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Face Mask
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Published: 9 months ago
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Face Mask

Normal humans are sick of face mask and the 2020 scandal. NYC proved to the world that the 2020 scam was to exterminate the elderly and the inner city that have lived their entire existence with their hands out; fed by the system like cattle and the system wants rid of them and the 2020 scam enabled them to hide as they exterminated them---no visitors at a hospital is very little different than the world war 2 last train ride to the fire pits. Criminals enjoy the dark and secrecy----they do not want witnesses.

THE GOOD doctors and GOOD Nurses for months had been telling the world that the 2020 deaths were a SCAM and that the hospitals were being paid $35,000 for each death certificate---so no matter if you were murdered or tripped to your death---your death was going to be recorded as a 2020 scam death--------SO IT IS NO WONDER that now in AMERICA the white coat crooks can barely prove that even 6,000 people died from their scam-----because you can not find 1 truthful person that can swear that the covic 19 test is even 50% accurate. So that could divide the 6,000 deaths down to 3,000 deaths. EVERYONE with any common sense left, understands the mask is a gov hoax---something CHINA has been doing for many years. Children born with face mask grow up so paranoid that it causes them emotional trauma to take their mask off at a strangers house--------when you train an animal to do the same thing every waking hour for 20 take a mask off is like taking their cloths off in public.

The cloths and face shields that a majority are now wearing do NOTHING to protect them from spreading a virus or obtaining a VIRUS----it is a 100% JOKE.................

YOUR BLOOD STREAM protects you and keeps you alive...........ALL OF THE AIR around you, is loaded with the ENEMY and your blood KILLS the endless numbers of parasites/viruses/bacteria living in the air you breathe in.........THE TRUE ENEMY to your health is what evil people ad to your air, to shorten your life.........things like aluminum and titanium dioxide so you do not live to see age 40 or if you do, your health is a struggle--------or all those dental metals that were designed to give you cancers and destroy your total body health.......HEAVY METALS are the poisons---DEAD POISONS.


They accumulate in your lungs, organs, circulation, skin until you suffocate to your death.

FUNGUS tries to help you dissolve that rock, but too much rock always ends up killing you.

YOUR BONES literally develop pockets of lime all over them as your bones dissolve and struggle to live----even by age 20 a healthy looking person can have a disaster with all their bones.................thanks to bad water, bad drinks and toxic commercial foods loaded with rock and metals.

THE METALS they put in all the air on earth has prematurely murdered just about every mammal and human on earth BY DESIGN and they have been doing it since 1949. Documented in the best bacteriologist book printed in 1950---------Those that work with the chem trail programs since 1949 can tell you that they not only spray the entire planet, they choose individual cities all the time and they will spray that city in circles until X AMOUNT of people will enter the hospital and that hospital notifies the air force---then they stop spraying a specific chemical/virus/bacteria........and they have been doing this for as long as most people today have been alive........they spray you as though your a unwanted bug on their farm.

THE WHITE COATS in charge-------ALL know, all participate, they make their fortunes by depopulating this planet. YET, when you ask them why is your loved one dying? They never tell the truth ever---never ever.

Do you honestly believe that when "your" ill, that you can go to the organization that has murdered hundreds of millions of babies? An organization that has been trained to believe humans should not live past age 40. EVERY DRUG ever used by an M.D. is toxic and today, people understand those over counter drugs are also toxic and fewer than you might imagine can kill any person.

YOU CAN NOT TAKE POISONS and expect your blood stream to live better-------NOT HAPPENING

A face mask / scarf collects the moisture / germs and instantly starts growing them by the billions------same as your skin is covered in bacteria.

WE LIVE on a planet of GERMS, an ocean of GERMS and we are bottom feeders, we live at the bottom of an ocean of air, filled with germs and now "added" heavy metals.

EVERY BREATH you inhale parasites, germs, bacteria, dust, viruses----------YOUR BLOOD takes care of you.

BY USING a mask, your multiplying the germs.........and restricting your air.

The common home is the dirtiest place you can live------INSIDE a home the air is DIRTY, very dirty and if you have a pet or an fish tank----------or flushing toilet, your air is loaded...............

The common home disturbs the air pressure around you and that causes you allot of health issues---------HUMANS are designed to live in free flowing air and by living inside a sealed house, the atmospheric pressure gets SCREWED UP and that can make your lungs not function correctly-------similar to wearing a mask, only worse.

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