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Re: 3 of 10
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Published: 10 months ago
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Re: 3 of 10

(Amazing how horrible curezne turns a post into an advertisement for garbage that is anything but healthy for the human body. "Greed" always ends up destroying a good idea and in this case----almost 20 years the curezone has been the opposite due to "advertisers' luring them in with $$$. Luckily the good people learn to never open their ads. It came to the point that if you want to throw away $$, buy anything the curezone promotes. Often, many of the products they promote are actually toxic.)

Number 3

ALL good herbs are always going to be anti-parasite.The P/W is the base theory of endless anti-parasite formulas. P/W and P/W A are almost equal popularity wise. The difference is this: Dr. John R. Christopher an American World War 1 Herbal Doctor in the army---the only one in history, was trained by Dr. Shook and he learned from people like Harry Hoxey, Sitting Bull and surely Dr. Hay, M.D. He never mentioned Dr. Hay, but Dr. Christopher mentioned oranges and would have known of Dr. Hay as would have all of medical of that time period. Dr. Hay's co-partener from Canada Dr. Jackson created the Roman Meal Bread company and Dr. Christopher surely knew that---but herbal and medical are 2 different sides. Dr Hay didn't promote herbs and Dr. Christopher promoted the sales of herbs. YET, all 3, promoted proper diet and never take drugs or operations--in fact, all 3 were anti medical. Jackson/Hay knew they had to avoid herbs so they could keep their medical licenses (maybe). "IF" they had only blended herbal use with orange juice fasting they would have changed the world.

P/W is based on what Dr. Clark liked and P/W A blends in what Dr. Christopher liked and the Christopher herbs were considered adult herbs. The ONLY REASON I made an adult version, was that the most popular amishman at the time, pushed the P/W as a child's dewormer, because he knew the Amish would buy for the little ones, but not for the adults. It got to the point everyone believed the P/W was for babies---even though Dr. Kenneth Sutter believed it was the world's best and nothing stronger was required.

SO I made a batch of P/W A and gave it to the amishman to try, but I had no clue he had just quit the amish and was moving away--he had only started the herbal business as his method to obtain enough $$$ tom escape the amish way. His brothers preceded him in leaving. Eventually a relative of his started the business up a few years later, but only for $$ and no other reason, once he made enough $$ from the real herbs, he got into the vitamin business and today 90% of what he sales is just commercial garbage. FACT: If you understand herbal use, the last thing you would ever waste $$$ on would be vitamins and over counter garbage products.

Another amish husband/wife started selling P/W and P/W A and they did the same thing, once they made enough $$, they quit the Amish and this fellow got into a group of chiropractors that promote homeopathic type garbage and that is what he promotes the most---so his new friends like him and he works under their umbrella that allows him to be a non licensed form of a chiropractor. long story short, he turned the P/W A into a child's formula by way of promoting it as the strongest and the amish for many years have been giving the P/W A to their kids......

I have to agree with Dr. Kenneth Sutter, the P/W is the best, because it can be taken in large daily doses and that follows the theory of those 1957 co-q10 scientist the best. Keeping that in mind, the P/W A is 95% P/W.

The herbs that have the history of de-worming for the past 200 years are many and the ones medical used, the dosage was like a drop per day. I have tried 1-2 drops per day and that is all you want to take and stop after 30 days. The results can be amazing or just as easily experience nothing unusual. Each person always different. It is by far best to highly dilute the strong herbs into milder formulas, such as what Dr. Clark liked. YET, the amish for 15+ years proved the P/W A just as safe as the P/W. ALL good herbs should always be good---you should never use a toxic herb and that is what homeopaths due, they use toxic herbs, but dilute them in a manner that in reality they are just selling water or sugar pills.

Some years P/W out sells P/W A---so far this year, they are about equal. So they are tied.

The normal dosage for the average adult is 1 tablespoon daily. More if desired.

THERE IS NO REASON to give P/W A to children-----------P/W is best for all ages.

Internally and externally I make limitless formulas, but they are not popular because there are just too many options to choose from. Actually I like the best herbs that you breathe in as you sleep and they too are limitless in options and such things have no books. With no books people have to just self-experiment on their own.

WE are what we breath............we are no healthier than our last breath of air.

The Liver is a major organ where worms want to liv. The same herbs that are in the adult formulas, mix easily with plant/tree oils and I call those formulas Liver Gallbladder Cleanse Formulas 2-7. It makes since that your de-wormer formula would be an oil formula, if your goal was to de-worm the liver. OUR skin is our largest organ and plagued with parasites-------oils, sprays work well for all the skin and scalp. The skin and hair should look perfect---if not, it has a problem.


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