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Published: 9 months ago
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Iodine / Potassium / Minerals

The UN 35 years ago stated that America can hire all the teachers they want and the children will be no smarter for it---BECAUSE the AMERICAN and much of the world's diet lacks Natural Iodine.

They "say" Japanese live longer because they are eating all the fish in the oceans and get some iodine from those fish-------and that ocean plants have iodine. I doubt this to be true, because the smartest man I knew, answered my question about why iodine does not stay in water........he explained to me that Iodine is lighter than water and will come to the surface and up and out into the air, exactly like I seen when I put iodine in water.

I read much more and discovered that CREATION of EARTH created an atmosphere that is mineral rich and loaded with bacteria; in FACT, we humans are bottom feeders--living at the bottom of an ocean of air.

OUR FOOD comes from our sun. Not son, but SUN and that subject created allot of wars long ago as the roman empire entered and changed politics/religions world wide; YET, their scientist finally figured it out after humans started going into space----THEN they could see how all those sun burst sends minerals into space that reach earth and then circulates in the upper atmosphere for years as BACTERIA eats and dissolves the space dust until it becomes ORGANIC MINERALS. As these organic minerals eventually float down to earth---they are the only foods required by every living thing on earth---------at the beginning of every earth "CYCLE"....when the lamb sleeps in peace with the lion----because there are no meat eaters---just air breathers.

BASED on this theory---our AIR has the proper amounts of what the scientist call "Iodine/Potassium/Minerals --nothing else required--because the air has all the water required.

ONLY in the end times, when life becomes hard for all, do creatures start eating and eating each other---------when that starts, then the human body needs more iodine / potassium and organic minerals. This is when humans begin to burn up because the body struggles for life and instead of living hundreds of years old---people look age 500+ at age 80.

Medical knows humans should not be eating more than 11 ounces of food daily, but because the body is out of balance, many people can not stop eating.

CANCERS? Many have called cancer a SALT disease, which creates PUSS and thus a PUSS Disease.

YEARS ago when I read about salt and tested for the very first time----I was what the books said i would be----all salt with a small amount of Potassium which = future cancers.

The modern diet is LOADED with SALT and no potassium iodine and if it has iodine, it is chemical iodine.

The very first herbal method I experimented with was an iodine rich herb and quickly my salt went down to normal as my potassium iodine levels appeared for probably the first time in my life............what I had read, was true. Something no school teacher would ever teach a student.

The more I read about Iodine, the more I believed you could not buy iodine, because by 1812 the doctors / commercialism created only chemical iodine and by 1950 that chemical iodine, called Lugol's Solution was listed in the top 50 drugs that kill people. YOU take Lugol's Iodine 1 x and it will be stuck in your cells for ever. Dr. Lugol stole the discovery and destroyed it----that is what greedy doctors always do and the world created fake iodine. You can find this fake iodine in your hair, finger nails and skin, because your cells will forever be expelling it up and off the body. The same way it does with all heavy metals such as silver. YOU NEVER EVER take inorganic heavy metals---they get stuck in your cells and that creates a problem for your longevity.

The more I read, it appears real Iodine is created by trees and bushes and not in the oceans at all. Everything ends in the oceans, but highly diluted. THEY SAY: ORIGINALLY it was discovered that natives would walk to the ocean, gather sea weeds, dry them and burn them and eat the ashes and called this iodine. IF that is true, it was not all that long ago, because true natives can not build fires....if they do, it is because someone showed them how. "IF" you take your cloths off and go live in the wild---you will have a horrible time ever creating a fire.

The color PURPLE they say is the most active color that vibrates the fastest and associated with Potassium Iodine. I noticed 20+ years ago when I bulldozed over mulberry trees at a certain time of the year---the wood was white, but a few minutes later after it was uprooted and dying---this PURPLE FLUID would appear as though it was attempting to save its life... I assume this is the same purple fluid that creates the purple mulberry fruit. They now say Black Berries are very anti-cancer and also VERY DARK PURPLE.

Purple / Black fluids are a "sign" in trees/bushes and their fruits. They say many tree nuts have iodine/potassium. Paul Bragg traveled the world talking to people past age 150--------this was actually possible before 1950, pre extermination of the old people. Paul liked the story an 165 year old man that worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week as a train baggage handler, in that he lived on water and 5 brazil nuts daily.

About 30 years ago I made my first iodine rich herbal extract and it burned the skin exactly like Lugol's iodine does--it looked just like a jar of Lugol's Iodine, only it was made from trees and not chemicals. I only learned how to maker Lugol's Iodine after the Dr. Hulda Clark books came out--in those books you learn good things and bad things and making Lugol's Iodine is a bad thing---but 99.99% of people can not obtain the 2 chemicals to make Lugol's Iodine, so you do not see it being made other than by a few people. Those that take Lugol's Iodine and all forms of inorganic iodine, not only poison them selves, but if they tested their new born babies, they will see that they are born toxic with inorganic iodine chemicals---------CHEMICAL IODINE does not kill fast, in 1950 it was proven to cause sterility and for boys to have the birth defect known as micro penis-----and probably lead to boys being born not knowing if they were boys or a girl or somewhere in-between......this is why the government started removing lugol's iodine from the store shelves starting in the 1960's and today you can not easy buy Lugol's Iodine for good reasons.

Long Story short, years ago I only made a Herbal Tincture that I called Green Tree Potassium / Iodine. 1 dropper per day enough, but some people would take a teaspoon and had all sorts of claims how they cured them selves of heart issues, etc. or had amazingly healthy babies. Then I made a large formula with lots of plant/tree minerals and called that Potassium Iodine "PICA" Minerals.

"PICA" is an old farmer's name given to animals that eat tree bark, wood from barns and wooden fence post---------the farm animals eat wood, because they are lacking minerals and start eating anything they can----kind of like how humans can't stop eating JUNK FOODS.

This ended up being popular by word of mouth and soon no one ordered the Green Tree Iodine Tincture and today, maybe someone buys a small bottle once a year or less.

The Iodine / Potassium "PICA" formula became the FIRST true Co-Q10 type large herbal blend and the amish mothers loved it for their kids. So eventually I called it KIDS B WELL. The years ago it was called Mother's Choice and goes by various names. IN FACT, it has all the Dr. Christopher good herbs within the blend, along with the Potassium / Iodine rich minerals from the trees and their fruits.


Medical ONLY test for inorganic minerals----so test all you want and organic herbs will not show up on their testing---THEY LITERALLY TEST FOR ROCK IN YOUR BLOOD-----Vitamins are ROCK and that is what medical testing is based upon---ROCK in your body. They can not test for anything ORGANIC.

So every human ask HOW MUCH IODINE is in the product???????????????? I must say NONE, because when your asking that question, your asking for how much lugol's iodine is in the herbal products and the answer is ZERO--------no heavy metals, no chemicals.

THE 1957 Co-Q10 guys were correct=---------give the human blood stream a large variety of "usable" minerals and the liver/blood will make what it needs to make for longevity.

ONCE the UN was correct, maybe the only thing they were ever honest about---humans all lack iodine/potassium.

Potassium / Iodine must be in liquid form, it comes in nuts and berries..........from trees and bushes. IT is not that crap they call lugol's iodine. A better name is just Herbal Minerals.......because all that white coat stuff is so fake, so confusing, so false at times and they did it, because they hate herbs..........they want control and herbs and correct diet and habits are the opposite of medical.

BECAUSE of Potassium / Iodine Green Tree Iodine "PICA" Blend------I became a believer in the theory of the 1957 white coats name "Co-Q10" and believe that the more herbs a formula has, the better it follows that theory and the PROOF was when those types of products sale them selves.

The HUMAN BRAIN via every blood cell----------knows what you eat, breathe and drink------and when you consume missing nutrients, your brain NEVER FORGETS

YOUR BRAIN KNOWS for life, where it can obtain what the body needs............sadly there is only 1 source and in today's world of gov controls---sources dry-up over night

YOU NEVER KNOW how long anything is available---that is why when i buy anything from a different country---I always try to buy a lifetime supply and odds are, next time I need it---I can't obtain it due to customs/shipping or it just does not exist anymore.

I have zero fear of cancers

I have zero fear of knee / hip replacement

I have zero fear of heart disease

I have zero fears of diabetes or pancreatic failure, etc.

THAT STUFF is what medical-minded people live in fear of.

I have no fear of their covic 19 scam, I have never heard of anyone in my area having such garbage and for that matter, I do not know anyone that has cancers----it is almost like the amish laugh about when they say----that must be what those city people have?

CITY WATER is not water what so ever. The Only Man I ever knew that was in charge of a state capital city water supply, was a World War 2 vet, with Red Clarence and witnesses the ability of the military to fly objects from France to Australia via nothing but magnetism and they showed him that they could send those same objects to hundreds of different planets that are all named---but your school teachers/fake news to this day, 70 years later will never ever tell you the names of those hundreds of planets that use to freely travel to earth---via magnetic space craft.......THIS MAN, like my uncle was given a gov job after the wars...such as, being in charge of city water for the largest city in my state... he was trained by the gov about CITY WATER and he told me no city water was EVER designed to be drank---it is treated to be toilet water and to wash your cloths in, but even then, the chemicals in city water will make your clothing toxic.

My world war 2 uncle was a ace pilot---lost a leg, etc. but could fly anything after the war---the gov hired him to fly them to South America where they created the drug trade---he flew politicians and their drugs for many years and in exchange, they put him in charge of Florida's road ways and eventually he owned dozens of coal mines, building dams in South America, Steam Wells in California, he hated how Caterpillar ripped off their customers, so he built his own parts company in Italy. He married 7 x, had a gold mine in Africa, etc. partied with Lee majors and Farrah Fawcett ---his son was the Love of the Coke (pop) Heiress and in true Mason Form, when he was too old, the gov took it all only get to play their game as long as they want you to.

If you like your Longevity---you never stick your hand out, no such thing as a free lunch from the gov and you do like the Ancient Biblical Monks suggested 2,000+ years ago----WALK AWAY, far away from the cities. Competition makes for a dangerous life--the bad people want your stuff, that is what ever major city is once again experiencing.


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