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Published: 8 months ago
This is a reply to # 2,435,711

Keep the Teeth

Teeth are a gigantic health issue

The last person you ever want to see--is a DENTIST, there are "NONE" alive today, that have not been trained to use toxic drugs and toxic methods by "design" to create disease/cancers. THERE ARE better dentist that refuse to use mercury and do bridges and instal nickel crowns---but they are few, your lucky if there is 1 per state in the United States of America. Not too long ago there was less than a dozen known to be in America and all of them use toxic glue......SURE, they may make you a hard cavity replacement out of porcelain or some material other than the toxic plastics, but they still have to GLUE it in and that glue can be cancer causing and ALL GLUE eventually fails.

If glue last 5 years, that was great as far as glues go. Those with crowns know the glue fails and when that nickel/gold crown comes off, people smell / taste the disease that was living in the glue......

THE FACTS ARE SIMPLE---you never ever want to find your self at a dentist, there is nothing they can do that is not toxic.

DID you know that a good dentist will not clean your teeth if you have a mercury filling----because to do so, just exposes you to more mercury.

DID YOU KNOW that you can remove a mercury filling and throw it in a 5 acre lake and a week later the gov can measure the increase in MERCURY---they actually did that as an experiment that my dentist was involved with down in Kentucky State College. Afterwards the scientist involved was told that if he ever did another mercury experiment that his funds would be removed and he would be out.

Did you know that if 1 person lives / sleeps in your house that has mercury, that that 1 person poisons the entire house with each breath of air they exhale........and the dentist have known this since 1960 and by 1972 they were all brought into the depopulation organization known as the medical assoc. of M.D. IN FACT, all of the dentist have been trained to poison the children as early as possible--hopefully by age 6.

First the baby doctors poison the pregnant mothers, then the toxic prenatal drugs (vitamins) along with all the toxic commercial foods mother eats/drinks that all have the goal of ill health for the babies and then the delivery drugs that harm baby and then the horrible poisons called vaccinations-----BABY HAS NO CHANCE at a normal life by age 2--thanks to professional education to create cancers. Those with degrees on their walls, have power via ill health and death of children. BY AGE 6, their goal is for the dentist to start capping baby teeth-------------and then it all begins..........the child has no chance.

TO KEEP YOUR TEETH, you need wise parents.

Those wise parents keep baby far away from the white coats-------those scientist that poison the foods, the air, the water, the land---they all wear white coats. They make vitamins, they make drugs, they make everything harmful to your health / teeth and bones. They need you dead by age 40, if they want rewarded $$$$

Natural Organic Plant and Tree Calcium Minerals is what your blood stream needs to build strong teeth and bones and keep them.....

City water is death to the teeth and bones---literally. Parents that ever gave their baby's city water---should be ashamed, they were not prepared to raise a family---they in fact, are just "stock" animals owned by the white coats... they follow like sheep in a row.

Growing baby teeth can repair them selves, but I have never seen adult teeth fill in a cavity. Children have filled in cavities using Tooth and Gum Spray and or Tooth and Gum Powder. Once adult and the tooth is full grown, it would take years for the tooth to recover.

Teeth that have been filled by a dentist? THEY are permanently damaged for life--same as all operations do permanent damage. Operations are efforts to slow down / manage your death at best. ONLY the blood stream repairs.

LYMES lives inside your teeth and bones and flesh and nerves-------LYMES eats you alive and you were born with LYMES WORMS, lymes is the true world wide plague of the past 300 years. Lymes eats you alive---slowly. Thousands of lymes worms can live in 1 tooth.

A DENTIST manages your teeth using toxic methods ---only your blood can create your teeth and clean healthy blood is essential for life.

Brushing teeth helps get the garbage off, but does not make your teeth strong and healthy-------natural calcium rich true foods make strong teeth and bones...

Old Order Amish kids often are not permitted to brush their teeth and as a result, often suffer greatly-----but a few have lived on calcium rich foods and have the whitest, strongest teeth on the planet---even though they have never brushed and never seen a dentist ever.

IF you brush sick teeth---you still have sick teeth. BRUSHING IS GOOD, but not a cure.

BRUSH with tooth and gum herbal powder or something as simple as OREGANO OIL.
Take a glass of water, ad a drop of oregano oil and dip your brush in the water and brush your teeth--------do this every day of your life and over time, you can use more oregano oil and 1 day can just put a drop on your tooth brush............not only will it make your teeth and gums healthy, it will make you healthy.........I could write 100 pages easily on the benefits of real true oregano oil. Not the synthetic stuff they sale, but real plant oregano oil made by steam distilling the plants.

THANKS top the current world war created by CHINA---that is never going to end, your not going to easily obtain true steam distilled essential oils like oregano oil in the near future-------because CHINA is the world largest producer of true essential oils and as long as they are at war---some things will not be exported to some countries--until those countries submit and bow down to CHINA. Eventually 1 day will come when China controls the world and when that day happens, they have zero use for all other races and all other religions and they will exterminate all other humans---they can populate the entire planet rapidly, they have no use for any other humans----china is prepared for world war now and every asia country on that day, will organize with them as one world power. FOR NOW, such essential oils are still in circulation and china is the world's supplier of commercial food herbs----they control the flow of commercial food world wide. Those that are wise--have already stock piled their lifetime supplies---because as supplies become fewer, the cost will sky rocket.

Gov health insurance insures all will live and die by way of the white coats----the wise parents will never ever want to take their babies and children to the white coats EVER....

Once you have tooth damage, dental damage, the treatments are the same---but the damage can never ever be can be examples for your children---show them what you did as a child and teeth them to do better---sadly with cell phones and frequencies, the future of human health is bleak----if a child born today lives to see age 40 as a healthy person, that would truly be a miracle.


Your face never lies

your skin never lies

JUST by looking at your self---YOU KNOW how toxic you are, how bad your organs are----you can see it, everyone can see it.

We are an example of a poisoned life.

There are plenty of natural poisons, but the majority, the truly bad poisons, often are in your body, flowing with your blood---by a white coat design. Many are a result of wars---you were born with toxic waste from the bombs of world war 2---once they poison the land, the oceans, the air, we are a result and we do not live as long as a result---every toxic thing they do, makes the children more sick and their longevity shorter..........

KEEPING your teeth, is step one--------

BUT, having pretty teeth is not always proof. There are 2 types of people:

1. People that poisons expel through their teeth

2. People that poisons expel through their organs.

Number 1 people will have rotted teeth
Number 2 people will have diseased organs

Most people have rotted teeth, but not all.

Your blood stream pushes waste out your ears known as EAR WAX and pushes the same types of waste out your teeth enamel. This is why when your dentist plugs 1 cavity, your blood stream pushes a hole out a different tooth-------THE EARLY DENTAL BOOKS EXPLAINED THIS.

EARLY MEDICAL, early white coats back in the mid 1800's were some honest / smart people------because back then, liars and bad people were killed. Today they are politicians and hospitals. They enables millions of unborn babies to be killed yearly with salt in injections of just cutting their necks. Back in the 1800's if you openly killed babies for a living---you would have been hanged.

Pre 1950 medical books are ok-good, pre 1900 medical books much better. By mid 1800's the white coats learned it all and understood human health and proper diet and pH.

WHY do drugs even exist?

Why do vitamins even exist?

BECAUSE of wrong diets, wrong education that creates ignorant parents and the babies suffer a lifetime as a result---but even far worse, it a result of professional DESIGN.


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