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Published: 8 months ago
This is a reply to # 2,435,537


The "BIG" 3 formulas

(notice how horrible the curezome sales to advertisers today, that sell garbage products--so shameful and the opposite of health)

The BIG 3 herbal formulas by far are P/W A, P/W and Maximum Restore. Sold under many different names. If a person was in it "only" for the $$$ and nothing else---these 3 would be the only 3 choices. There are a group of "practitioners", not medical doctors; but some types that are organized and use "gadgets" for testing people and mostly into vitamin stuff. They do not call them selves naturopaths, it is something more unique and some how that enables them to have offices where they "test" people and sale products to them. I normally call these types naturopathic / quacks----but this group of 70+ coast to coast are also a form of "chiropractors" , so they do a little more than the quack naturopaths do. 1 of them is an X amishman who was into these 3 herbal formulas long before he became one of "them" and he introduced them to these 3 formulas and they have been using them ever since and their electronic testing gadgets apparently tell them that the herbal formulas work. So I assume their electronics are somewhat based on the Dr Clark testing, which came from Dr. Royal Rife and other medical sources that are a little less than a M.D. Normally a M.D. does not use electronic testing gadgets as a general rule and more into prescribing drugs based on blood testing. These 70+ also do blood testing, which makes them more than just chiropractors and naturopaths. I have no idea what the x amish guy's names for the 3 products are...but for 20+ years, the amish have made these 3 at the top of the list by "far" and what people will take, is always the successful products.............often, if not always, when a person first takes any herbal product, they buy based on the label and bottle more than all else. If they do not understand the herbs in the bottle and why they are taking the herbs, they almost certainly will not buy a second bottle---this is why word-of-mouth is priceless and why these 3 formulas rose to the top of the list long ago.

Dr. Shook and then his student Dr. Christopher were 2 of the best herbal doctors in American History. Dr. Christopher liked Sitting Bull and Harry Hoxey---what has always puzzled me is the fact these herbal doctors never wrote that they knew The Dr. Howard Hay Way of using Orange Juice to Cure all Diseases...............because "IF" you blend The Hay Way, with their Herbal Ways-----------it is not only 10x easier, it is 10x better in my opinion and Yale/Harvard?Rockefeller all agreed by 1950 that The Hay Way was the Medical Cure for All.

Dr. Hay M.D. never used Herbs and the Herbal Doctors probably was as scared as medical was---that ORANGES would put them out of the health business.

Then Blend in a GOOD CHIROPRACTOR , which is must for anyone that likes living well and then the Hay Way becomes superior............

Learn about poisons and how to avoid them and your Longevity becomes real...........your children become healthier.


Yesterday, the football coach, which is a healthy guy and weight lifter, out lifted the football team, seniors and all by lifting 200 pounds 5x. When I was in high school, I was no weight lifter, but I could lift 200# one time. So not unusual for a senior to pick up 200#, but in the cell phone age, many american football high school age players can not lift 200# five X. Our boy on the cover of the 502 page book----easily out lifted the coaches and seniors at age 16. He could pick up seniors that weighed 50 pounds heavier and body slam them and on a couple occasions broke some collar bones in football or the opposite players had to be hauled off after being tackled in the game..

The youngest boy, now age 16, takes less Bone Builder than his older brother, but still takes enough--------after the coach once again proved he was stronger than the seniors, he set down and lifted the same 200# six times and the coach stopped him and said: ENOUGH, we know Trevor is the strongest. The coach and various players have asked the 16 year old what supplements he takes and he always tells them----"I" do not take that crap that you guys take..... TODAY, the stores and internet are LOADED with weight lifting proteins.

THESE FOOTBALL PLAYERS take enormous amounts of this commercial garbage and can pack on 30+ pounds a year by weight lifting--------they go into the game and after 2 plays, the coach takes them out---THEY ARE TIRED, they can not run.....they are just BULK and can hurt you due to their weight.

The 16 year old played quarterback last year as a freshman. He doses not like that position because if you loose----people almost always blame the instead he likes to catch and run the ball. HE IS BY FAR the tallest player.....well over 6 feet and weighs 160-70#, while many of the other players weigh 200+ pounds.

At 160, he is taller and faster and stronger. He has never ever taken as aspirin product, never a vaccine, never had a doctor, never taken a drug or operation or knows what sickness really is.....he was raised on herbs----mostly Maximum Restore and Bone Builder. Bone builder is a BF&C formula maxed out.......and he takes BF&C allot as well.

BIG FATTY MUSCLES are just that---FATTY.

You take those commercial whey/dairy type muscle building products---you just produce water/fat logged muscles................IF YOU ever watch the American Ninja competition on TV, those people almost always weigh less than 160 pounds------

MEDICA: WEIGH CHARTS prove the most any human should weigh, is 165 pounds and that is if your very tall. ATHLETES prove that fact---------in extreme fighting sports, your a HEAVY WEIGHT if you weight 200 pounds. Heavy Weight fights do not last very long, they have to take the other person out fast, because they know they both will fatigue fast..............

I was 6 feet tall at age 12 and weighed 160 pounds. That did not change until age 30, after age 30, I put on more weight naturally as my health was not as good as a result of just eating and living like everyone else around me was doing-------"IF" you follow the sheep around you, you wil be 1 of the herd.


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