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Published: 10 months ago
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There are historical paintings of people that could float for a very long time in the air----

If you ever read the life history of the new testament PAUL, you soon discover why the world wanted to call him a God an those that trained him, easily floated in the and trained Paul to not only float, but to travel anywhere on earth and through walls, etc....the popes called him Jesus when they wrote their version of history.

With all the cell phones world wide---------in current times you can find video footage of children floating high off the ground with the aid of their parent---they are not sure if the child is floating or if the parent is training them to float and assisting them....Russian video has allot of that type of cell phone videos and more.

The MONKS--------the Monks have always believed some of their special monks can live 3,000+ years and talk/plead with God. the biblical monks are the most famous, of which Paul by far the most famous and if you understand the history of William Branham and Paul/Elijah, that story is from current history and they still to this day believe Paul / Elijah are very much alive with beyond amazing powers.....and ELIJAH would be far older than PAUL and also has an enormous amount of more powers than Paul according to Branham;s Life History.......his son Billy was a front row eye witness of what Elijah did and according to all the kids that are still alive---they all 100% believe the same New testament Paul was their dad's close friend and family friend....... HOTEMA believed Paul traveled the entire world and there were world wide stone statues of Paul and where ever the Roman Empire invaded years later---they took the statues of PAUL an smashed them and through them into the ocean, etc., as the popes hated Paul/Jesus history and their new testament started wars over the pope's first commercial book.(the bible).

THESE MONKS, today, current time have a GIANT facility where they congregate and pretty much believe that the larger their numbers---the more powers they unlock. The cool thing is that according to some video shows----the general public are permitted to peek in on their ceremonies and watch amazing acts that defy just about everything you thought you knew.........

1 of which is can watch the old monks float in the air at will...not so shy in current times and letting normal people watch......
levitation is just 1 of many things that defy what you believed life on earth to be.

This is what makes gov school teachers so dangerous...the same gov/church that dates back 2,000 + years-------"THEY" entered and stole every bit of earth history they could capture---BECAUSE education = power....POWER to create slaves. "IF" you have the wisdom and then make sure those around you never ever learn---they have power over you and they have been doing this 2,000 full years and forced country schooling is how each country makes sure slaves exist and will do the work for fake/paper $$$

Children often have powers----------many different types of powers and by age 5-7 they start loosing it all, about the time school teachers have control of them.

Children and even some as adults will once in a great while--------have dreams of flying, by way of just using their fingers and hands and those dreams will seem as real as real can be............IF you never have had a dream that you flew on your own powers------then ask your friends and I guarantee that you will find people that say YES, when I was a kid I had dreams like that...

I KNOW for a fact, when the gov wanted to learn about most anything---they dissected humans and learned so much, it is beyond belief....they use humans because humans are 1 of God's greatest designs and we have lost so much ability---but within, it still exist.

Can humans fly today?????????????????????

The best videos i have seen show kids at about 10-12 feet in the air. MONKS show off by just setting in mid air... CAN these people FLY? What would stop them from flying?

More and More world wide---many are saying the world is not what you were trained to believe it is a great example. Some people with put fear of fire---can tolerate allot of fire, while those fearful of fire, are too scared to even walk in the sunshine -------

THE BRAIN has more power than you can imagine and these cell phone cameras are exposing the world's slaves and the slaves want to WAKE-UP out of the gov teacher stuphor of a 12th grade education.


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