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silver water
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Published: 12 months ago
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silver water

Silver water is not only a rip off, something you can make gallons of for pennies, silver water is deadly and the smaller they make the silver, the more harmful it is.

Silver is a heavy metal and all heavy metals / rock minerals accumulate in your organs and tissues until they kill you.

Colloidal Silver is a deadly product that very "greedy" people make and promote-----it is their dream product of selling WATER, the same as EVERY HOMEOPATHIC product is a scam---your just buying water or a sugar pill.

You see their ads all over the cz, that is what the internet turned into, a place for ads, good or bad.

SILVER is 100% the opposite what they tell you when it comes to your health. The same with gold, lead, arsenic, chromium, rusty water, mineral water, etc........the dirty water shortens your life.

Mineral water is the opposite of health.

H20 is water and very few people on this planet have ever drank REAL WATER.

Rain Water use to be true water, but those days have been gone for 200 years----factories and chem trail jets insures all out air is toxic with heavy metals.

WATER is an amazing product, as is air-----------These 2 substances are the true dream product; manufacturers endlessly make products out of water and is beyond amazing what they can do to water and air and create amazing commercial products.

They now say they have "extreme" compressed water that will "burn" anything it has contact with and the water basically makes most anything disappear in a smokeless fire. They want to believe one day they can enter into south america and africa and clean up toxic dumps created by villages that just dumps all trash in the rivers and lakes or on the ground until the area is so toxic people can barely survive. ACTUALLY 30 years ago a Russian Scientist that was the world's expert in hydrogen bomb making, created various water based methods that enabled the military to basically burn bombs with hydrogen water until they disappeared-----enabling the clean up of Vietnam era bombs and chemicals..... what you see with your eyes---just "evaporates as though it never existed.

Does not exist on earth anymore thanks to factories/military.Dirty water and Dirty Air is what kills all life prematurely and for the past 100 years, many programs exist to shorten human lives with a goal that no one should live past age 40. You live past age 40, your more on your own that you could ever imagine.....when you take your neighbors as a typical example: you should understand; HOW DID I END UP IN THIS ZOO? How can I escape? Can I escape by captures.

The bad people want rid of a tribe or an area of land-----they today, believe they could just fly over or any method they choose----put a little of their compressed water on you and you will disappear with out a trace---as though you never existed on their land. $$$$ drives their evil, but true evil just enjoys killing.


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