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Published: 8 months ago
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10 of 10

It really is impossible to explain the top 10 uses of herbs when it comes to saving your life-----each herb by its self can be used and have dramatic life improvements. They are not drugs, they are not drug alternatives---they are foods for your blood stream, just like the 1957 co-q10 scientist believed.

Herbs supply unique combinations of chemicals/minerals for the blood stream to make use of then the blood always does all the work.................. drugs poison. Vitamins poison. Most foods are not foods at all, you were just trained to stuff them in your mouth until you die. False education is why most all humans eventually die.

Dr. Christopher believed every single herb has at least 1,000 benefits that no doctor could figure out; because medical does not understand life or diet.

ALL plant/tree are considered "herbs" the word herb covers allot. Correct foods are herbs, but the sweet fruits of the tree,bush and vine. The eating of leaves, bark, roots, flowers, etc. are herbs as well, but not correct diet. Correct diet for the human specie is the sweet fruits in season and will be a different color.

HUMANS require color--in fact, out SUN determines it all---------ALL and that is why pre roman empire days--humans looked to their SUN for life.

THE MOST IMPORTANT herb made the entire YOP 10 List------- True Steam Distilled "Burning" Bush---commonly called Wild Oregano Oil. I ad this to "EVERY" herbal formula---- I can make most every herbal formula that Dr. Shook / Christopher ever made and I know by adding Oregano Oil to that formula and Olive Leaf; these 2 will make that formula "Better". You could call them the King and Queen of herbs.

ALL herbal tea / powders are just "mineral" sources for the human blood stream-------- THERE IS NO LIFE in plants after they are collected, dried, cut or powdered.....they are JUST FOODS-----------BUT:

BUT: steam distilled essential oils are very "fine" oils of the herb and these "fine" (thin) oils can easily penetrate and if they have contact with parasites---good chance the parasites will die on contact, while the human body still sees the essential oils as just herbal foods.

YOU can apply herbal powders and cut herbs to the air all week long and they are not going to kill parasites-----------

You can apply herbal tinctures and it is the grain alcohol that will kill on contact--not the herbs, the herbs are used by the blood stream and then the blood kills and keeps the parasites killed----------------

NOT SO with Oregano Oil------you ad Oregano Oil to the air or water and it will KILL PARASITES via contact. I learned 10+ years ago that I could sterilize a large hot tub with nothing but oregano oil and have done so ever sense.

I learned 10+ years ago that Oregano Oil applied to the Air, will kill the mold on walls, even in a room where there are no windows, no light; where mold grew thick and black on the walls----OREGANO not only kills the mould, that mould dies and falls off the walls......

I have used Oregano Oil for "EVERYTHING", from new born chickens to old cows and raised our children with it. WE ALL SLEEP with Oregano Blend of Oils in our air every night of the year for many years now..........

COVIC 19 may be a Hoax or some sinister plan to vaccinate all humans and change them to something less than human. Their vaccines "CHANGE" you for ever----they are ALIVE substances designed to alter the human body...........that is about as dangerous as it becomes. You will no longer be just "human", you will be an altered human. The Ancient Biblical Monks speak of a time when God will look at his children and not recognize them----were they talking about altered humans? That is what they did to animals and plants--they have been altering them for 150 years. They often look different than their original species.

REGARDLESS what anyone does or thinks----------I BELIEVE if I was sick with an unknown germ warfare virus---I would be taking 1 drop of Oregano every hour internally and keep every breath of air filled with Oregano. THEY SAY covic enters your air and gets started in your lungs--------OREGANO Oil and LOBELIA are the KING of lung herbs and many other herbs work great for the lungs as well........"IF" Oregano Oil could not kill covic, then odds are herbs can not.............

That Said, Olive Leaf and Oregano Oil are in every formula, so they are the TOP 10 +

Essential Oils sold to the public are mostly all SYNTHETICS. It can take 50+ pounds of herb to make 1 ounce of Essential Oil. Once an essential oil becomes popular, they make a synthetic chemical version and then flood the world markets with it. I GET MY TRUE Essential Oils form the people that grow the plants on a scale that other countries can not even begin to try----they have thousands upon thousands of acres of land dedicated to herbs for human health and the slaves to manage it all---this is why you never see essential oil companies in America--if there were, the essential oils would cost more than prescription drugs do.

So back to the Top 10
ALL herbs can be "blended" into a "PASTE", I call these paste formulas---The Concentrates.

The concentrates are the cheapest possible formula that follow the 1957 Theory of co-q10.

As a concentrate, your not buying an expensive capsule.

A concentrate has powders, tinctures, oils and essential oils---all blended into 1. Concentrates can also be an endless blend, because you can mix everything and choose based on the old herbal formulas or make up what you like.

The Concentrates ideally you eat 1# per month---sports athletes do well on a pound per week.

YOU taste your herbs and this is why people do not like the concentrates----people in general do not want to eat anything other than candied commercial foods.

The Concentrates are about as far as internal use herbs can be taken.........

Externally is a giant subject of its own and you can take really strong herbs on the skin and scalp.......

The herbal world is larger than the medical world, because the medical world is so fake and creates diseases and controls world populations----it became a bazaar group after world war 1, while the herbal world is a real / true world that all humans can do. Going to a white coat is what the sheep are trained to do----the colleges are at the root of all problems world wide........................false education is how they control your entire life and many never make it to their first breath, because an educated person reaches into the womb and cuts their spine into 2 pieces. Medical for 120 years has been the "opposite" of herbal. Once the colleges put the wicked in charge of politics, politics/judges and their jails either killed the good doctors, taxed them to death or locked them up---eliminating the great medical doctors.

Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. was the best in North American History--the medical books are loaded with his name. He was a great surgeon that learned to put down his knife, put down all drugs and cured 63,000 patients with food education and orange juice. Yale/Rockefeller/Harvard by 1950 independently studied THE HAY WAY and all agreed IT WAS THE CURE-------so the medical colleges went 100% the opposite of Dr. Hay and drugs and operations are all they are permitted to do.

Dr. Hay told Dr. Jackson how to use Orange Juice. Dr. Hay wrote 1 book, Dr. Jackson after saving his own life, wrote many books. Dr. Jackson after nearly being dead of old age----restored his life and became a literal super man athlete/muscle builder. he was Canadian --this was before you were born--yet the Canadian "fake" news still condemn the Dr. Jackson Way to this very day....the news media has been evil for well over 70+ years, clear back to world war 1 the news media was owned by gov and a tool.

The Facts are simple:
Herbs are foods in general that the blood makes use of and the blood does all the work. Parasites are a result, disease is a result, birth defects are a result, not knowing if your a boy or a girl, is a result of wrong choices and the uses of poisons, known as drugs and additives----additives to your water, your foods, your air and skin products.

What I call Book 2 was the first book I put together----I later called the Dr. Hay Book, Book 1, for the simple reason the Dr. Hay Book enabled people to cure them selves.

Book 2 explains death by way of poisoning --especially by 1992 when they attacked our Thyroids world wide---the thyroids of every living creature on earth. If they can kill your Thyroid, they can control your Longevity.


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