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Re: 4 of 10

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Published: 9 months ago
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Re: 4 of 10

#4 of the top 10 has to be about Kidney Health

Old medical believed a human of any age can not experience illness unless 80+% of the kidney function is clogged. Even as a baby---if the kidneys are functioning properly, the body is pain free and free flowing.

IS it any wonder that the darkest side of surgery is the kidney hospitals in CHINA, where they capture healthy teen, christians --basically any group that the communist party seeks to control or exterminate and kills and harvest their kidneys for sale to the wealthy people on earth...........back 30 years ago 60 minutes showed teenage boys being shot in the back ofd the head at american built hospitals in China and the kidneys sold for $35,000 each------today I hear those same kidneys can cost a person $200,000 each...............the only humans I have ever known to have kidney transplants have been doctors wives/relatives --but surely there is a gigantic market for younger kidneys or these hospitals would not exist.

KIDNEY health is the foundation of human health and rock is the enemy.

Rock / heavy metals clog the kidneys and that leads to waste being trapped in the cells and babies, we are as limp and pain free as possible, but as we clog up with crystals and rock, we turn stiff and not only have pains, we develop spurs in our bones.......

THE cure is simple--------NEVER drink dirty water, dirty drinks or that crap they call food that has vitamins added--------vitamins are a 1930's medical creation of feeding humans heavy metals. TRUE VITAMINS are electrical / life and your skin makes vitamins via the sunshine on your naked body. Same as the sun gives life to the trees and their fruits-----they make vitamins (life) as do humans make life via our SUN.........once a fruit is harvested, it begins to die within a few minutes and the life exist inside the seeds. We can eat the seeds and fresh fruits and call it vitamins---but in reality we make our own vitamins "IF" we live in the free sunshine and not hide under cloths and inside buildings ----cancerous people do that--they hide from the sun.

LUCKILY the kidney herbs are the most beneficial herbs there are---they aid in the dissolving of the rock that humans call kidney stones...........

Kidney Cleanse Tincture is by far the most successful tincture "formula" and has a strong taste.
The standard dosage is 1 teaspoon daily. older people, especially women, do well on 1 teaspoon for life.
The other option is powder formula that people make their own capsules or put in a fruit smoothie.

EVERY herbal formula can be made better, but adding some of the kidney health herbs.

STOP drinking rock is the solution---I stopped drinking rock about 35 years ago when I made my first water distiller----when the internet came along, now people can buy their own water distiller.

NEVER ever consume a vitamin or a product that has vitamins listed........same with drugs, most are heavy metals and worse.

FRESH fruits are true foods, that and sunshine. lots of sun.

IF you consume rocky water/drinks, your organs will grow heavy with the inorganic minerals---your organs will fail and you will watch your skin turn old as it looses circulation.

Have heart issues? Then you had kidney issues many years previous. CLOGGED Kidneys forces the heart to create more pressure. Circulation is KING----less circulation means more worms.


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