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The year 2020

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Published: 9 months ago
This is a reply to # 2,435,639

The year 2020

The year 2020, not only makes the Dr. Christopher prediction of 40+ years ago---REAL, in that all humans need to be capable of taking care of their family health---the YEAR 2020, has shown the ENTIRE human population world wide needs to understand how to take care of their own health.

In my area of the world, I know of no one that has their 2020 flue----yesterday I heard from 1 person i know that went into the hospital for diverticulitis and the hospital forced her to take their 2020 test---the old way where they jammed a swab up into her sinus cavities---which suggested to me that they really want to just torment/kill her and could care less about her diverticulitis. Their new testing months ago proved they can just hand you a small swab and you swab your nose and that is all their test is and 15 min you get a -/+ result---so when you enter and they jam a long swab into your sinus cavity which causes extreme pains on top of your already other pains---they really just want to punish you/harm you in my opinion and just 1 of every reason why I stay far away from any human that wears a white uniform.

WHAT should literally should put fear in all humans is the fact that the bad humans---world wide have all organized ; exactly like the biblical Monks predicted over 2,000 years ago and William Branham in the early 1900's proved to the world would happen and what types of humans would "organize" under 1 leader---THE MASTER / father of all LIES. These millions of humans--world wide have all organized....a fact that has shocked the world. They are easily recognized, they demand the right to kill babies and sale their parts, even consume their parts. In parts of the world, their hospitals gather up teenagers off the street, test their blood and then kills them to sale their organs to the wealthy people worldwide. In many parts of the world, they are eating adult humans once again---if your meat is extremely spicy, a well known african general who has eaten allot of people, allot of live hearts, and is today one of the countries largest pastors----explains that your eating people. Otherwise, world wide, they all organize as liars---the opposite of truth and science. What the ancient Biblical Monks knew as a time when humans can no longer live in the same house, because truth and lies will no longer tolerate each other. Those that lie can no longer hide their lies. WE, world wide are now deep into a time that those that lie, not only lie, they are organized liars and they control most of the education world wide and demand truthful students get-out, there is no room for truth anymore to those that lie.

This separation of those that lie and those that are for truth---will become further separated until those that lie----can not tolerate anyone else in their city, their state, their country and they will want to kill all truth, because they can not tolerate truth. This is why thousands of years ago, they recognized the devil as the father of all lies.OR simply put---truth and lies can not live together. Good and Evil is as old as human history.

The GOOD DAYS are gone for ever.....that is just a simple fact of life. Once they developed world war 1, starting by 1895; that was the beginning of the end; the evil people have been killing the good people ever since and today in 2020, they have proven world wide they rule the planet. As a result, they all are developing super sonic missiles and ever new day, they hate the other countries more and threaten war to the point that every country now has soldiers sleeping in jets, out of fear when war starts, they will have only a few minutes to get into the air before the bombs start hitting every city. CHINA today states they have a super sonic missile for every city and every town in North America that can hit their targets in less than an hour. Such a war was also predicted by the ancient biblical monks--thousands of years ago.

The world has proven they can no longer tolerate different religions, different races and the communist 1 party, 1 race., 1 religion and 1 lifetime leader has grown in power over all free countries. The communist frequently kill 5% of their population, they control pregnancy and eat their babies. They are world wide and taking over entire countries by buying $$$$ the politicians who then sale them land, where they build not only military bases world wide---they have been building cities for the past 40 years---they build new cities and then fence them in and no one lives in them---they are for "their" future---they plan 100 years in advance.

You were born on a battlefield, odds are you were born a slave, trained as a slave and live and die as a slave---if not, then you possess a pass to the under ground cities and have never been in need of $$$ your entire lifetime. If you were not born a slave---you would have been trained in private schools and sent off to specific race controlled colleges and if you were obedient, you were given wealth after you graduated and will obey your master your entire lifetime--out of fear.

Nothing has changed in the past 2,000+ years.....the biblical monks made it very clear over 2,000+ years ago, if you want freedom, you hand back the gov $$$$ and walk away.....

The world knows factually that all gov $$$$$$ is worthless, it is a fake religion,


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