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If you cough, sneeze or have a fever

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Published: 8 months ago
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If you cough, sneeze or have a fever

If you cough, sneeze or have a fever, your going to be tested for their 2020 covic scam----and your going to never know if you are sick, deadly sick or it is really nothing to even be concerned about-------THAT is what all these evil false teachers world wide have done to this world in 2020.

FALSE TEACHERS kill more humans and harm the planet than all other sources.

TRUTH never harms...truth never changes and science use to prove TRUTH and rely on TRUTH, while after 1895, the colleges have became so corrupted that nothing can be trusted in the past 100 years---everything is subject to being false news. They did this in an effort to control people.

By 1970 the medical colleges were all alarmed that the wealthy americans were going to Germany for health. Dr. Hans Neipher, Germany's top medical doctor/educator/author was my first study into human health. Dr. Neipher cured so many health issues, such as the ability to grow new hips/bones and stop heart attacks, eliminate heart operations and so much more before the year 1970. He wrote that "ALL" that is good in medical, was known by the year 1900. Everything after 1900 was corrupt and about making $$$$$ and creating the medical empire.

Dr. Hay and Dr. Jackson proved the Orange Juice Cure by 1940, Dr. Hay cured the last 63,000 patients he had with oranges and health education. All of the top medical colleges agreed, that it was THE CURE by 1950 and it struck fear into them---they feared they were loosing the battle to control humans via their health.

by 1970 all of the doctors/dentist were trained in the art of cancers, that was going to save the medical empire. The dentist and doctors that agreed, became very wealthy and all started building multimillion dollar offices. They all agreed to use cancer causing drugs. The so called "BABY" doctors that pregnant women go to, all started toxic prenatal drugs and harmful testing. The Pediatricians could care less about a baby's health, unless their evil nurses were permitted to inject the babies with vaccines created out of not only toxic poisons, but they all have the fluids of the murdered inner city babies---every injection has part of an inner city baby, in an effort to dumb down the children into being more "slave" like. The the toxic babies by age 6have tooth decay, thanks to all the food manufacturers deliberately adding toxic substances to the foods. These dentist by 1970 were "ALL" trained to put nickel / cancer causing caps on the baby teeth and use of toxic drugs in an effort to create sickly children that will develop diabetes and cancers.....this in turn--FEEDS the CANCER EMPIRE.

My dentist, went to a major college and on day 1--he was told by his professor that he and his class mates are the not the "smart" people. He explained that the "smart" people are being trained as cancer doctors and that we as dentist, are going to give children cancer via cancer causing dental drugs/metals. My dentist actually wanted to become a child dentist, but after college, he decided to REMOVE the toxic cancer causing materials from the adults and he became an "adult" only dentist, because he could not bare the idea that if he worked on children, he would be giving them cancers.

Dr. Hal Huggins proved how toxic dental drugs were by the mid 1960's, my dentist was friends with Hal. You can easily read the Hal Huggins dental books.

Baby Doctors, Pediatricians, Dentist, Food Manufactures and especially city water = the loss of your teeth health and eventual cancers. NOT BY MISTAKE, but by DESIGN---via FALSE EDUCATION (Greed) and depopulation.

Health Insurance from DAY ONE was a scam to get normal people to turn their body and health over to strangers in white coats..........THE GOV is medical and gov knew that normal humans would never ever take $$$ out of their pockets to pay for operations--so the health insurance scam was created......and via this FREE LUNCH METHOD, people were lined up for medical drugs and operations.

FALSE EDUCATION has surely murdered a minimum of a billion people since world war 1 to date, perhaps as many as 2 billion when you consider all the people that were never born due to the fact their relatives were murdered young.

FALSE EDUCATION is the opposite of truth.

"IF" you want truth, you will find it in pre 1950 medical books. THE BEST MEDICAL authors were born around 1850 and by 1900, they had cures, they understood human health----------by 1950, all the white coats were brain washed and believe they are doing good---by way of murdering millions of babies ever year, selling/using/consuming the baby parts and they have all been trained, including the military colleges to believe that all humans need to be dead by age 40, for the good of all.

A customer years ago told me that he chem trail sprayed the entire country of India daily from 1960- 1963 for no other reason than the people were too old. THE BEST BOOK I ever read, written by a man 110 years old, an english soldier that was in India and saved a man well past age 150 from being beaten to death--(because their own gov also put a bounty on old people) was given the secret of life from the old man as a gift for saving him from the kids that were beating him. That gift was so simple---he simple explained how to breath air. We humans are air breathing machines---we are sun and air in physical form.

The first book I ever assembled was a result of a whistle blower that added titanium dioxide to the chem trail jets back in 1992. That chemical causes humans to loose their thyroid health---once that was learned, the gov forced titanium dioxide to be added not only to our air, but to junk foods, soaps, shampoos and cosmetics. WITH THE GOAL that all children born after 1992, all raised with titanium dioxide will all be dead or near dead by age 40, due to the loss of their tyroid health and EVERY M.D. Knows this---"THEY" know why your dying-----------------they manage your death.

A local M.D. had children that all became doctors---except 1--he flunked out of medical school, so the gov offered him a 10 year job is africa. He took the job and told dad it was HIV/AIDS research-------his dad, my neighbor, told me that he was so ashamed of his son when he told him that he went to africa to kill the africans and not help them. He said his job was a numbers guy to help the doctors prove their death counts. They were all there to kill the people, not help them--the same thing that the english doctors had been doing since world war 1 to date.

"IF" you want a truthful teacher---the biblical monks told you it is this SIMPLE---you have but 1 true teacher: NATURE.

NATURE proves that you are a sweet fruit eater. ONLY SWEET FRUITS enables your correct pH. ALL other substances are not your true foods, because when you eat that garbage, your body makes ACIDS. Those acids eat your intestines, robs your calcium and ends in heart disease.

IF you live long enough---you should learn that ALL MEDICAL EDUCATION / HOSPITALS are human population "management" and by 1992 they all agreed that you need to die by age 40. REMEMBER THAT when you need help---know that the people you go to, kill the millions of unwanted babies by injecting them with salt and burning them alive, or reaching in and using scissors they cut the spine in 2 pieces and some literally cut the necks of new born babies after they are born defective---they just cut their neck to kill them and then you expect this brotherhood to help you when your old and not working anymore????? Seriously? DO YOU THINK BABY KILLERS want you as an old person to live? Are you more valuable than a new born baby?

It is just common since--if you like living, you better read books like those written by Dr. Howard Hay, Dr. Jackson, Dr. John R. Christopher------I DID and their books saved my life long ago.

I have not had a M.D. since 1978, I stopped taking animals to the vets about that same time period. My dogs now live longer.

Our kids have never seen a M.D. since they were born, they have never taken an aspirin or drug or pain pill or a vitamin--they were raised on clean distilled water and sweet fruits and juices. WE ALL eat anything we like---BUT, we understand what to do if we do not feel well, thanks to these 3 long past authors.

NO ONE eats correct--not 1 person

We all make our own choices and no one should have power over another human---each humans is one on one with their creator---earth is your school. Your only goal is to trust God and not the worldly people.


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