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Published: 10 months ago
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In reality, the top 10 of any product line is a result of someone writing a book with a large medical degree, etc., etc. to the point they mass market until someone believes enough to buy-----that is what the internet is all about--name and marketing skills....

While the cheap way is simple word of mouth---some person takes a chance and likes something and then they tell others..........the cost of acquiring a new customer is ZERO and not what curezone does and floods every post with sales gimmicks...

An herbal formula that "shocked" me the most---by far, is what I call Herbal Spray this very day, I do not fully understand it and the influence it has on the human body--------it must have to do with the electric / pain sensors within the tissues and much much more..............the affects are as strong externally and internally is such tiny amounts that the theory works best as we sleep and just breath in herbs mixed with air.

A doctor in Canada came up with the idea and believed he would make millions and prob did, I do not know, all I do know is that my finger knuckle had been hurt for years and would swell up when aggravated.... just enough to be an annoyance as you learn to just avoid using a finger until the swelling goes away.

It was something like 2 am when a customer from Toronto drove to florida and then on his way back home, stopped by and picked up 20 gallons of Longevity Spices---he made the trip NON-STOP--------------and that is quite a haul, most people could not drive that much non stop---down and back,

He had this new product and asked if I had something that hurt and the only thing I could think of was that 1 finger knuckle and as quick as I said that, he grabbed by hand and sprayed it and within 30 seconds the pain was gone, free movement and no swelling after a minute----------I HAD NEVER EVER read of any thing that could do that---not even close. He gave me a few bottles to try.............i told my wife I think this "stuff" is spoiled" after I tasted it (and we discovered a few years later that is was spoiled)

I researched what I could about the doctor and based on that and what the sales person said---I figured out their theory. I made a bottle based on my way------it worked so well as explained in the large pdf on the sprays....and then I made a stronger version and then eventually the same theory can be applied to every herb there is and discover a new use for all herbs.

No matter what herbal spray I made, I make it with Herbal Spray 1 as the base formula.........

The stories people wrote about Spray 1 are still amazing stories and some hard to believe, but they are real......every human is at a different degree of health, so every person will have a different result........the theory is SIMPLE, if it hurts, give it a squirt. THIS MEANS you spray every few minutes if need be---depending on what the health issue is. It can be used on 100% of the entire body, internally, externally and in the air.

You can find video of people walking through fire. You can find videos where people believe fire is not what you think it is. EVERY human will react to things in their life based on how their brain "believes" what should happen and then the brain will make it happen.

I go to Florida and deliberately allow my skin to burn on the first afternoon. I return to the hotel room and take a shower and I looked like a cooked lobster. I knew my sunburn would all peel-----had done so my entire life and every human I ever knew always peeled when you have a cherry red sunburn, especially when you travel 1,000+ miles south and your skin has not adapted to that stronger sun rays.

We had 5 bottles of Spray 1 with us---because we used spray 1 for everything with the kids-----boo boo spray is a more correct name, because no matter how you get hurt or cut or damaged---you spray and spray until it goes away. Everything from burns to bee stings, ant bites, cuts, you name it---SPRAY IT, works on the eyes as well and in the ears and air.

As soon as i stepped out of the shower, I sprayed and my skin was hot------and i sprayed and I sprayed every 3-5 night time I was able to go out to eat, but it still hurt, but I took a bottle with me and kept spraying as needed..........I used 3 bottles on that vacation-------not only did it kill the burn pain--IT ERASED THE DAMAGE TO THE fact, my skin was not damaged at all. I never peeled.

That made me really start thinking------THE SUN DID NOT BURN MY SKIN--if it had, that skin was damaged permanently........most likely what does happen is our brain has the blood stream make an acid that turns our skin red after prolonged sun contact----OUT OF FEAR, because we are trained as children to FEAR. I believe Spray 1 diluted this acid and enabled the circulation to remove it BEFORE it literally destroyed the skin and created what people call a sun burn.

The Sun did not harm me---my blood/brain harmed me---due to false education and allowing my false profits to follow bad teachers.......MY EYES and EARS are the biblical false profits---if you believe what you see and hear others do---you will become like them and that often is not the truth.

The same with hot cayenne-------I burned for 20 years while using cayenne and super hot spicy oils------NOT ANYMORE........I can wash my hands in essential oil of cayenne---the hottest cayenne source on earth and my skin has zero ill effect---zero heat. 25 years ago just a partial drop would burn my skin all day.

IN FACT, the theory of this Canadian M.D. was far more than I what I believed he had stumbled upon and I don't think he made it very much, because what they made rotted and was not stable---while what I made was just herbs and you could drink it by the glass if you wanted---nothing harmful in it at ended up, some of the herbs/ingredients have a "relaxing" affect on the brain to the point that it can help erase phantom pains and that explains some of the wild stories people had about people getting up out of wheel chairs, etc.

I have had people try to copy spray 1 and sale it as such, but they never have had a clue how I make it. IT WORKS best when a person is NEW TO IT, and as they use the sprays---they will get use to it and then a few want stronger and stronger and I have a small handful that have me make them a gallon every once in a awhile that is about 1,000 x stronger than Spray 1..........and to this day, we as a family use spray 1 more than all other sprays combined---but I do use the most extreme on my scalp as a method to de-worm the brain and keep the hair working.

Herbal Spray 1 does not exist in any herbal or health book---it is "unique"

BELIEVE it or not---I could play ping pong and write with my left hand---after using Spray 1 when blended with a few other herbs and I just checked and I could write my name equally well with my left hand and I have not tried to in the past 10 years......This happened due to the affect of breathing in the Herbal Sprays------just a spray in the air and breath in the myst-----can have results you would never believe and, I KNOW, when you breathe in--the herbs fill your lungs, goes up the right side of your neck and then across the center of both eyes and that is THE MAGIC. The part of the brain behind the eyes determines if your left handed or right handed and creates PHANTOM PAINS-------"if" you can relax that part of your brain---those pains may ERASE within seconds.

I made 2 UTUBE videos long ago based on 2 guys that used Spray 3. The video of DEAN is amazing...........with 1 spray, his brain released 30+ years of phantom pains that his brain created after he hit a dump truck on his 750 Honda motor cycle at 55 MPH and then flew over the hood of the truck and was ran over by an on coming car at 55 MPH and dragged down the highway and scraped both kidneys out of his back. HIS story is an early story and I gave him my very first bottle of what I called Spray 3---because after he smelled it---he could dance for the first time in over 30 + years....

There are so many things about herbs that no medical world could ever understand.......herbs are being erased out of history! The 2 greatest de-wormer herbs in AMERICAN / GLOBAL HISTORY have been 100% erased from herb books and the internet condemns their use and says they will kill you----that is what bad people do with herbs---they erase the good herbs and have been doing so for 70 years.

Luckily those that read and learn the Hay Way, can cure them selves with out herbs---but I say it is 10x easier and 10x better with herbs.


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