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Published: 12 months ago
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number 1 was easy---colon health.

Number 2 is a difficult choice, because you always treat the body as a whole and not just treat a "symptom".

Anyone can read endless books about "single" herbs. Using single herbs as medicines is as old as life on earth for humans.

Consume 1 herb and you will get a medicine effect, for the simple fact your body deals with that 1 herb and the 1,000+ variety of mineral/chemicals that make that plant/tree what it is, along with the color of its existence. Dried or fresh makes a difference as well. The MONO diet enables the blood stream to handle "1".

WHY combinations? Why the 1957 co-q10 theory?

To answer that you go back in history to the days humans were gigantic in size and strength and obeyed nature---the biblical monks called that a time when the lions slept in peace with the lambs------WHY? Because at the beginning of an earth cycle, the sun's radiation is PERFECT, gravity and oxygen are PERFECT-------everything is PERFECT and all you need, is provided for free in your AIR.

Today, scientist can make so many things out of air, because they know it is pure energy and full of the sun's particles in a perfect combination for life on earth.

EACH herb makes use of the earth's minerals in a different "combination"............we humans were created to live on the air. Air has all the water and minerals required for a perfect life.

the act of eating results from a body that is out of "balance" and the sicker we become, the more foods become a problem. This brings in the parasites to remove us.

MANUFACTURERS along with all the false teachers of every type---teach humans to eat and eat and eat.........and they creates sickness and premature death.

YOUR BRAIN knows what it needs, but when all the foods and chemicals is all the body is provided---your brain will pick and sort and make use of what it has to.

1 example:

If your diet sucks and your calcium deficient, your brain will make use of lead and your bones and teeth will be full of lead, until you are said to be lead poisoned or too much lead that you become sick.

THE GOLDEN RULE as I know it:

Provide your body with a large variety, such as the 1957 co-q10 scientist stumbled upon, but their greed got in their way (greed always spoils).

the herbal doctors stumbled upon this---by the end of their lives, their largest formula became their most successful sales.

#2 Parasites / Worms known also as P/W and sold under many other names.

P/W is based on what Dr. Hulda Clark liked early on. I was the first and basically the only person to blend the herbs and the only one to not follow Clark's acid advice. Dr. Clark was an acid freak, in that she believed in sterilization via acid---I watched her eat it, just like she wrote in her books......I admired her for doing as she wrote, but I also watch her kill her self via taking her own advice.

P/W has a 20+ year history, it has been explained many times and how it was a "stepping" stone into the creation of endless adult de-wormer formulas.

Dr. Kenneth Sutter a chiropractor loved the Clark books and he loved what I call P/W, he never tried anything stronger, he believed the P/W was perfect as it and strong enough. For years he called it the world's best. he liked it because he could take large daily doses for months or years.....he believed in the LARGE DOSAGE and thus he is 1 of many that proved to me that the Co-q10 scientist were correct.

SUPER STRONG HERBS you take in very tiny doses---some as small as 1 drop per day-----this your never going to get a co-q10 affect due to the small dosage, so in that theory---Dr. Sutter was very correct.

I believe his suggested dosage went something like this:

1 tablespoon 5 x daily for 9 months------something like that, you get the idea---LARGE PROLONGED USE. I know he highly believed it could aid in the cure of panic attacks.

SO I make the P/W in 16 ounce bottles. Wholesale is a case of 25 and ideally all people should buy by the case and then split with their family and friends----not only wholesale prices, but free shipping as well inside America. No out of state sales, but believe it or not, people on the other side of the planet like it the most and they figure out ways to obtain it.

I can easily make 500+ herbal formulas and actually thousands, because it is endless------but humans rarely like to read that, they want to buy something to put on their shelf and they like less than 10 options to choose from.

P/W has to be my number 2 choice, based on popularity and if used correctly, it can be used for most all ages. It is much more than just the clark choice of herbs, much much more and in reality is a "BASE" for just about all the great formulas I do for that and many reasons, P/W is #2 and when #1 and #2 are used correctly, they can do allot-----------truly allot.

WE ALL KNOW humans hate taking herbs and they hate buying them more than anything else and buying/taking by the gallons is not their joy in life........for this reason, herbal options are limitless, but #1 and #2 used correctly can do wonders. Does anyone use these herbs "correctly"?

Not that I am aware of.

People want to use herbs as medicines and not lifelong prevention. That fact is thanks to herbal doctors who made their living selling herbs as medicines.

Herbs, good herbs, should always be good and be foods that the liver makes use of---and I think I am the only human alive today, that gets what those 1957 co-q10 scientist were trying to believe in.......................BECAUSE I know, I can take "ALL" good herbs and blend them into a giant tank and humans/mammals will do well on such a blend---------but because no author exist, no book exist, such an idea scares people.

YOUR BRAIN and your blood------KNOWS and if it knows and you feed the blood---then all that crap we call food, will go down the toilet un-used.

Food that stays in your body for 1-2 years stuck in the lymph glands--it was kills us. GOOD doctors would tell you that your true stomach is your lymph glands.

Good doctors are few to none today.

YOU R ON YOUR OWN more than you will ever is just U and God. Everything you experience is your education. At the end--it is just U and your Creator. Your Brain has so much power and that is why teachers flood you with worthless trash and shiny things like fake $$$$ to make sure you never grow up.......once they get you on pot and beer and wine and drugs--before you know it, your just an old person the gov wants rid of.


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