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Beautiful Skin From Powerful Oils and Roses
Remove signs of aging by renewing skin cel...

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...


Beautiful Skin From Powerful Oils and Roses
Remove signs of aging by renewing skin cel...

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 8 months ago
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Diet is everything and always has been. FALSE EDUCATION in the colleges, created the massive food industries and the world wide consumption of wheat and corn and soybeans.


Wheat, Corn and beans are WORTHLESS and guarantees you suffer.

Wheat is the most worthless grain on the planet, nothing will eat it other than insects. INSECTS like most parasites, eliminates the false / fake life on earth--most always created by scientist. FALSE life will be killed by Nature by way of insects/parasites---they do God's Work by way of perfect design of this planet.

IF something is fake, wrong, false---parasites will kill it and dissolve it back to dirt.

Humans are created by God to live on SUN and Air

Sun and Air has "everything" a healthy human needs to live hundreds of years old-------problem is, there are no healthy humans this late into an earth cycle. The sun's radiation is too accumulated and that mixed with human invention has polluted the world's air. EVERYTHING the scientist have created is harmful to life on earth---from frequencies to poisons----it is amazing humans have been able to adapt and survive---BUT the worms are eating non stop, because all life on earth---is sick, when compared to life on earth just 300+ years ago. LYMES started in mammals 300 years ago, so basically you can state as fact that LYMES may be the last great plague on earth.

HUMANS live on air and sun---medical proved that about 60 years ago.

Sweet tree fruits are cleansers-----humans are created to consume only sweet tree fruits-------all else is an option that has consequences.

GRAINS are insect foods
Vegetables are insect foods

IN NATURE go into the woods and your not going to fine grains and vegetables---humans manipulated plants to create that garbage and that garbage is what makes you sickly.

YOU are a result of the SUN and AIR---your 2 parent cells created you out of air and sun.

That garbage you eat is feeding your parasites----------------when your parasites are hungry, you feed them garbage.

IF you read and understand BOOK 1 written by Dr. Hay, M.D. and apply and use herbs-------your not only doing what Harvard/Yale and Rockefeller believed in 1950 was the medical cure--it will be 10x easier and 10x better because your using herbs with the HAY WAY.

YOU will LEARN that food is not what you were trained to believe as a child.

YOU will learn that you can go 14-40 days with no solid foods---just orange juice.

IF you read Dr. Jackson's books, who was a great friend of Dr. Hay---you will agree with Dr. Hay that in 14 days you will have 5x more red blood cells and that was determined the MEDICAL CURE FOR ALL.

You will understand it is possible to have a NEW HEART within 21 days, even if your 70 years old.

YOU will learn that you can have a new liver and new skin with 40 days.

THAT scared the #### out of medical colleges by 1950 and that is why they removed the natural doctors and created toxic drugs---the opposite of health, just like Dr. Hay and Dr. Jackson wrote about...............the 2 North American M.D. that had a cure for all.

Good doctors long ago said-----you pay us to help you after you stuffed toxic trash down your throat....if you would not eat that toxic trash, you would not need us.

YES, we have all proved we can eat trash---we humans are worse than stinky goats.....way worse. We humans eat everything because really bad people fortify commercial foods by adding most anything possible----instead of putting it in a dump, they put it in food and sale it to ignorant people. They even tax people, so they can give the toxic foods for free to the poor.

Dr. Hay wrote of a group of people that the men kill them selves at age 250 by jumping off a mountain and those men look as young and healthy as their young sons......the women die around age 150, due to giving their bodies for the children...."IF" those women had only 1 child every 3 years, odds are they could live much longer---ONLY HUMANS disobey NATURE via sex-----humans the only specie and as a result, they prematurely kill them selves and have poorly children.

"IF" your parents obeyed Nature and trained you as a baby up to OBEY NATURE, you too would live age 250 and look very few to any obey,all are perverted and being eaten alive by worms.

TO OBEY-----you would live where humans thrive, you would never have cloths, you would never work, you would enjoy LIfe to the fullest every day of your entire life---you would OWN NOTHING...............only humans create the $$ system/ownership, follow masters, etc.

Humans can not obey nature---because humans will eat each other. Humans not only eat their neighbors, they eat their own family. You can find VIDEO of humans eating their own family--because they were raised that way---eating dad was just part of their life. HUMANS defy Nature and as a result, wars are endless.

INSTEAD of eating your neighbors, your masters trained you to EAT corn, beans, vegetables, wheat and to satisfy your thirst for blood, they trained you to eat pigs, sheep, cows, goats, fish, birds, etc.

"IF" you de-educate your self and read/follow the best medical books ever printed---you will learn that you can live on sweet tree fruits and as a result, look younger, think better and your spirit will be under your control and not 1,000+ invading spirits trying to live inside your body. A HEALTHY human has 1 spirit---a sickly human can have thousands of spirits and they call these unwelcome spirits---DEMONS.

Demons make you do very bad things......if you want control of your body---kick all the demons out by way of CORRECT DIET and HABITS...........herbs are options, correct diet is essential.

FALSE education is how they trick and train you.

Set yourself FREE by way of de-educating your self and look to Nature as your correct teacher. God created a self-cleansing planet.......those that obey thrive, those that disobey are eaten alive by worms.


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