neighbors----DEMONS 2,000+ years ago were known to be CHILD ABUSERS and LIARS, you could recognize the demon possessed because they did evil things. MANY people call POT a gateway drug------because those that eat/smoke it often see demons/devils and crazy things while they are STONED on DOPE. This makes them then want to experience MORE demons and that is when they try stronger pot. STRONGER POT has been experienced with for 60+ years............dope heads would make it in their bathtubs and use needles to inject it into their arms and then they would ALL see demons and devils and you would see these people wrecked in cars along the highways.

JUST PLAIN pot that grows pounds and pounds of pot per plant-----will make any person black out when they eat it and they can do mist anything while blacked out for say 8 hours time and wake up miles away or dead along the road in a car wreck. YOU will never ever thew rest of your entire lifetime ever know what you did while blacked out.

WHY POT is so dangerous is not by the suicidal humans killing them selves----------humans have the right to kill them selves, they do it by the millions, gov depends on suicide instead of using bombs to kill them.Drugs / vaccines replaced world war 1, because world war 1 was not successful until they vaccinated the soldiers--vaccines in 1917 replaced the need to bomb countries. They only bomb for "show", and their own personal pleasure to see people blown up--otherwise dope (drugs) became the militaries greatest tool after 1917. EVERYONE WORLD WIDE KNOWS that the best way to defeat a city, a state or a country is to ship in pot / dope and give free drugs via doctors with out borders. Once doped, those in charge own that land. Doped up people are out of control and once dependent on dope, they are conquered.

THESE BAD PEOPLE like JIM and JAMES will use their pot to poison babies and pets------THEY ALL DO IT, they think it is FUN, makes them laugh.

These doped up parents always blow smoke in the baby's face to get baby to shut up, so mommy can party.

These doped up toxic parents always have damaged children------YOU CAN NOT have a healthy baby when your toxic--just a simple fact. Life as a developing baby in the womb is hard enough--but when mom is messed up, she just produces another messed up baby and that feeds medical with endless $$$ as they depopulate the world, instead of the military flying over and bombing cities like they use to. In short, LIFE IS DIFFICULT and the more your born messed up, the harder life is going to be for you.

LUCKILY humans are tough, they can take allot of poisons before they are killed.......but others are far more delicate and just a small amount of poison easily kills them. ONLY those that adapt to the poisons, make it.

JAMES killed him self on coke/dope mixtures with booze and his hollywood friends all loved it and many followed him to the dirt---his brother JIM is a certified pot head today and being used by hollywood to promote POT FARMS FOR ALL-------please give your kids out chocolate bars made with out lab produced pot.........

IT IS A SICK SICK SICK WORLD operated by demon possessed people that highly desire to kill 9 month old babies and poison those that they did not murder---that is the truest sign of 2 legged demons....they walk the planet and are taking over the cities......what the ancient biblical monks called THE END TIMES and for these unborn babies, it was their end time. A democrat and republican are just names. Forget those 2 names, there are 2 words: Conservative or LIBERALS, conservatives love family and God, Liberals kill babies and seek demon possession. Liberals enter politics calling them selves republicans and by that method, the wolf enters and then consumes. They also use to call it the trogen horse method. The world pretty much accepts that if the democrats take the presidential office ever again in history--that they will conquer the United States of America and then the organized countries like China, will take it, like they are taking Africa today.

Your on your own, you either take care of your health or you will find your self in a very bad place at the hands of strangers that are trained to believe you would have been better off if your momma had came to them and aborted you.

Corn Syrup, Coffee, Pot, drugs all that stuff is bad----but city water kills more, does more damage. The chemicals they spray in the air since 1949 kills millions more than all the choice poisons kill people----------humans are so toxic today, the majority actually are "suicidal" and looking for socially acceptable means of their own death.

YOU want to live, you learn to walk through the valley of death---because you are everything you leave your home. if you walk with God, your safe and you are the WITNESS and that is the only lesson you need learn while on earth------BE THE WITNESS and never their victim.

The Witness must watch people kill them selves and harm others. It is either that or be their victim.

DOPE like corn syrup and chemicals in the foods and water are their method to slowly poison you--slowly open you up to demon possession and once doped and you start drinking booze and then onto pot and then pills ---then you welcome death and end up on a commercial city operated human fryer that burns you back to fertilizer.

WAKE UP PEOPLE---every poison adds up.

EVERY POISON leads to you loosing control and then wanting more poison---------DO NOT END UP LIKE JIM and JAMES--------Jim is today's largest foolish demon with the desire that he can get your kids to eat his chocolate bars loaded with his buddies pot.


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