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Miracle Mike
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Published: 10 months ago
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Miracle Mike

Miracle Mike made $4,500 per month average for 18 months............he ended up choking to death in a hotel room because his owner was not prepared with a dropper of water.

Mike lost his head, his face, eyes and ears were cut off. MIKE lived 18 months with no head.

Mike was studied after his death and they believe he lived with no head, because his head was cut at an angle so that his brain stem survived and his artery clotted very fast.

Mike Walked and never seemed to know his head was missing.

Mike was fed by dropping food down his open throat.

IN THEORY, another MIKE could be created by surgery and just like when Mike toured the country, people would pay $$$ to have their picture taken with a headless body.

the BRAIN does many functions---------------perhaps the brain stem can keep a body alive; but very little is ever explained about the power of the nerves---our solar plexus.

1 man was videoed years ago because he was believed to be the last voo doo doctor left alive that had a public practice. A true child raised as a REAL voo doo doctor can heal you or kill you with the power of their touch-------because they master their solar plexus nerves......They can literally start a news paper on fire, by just putting their hands near it-------they can kill you just with a touch or with a controlled touch---heal you. A REAL VOO DOO dr. was a tribal slave from little up and trained to scare/kill slaves that were captured from the neighbors and kept alive until eaten. TRIBES love to eat their neighbors and have returned to eating humans once again---even though the pope outlawed eating humans 60 years ago...with out the heavy hand of the pope, all the bad people reproduce and return to what they want to do and chaos returning on a grand scale once again around the planet as children are raped and eaten by their families. Allow some people to live as they want and they will kill and eat their own family------they videoed people that lived that easy to just eat your dad or mom and not go out and work raising vegetables or grains--that takes work and defies nature; while it is more natural to just kill and eat your own family as long as they are producing a baby every year.

Miracle MIKE is proof of the power of the nervous system.......

The French loved to chop off the heads of the competition, they famously chopped off 10,000 heads in 1 decision and many french medical were famous and studied the people their country murdered and proved "your" head can stay alive 15 minutes after being whacked off at the neck........

DID YOU KNOW President Bush many years ago gave every major city allot of $$$ to "prepare" for rioters and looters by way of importing French Guillotines. DID YOU KNOW Hollywood agreed to no NOT make movies and kids video games with guillotines, so that when American Democrat Mayors declare marshal law and the military surrounds the outer belts of every city and the city officials drag out Guillotines and chop a few heads off---it is their belief the slaves will stop and obey...30 years ago, France shipped over dozens and dozens of Guillotines and the major cities have them setting in warehouses........DID YOU KNOW the Statue of Liberty was a French gift that symbolizes Slavery? The French have a long history of slavery and murder-------takes a very special group of people that can chop off 10,000 heads and set there and keep asking each head questions until they finally die------their medical record was 15 minutes----one man could still blink his eyes as a method to answer questions for 15 minutes with no body. FRANCE medical learned allot-------by the year 1900 they learned how to cure just about every disease and sickness with just ocean water and had 35 years of documentation to prove it............yet, people die by the millions of childhood diseases and starvation that over 100 years ago doctors were curing with something as simple as ocean water or fruit juice and herbs......

"IF" schools were real---------you would understand so much, that you might live well past 250 years old and that scares wealthy people silly-----they decided by 1992 that all their slaves need to be dead by age 40, because slaves are cheap, they work for worthless paper $$$.


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