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Spray 1

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Published: 8 months ago
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Spray 1

Spray 1 is something that is "more" than you can find in any type of book----it is unique when used externally and when used internally.... I have always wondered what it would be like to take a shower in Spray 1 or sleep with a mist of Spray 1 above the bed- I have contemplated making a special room where that may happen some day.

Our 16 year old has grown up with Spray 1 and the other day---he said: Dad, is there anyway you could make a cough drop made out of Spray 1---he said, if that could be done, that would be the greatest herbal product ever..

I have never tried making a common cough drop---most are cooked sugar. Maple Syrup people often make a maple syrup hard candy. Most cough drops are candy with a touch of essential oils---to make Spray 1 into a cough drop type product, would be very hard to do....Not impossible, but not practical. IN MY THEORY, if you did this:

Take a large shower and shower in 102-3 degree water for up to 1 hour and then do a proper 15 minute sitz bath. While doing the sitz bath---have a mist of Spray 1 cover your entire would have no cloths on during the shower/sitz bath and every lymph gland in your body would be 'activated" and waste flowing down and out....the affects of Spray 1 may be beyond amazing and then---in that same room, you had a plastic bed that you could spend the night sleeping in a mist of Spray 1 with temp controlled air------I doubt anyone could begin to believe what would happen to the human body.

One of The oldest books I have is about is about sleeping in controlled air---the author invented the first commercial chicken houses---because he understood air flow.

I THINK if a person created a "grounded" bed and controlled the air and temp and made sure no pressure existed within the room and then breathed in spray 1 all night long-------SOMETHING WOULD HAPPEN........for sure.

If a person put a little St John's Wort in the mist as they slept---that might even be a greatest experience yet: when I was in herbal school, a lady student from a European country claimed she had out of body experiences with St. John's Wort. One of the wildest authors from MI about 25 years ago wrote multiple books claiming he took groups of people out camping and after they were all a sleep, claimed he knew how to take the entire group of people out-of-body on trips into deep space. What was cool about his books was the fact he had pictured of what he said DEEP DEEP Space looked like and shortly after his last book---nasa's deep space telescope started sending back pictures of deep space and they looked identical to what the author drew in his book. That oddity and the fact many children world wide have dreams about flying---learning to fly and flying in their dreams.....and there are historical paintings of a few religious leaders that could fly 7-8 feet off the ground and today, there are a few monks that can float several feet off the ground anytime they want to and there are videos of children that can float as high as 8 feet + and "those" people are being "caught" on cell phone videos---but for some reason, they otherwise keep "hidden" from society.

THE HUMAN brain has enormous capabilities and the gov/colleges for a very very long time have used poisons/vaccines to make children sickly---so they loose their brain capacity and spray dumbed down their entire lifetime as just "workers" to serve those in control.

The BEST authors was a woman in the mid 1800's, she learned to leave her body for up to months at a time---she and her pastor friends in Europe wrote books that stated the human body MUST BE CLEAN and free of poisons and that starts with correct diet---so what does all the colleges and gov do world wide? FEED the people wrong foods and ads poisons to the water/air/foods---THEY DO IT OUT OF FEAR that humans will wake up and understand they have abilities.... SICK humans load up with unwanted spirits (demons) and healthy humans have 1 spirit in control of "their" body--------VACCINES all have inner city murdered babies in the formula, along with multiple poisons that were the dream of doctors/colleges as early as 1850------to mix humans with animals to form a MULE HUMAN that is sterile and obeys by way of being too stupid to question the master.

IF you want a GOOD M.D>, you needed to live PRE 1850, before the european colleges took control of education via the use of "poisons".

Dr. Hay and Dr. Jackson was the highest educated medical of North American and in their books---they state to never take their drugs, never allow the surgeons to chop on your body. They proved they could use orange juice and diet education to cure all that was curable---BECAUSE the BLOOD does the curing---not poisons and cutting out organs.


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