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New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Beautiful Skin From Powerful Oils and Roses
Remove signs of aging by renewing skin cel...


New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Beautiful Skin From Powerful Oils and Roses
Remove signs of aging by renewing skin cel...

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Published: 9 months ago
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What I call Longevity Spices, is very similar to Max Restore, only with cayenne. With cayenne it is more like the old Anti-Plague formulas.

Otherwise the "missing" link. The most well known missing link is natural plant/tree iodine and that is pretty much what makes all the large herbal formulas "desirable" to the blood stream and keeps the brain saying---I need that.

The other missing part of natural health is THE OILS---not some dead fish liver oil, but fruit oils of which surely Olive Oil holds the world's history. Those that live on olive oil and no cow fat (butter) surely live much better lives.

the Liver fills up with the cow / pig fat and all those artificial oils such as petroleum based (cooking oils). IF you ever ate commercial french fries of just fried foods, the oil they use can be; not only petroleum based, they can also have 5% silicon---they do this so they can fry at super high temps and not fear starting a fire. THEY DO NOT CARE IF THEY ARE KILLING YOU---they all have been trained that if your living past age 40--you are a problem for their planet, so if they believe you can eat their poisons till age 40 ---well, then they are not that bad of poisons.

They say: the human brain they say is 50% lecithin (fat)

They say: the blood flows on an anti-magnetic highway at extreme super speeds---so fast, your blood circulates every 11 minutes through thousands of miles of arteries and fast it is unbelievable,

They say: our blood turns into a "gas" when it passes from the artery through the veinous valves.......

IN FACT, our blood is amazing and the great doctors believed every blood cell has intelligence.

They say: our lungs produce cholesterol due to an acidic diet. This fat then gets pumped up into our sinus cavity to be expelled down the throat or coughed up and out of the lungs.

OUR LIVER loads up with this animal fat/petroleum oils and clogs the gallbladder and then back loads up into our neck/chest/arms and otherwise ends up as chunks of fat hanging on the body. FAT / WATER / SALT makes us weigh more than we should.

LIKE dissolves LIKE
God smiled upon us with that rule of Nature.

"IF" you have hard old grease on your hands, a milder oil will dissolve it----thus man created bars of soap made from pig fat.

When we eat fats, the fats end up in the liver. Bile (acids) try to dissolve the animal fats. RUSSIA 30 years ago called this green bile----GREEN DEATH. This green bile will burn your throat, burn your stomach and some how the liver can tolerate it for x amount of years.

ACID and the human body does not blend well, we are ALKALINE CREATURES with an ALKALINE STOMACH---we are not buzzards (chickens) with an acid digestion system--we are not meat/bone eaters. WE ARE CREATED FRUITARIANS.

Acid in the stomach or liver shortens our lifespan. Acids eat out tissues and makes the intestines thick and heavy.

GREEN BILE is not a good thing--it is a result. When I first experimented with the Russian Zappers, 1 day I passed 10# of green bile in less than 30 minutes. Green Bile is not a good thing, it is a result of a bad diet.

Blocked arteries kills allot of people.

THE CURE is Like Dissolves Like..........

The first name for Cholesterol was Lecithin.

Our circulation / brain needs to create new lecithin as it replaces old lecithin properly.

A LECITHIN FREE DIET leads to clogged arteries and hardened brain------as well as a body loaded with varicose veins.

Natural Lecithin's come from herbs, but I have never read an old herbal book that ever discussed the fatty fruits and seeds/nuts.

Some years ago, I made a blend of plant / tree oils based on the theory of the 1957 co-q10 scientist theory of a LARGE VARIETY to give the blood stream a larger group of natural minerals to choose from. I collected oils from around the globe and blended with with Sunflower Lecithin and herbs that can be made into essential oils and very anti-parasite. I DID THIS thanks to the early Dr. Hulda Clark books where she explained her 21 day plan where you drink an ounce of plant oil daily. After doing this, I noticed gallbladder stones would not form. I told Dr. Clark this and it did not make her happy, she actually thought it would be bad to consume that much oil for an extended time-----------even though many cultures live on much more plant/tree oils in areas on earth where they do not milk cows or make cow butter, etc. SO I ignored Hulda Clark, because 50%+ of what she believed in was toxic and backwards, but 50% was great---you just have to explore what makes sense to you and what does not from each author/book.

So I experimented and decided there was no need to do all these Dr. Hulda Clark liver flushes anymore-------because plant/tree fats are superior, so superior that i have never did a liver flush again and prior to that, I highly believed in the Clark Liver Flushes and examined them for 3 years because that was the easy way to see worms.

FACT: Since the fats are picked up into the liver and the liver is the hotel of the body for worms-------what better way to kill our worms---USE OIL BASED HERBS that are anti-parasite and IN FACT, the strongest parasite herbs known to man, are oil based. I collected them all from all over the world--there are at least 30 different oils known to kill worms.

A large group of natural plant oils feeds the blood stream as it aids in dissolving old cholesterol out of the brain and heart and arteries...IT MAKES ME WONDER why no commercial company does not make such products? At best they promote fish oil or some grain oil for human health and surely would die before they would make an anti-parasite formula.


Commercial sources TRICK YOU

They make trash foods and put a little plant lecithin and or sugar in their trash products===BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU need sugar and plant fats.

YOU CRAVE JUNK FOOD/CHOCOLATES because your wanting sugars and lecithin.

My blend is a huge blend of natural bulk plant/tree oils and I just call it LIVER / GALLBLADDER Cleanse. Years ago a Harvard trained M.D. use to buy cases and cases of it, because he specialized in women's health....he did this for years, until finally his masters stopped him. He was the only reseller that ever got it and he probably sold it at a huge price. Otherwise individuals have used this and then they tell their friends and at times, it is in the top 3 selling products----even though no book has ever existed on that subject.

As a 100% oil product, every essential oil known can be added. This makes for endless combinations.

So I make the base formula and then make Number 2, 3,4,5,6 and 7 based on how many different essential oils are added as potent adult de-wormer formulas.

The original Liver Gallbladder Cleanse formula out sales all the others ---because de-wormer formulas "scare" people. The original formula is also anti-parasite, but mild enough for all ages. It is just a food.

ONE M.D, years ago had a daughter with MS and he wanted to cure that in his lifetime. I obtained his "stuff" after he died and discovered this and read that he believed this:

1 ounce lecithin daily for prevention
3 ounces daily for treatment of MS or any disease known

OK, lecithin is too thick to consume---so thick, you can chew it and dissolve it well before you swallow---THUS I make the Liver Gallbladder Cleanse formulas all based on this history in an easy to take formula.........and everyone decides their own dosage and no one really ever consumes a whole ounce of lecithin daily---but if they did, I bet that M.D. was correct.

The great dentist in the 1960, Hal Huggins, proved that 1/4 pound of oil will cure cholesterol problems FAST and he proved that mercury dental filling cause MS and the removal of mercury can cure MS.

NEVER EVER can you look at just 1 thing and treat it----YOU TREAT YOUR ENTIRE BODY as a whole. You will discover rock/heavy metals result in your aging and premature death.

For most people on the planet---Liver Gallbladder Cleanse would be life changing---If they take it daily for life.

I could write an entire book trying to explain how daily plant/tree fats can enable people to keep their brain, keep their heart, keep their blood flowing.


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