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Be your own Physcian

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Published: 10 months ago
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Be your own Physcian

The BIG 3 that I bet my life on-----

1. Dr. Christopher

2. Dr. Hay, M.D.

3. Dr. Jackson, M.D.

What do all 3 have in common? They wanted people to be their own physicians and warned everyone that if it wears a white coat----run away from it.

FACT: My brother has the world's oldest living pig valve---64 years old. A pig valve is suppose to last 10-20 years max. Even more amazing is the fact they put that pig valve in him when he was 6 years old, by way of almost cutting his left shoulder off his body. At age 16 they split his ribs, opened his chest, took his heart out and covered his body with ice-----HE WAS DEAD as DEAD COMES.........he has the ghost stories that are for the record books and he is in the medical record books to this very day---not only did they cut his heart out, they did it twice in less than 12 hours------he was chosen for secret heart operation experiments and 50 children chosen-------the other 49 children were killed on the operating table or soon brother is the ONLY survivor.

100% of all doctors and nurses involved in the secret operations are ALL DEAD----------long ago already all dead! My brother out lived them all.

As a result, my brother has an upside down heart, a reversed heart that functions 50% since he was 16 years old...that is what they do----they treat kids like lab rats. A neighbor drives college lab rat vans coast to coast--------------"IF" you had pictures of the animals in those vans--it would shock the world--------monkeys, dogs, cats, rats with computers in their brains-------the colleges badly want to create human zombies controlled by gov computers.

My brother is 70 years old and worked his entire adult life---NO welfare or benefits. Last week he helped me remove a roof, I asked him: DID YOU EVER THINK at age 70 you would be roofing! He has lived his entire life like he might drop dead the next day, so no need to worry...He says no worried is why he lives well. He does not worry because when he was dead 2 times---he seen things/people that insured him after death---NO WORRIES. He seen and talked to the kids that dies on the operating tables--he himself was took to the morgue and was saved on an elderly M.D. who said, turn his heart upside down and backwards to see if it will fit "AFTER" the experimental surgeons nearly destroyed his heart.

That elderly M.D. that saved his life at age 16, told him YOU WANT to stay away from us white coats, we will want your heart in a jar...........he actually prescribed that and to this day when any M.D. looks up his record, they are warned TO LEAVE HIM ALONE......he is in their record books and they do not want him killed. His current woman M.D. that he goes for a check up once a year---told him, "I" will be the one to put your heart in a jar..........Hopefully he out lives her too.

Dr. Hay, M.D. was the most educated, famous M.D. Surgeon in Medical History in America-----he starts his book by warning the reader to never take a medical pill, never submit your body to an operation and ends his book by saying his wish is that all humans becomes their own physicians. Dr. Hay and Dr. Jackson are in the annual hard back medical books as 2 doctors that had a cure for all diseases, using oranges and common diet sense.

Dr. Christopher was the herbal doctor---------I say blend the 3 authors and you have a winning team: 10x easier and 10x better than what medical knew was possible. Open your eyes and ears and blend in all good common sense and methods people have learned and you are smarter than any M.D. from a college.

YOU are going to live your chosen time--------if your wise and lucky, you will have full brain power till the day you die---if you abuse your self, you may be a vegetable the last 10 years of your life.

NARCOTICS are brain destroying plants-------------pot is the most abused plant on earth, most every country makes drugs from it, poisons and does it for many different reasons.

Suicidal people want to die, they use endless methods to kill them selves------medical drugs provides them that socially acceptable path to death. THE BLUES BROTHERS is an american history of POT HEADS / DEATH and lure of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. The stupid brother that is still alive, made a tv series of himself raising and promoting POT---anyone watching him, sees a man that is suicidal and using his brothers death for more $$$$$$$ and AKROID is just as greedy, just as stupid and they have been damaging children their entire careers since THE BLUES BROTHERS was first created. A pot comedy, nothing too wrong with that, but when they go to the next level and start growing pot and making chocolate bars for children---------------you see how suicidal they really have always been and the destruction of $$$$ in their lives....JIM is a true BURN OUT, suicidal, admits he never got over his brother dying on drugs and lives that nightmare and anyone can see he is a dope head mentally and physically---HIS SHOW i actually funny, because you get to see a real live pot head act like a fool and his buddy DAN liked the idea of making more $$$$ by harming more kids......

$$$$$$$$$$$$ and harming kids has been the true sign of demon possession for the past 2,000+ years....that and killing babies. You see people wanting to do those 3 things in common know to get away from them, because they really have no control of their body.

You work in a toxic factory----forget medical help, they are all organized....THE $$$ makes them lie and treat you like a lab rat that has no value.

YOU ARE IN FACT your own physicians ---good or bad, it is you, your decisions makes or breaks you.

LEARN to stay clear of the evil people, or those evil people have the goal of harming you, they can not help them selves, they do not control their actions or body. They only know how to lie to you. They can not stand that your healthy......

SET YOUR SELF FREE by reading Dr. Hay, M.D. first and only book, that is your gate way to freedom. He was an occult author, all 3 were, their books will find you. Occult authors had nothing to sale, they wrote books to help future people.


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