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Published: 7 months ago

Really good stuff

One of the countries most famous "old" order amish providers---what I would call "amish" healers is a very old order amish. The old order amish, by far believe in herbal use more than all other people I know of.

There are 2 of these men that I know of and the one is very old now and was more famous for treating burns and was a self-taught surgeon and also was taught for many years by 2 cleveland clinic M.D. and long ago a surgeon and dentist. The 2 "young" cleveland clinic medical doctors use to travel with the amish man and one died young---because they were all self-experimenting with high dose vitamins to obtain medical (toxic) affects. As a result, 1 of the medical doctors died and 1 of the larger amish resellers died---BECAUSE vitamins and over counter drugs, such as simple pain killers, can poison a person to death at smaller than you would think doses. Taking vitamins or any over counter drug is foolish to begin with and this 1 old amish healer NEVER was influenced by these doctors and has kept with herbal use his entire life.

What we call Maximum Restore goes by many different names----now that Fall/Winter is here and people putting on more clothing and breathing in colder air-----that is when people start ordering the Max Restore and this one last famous old amish healer, today said----That is REALLY GOOD STUFF, what I have been saying for 25 years and recently took it to a new level to be the greatest / largest formula that obey's the 1957 Co-Q10 theory.

The dosage is quite simple-------

adults--- the day you do not feel perfect---take 1/4th bottle and take 1/4th bottle every day as long as your not feeling well. "IF" you need 1/2 bottle, that works even better. The ONLY person I have seen drink 1 bottle the first day, is the kid that is pictured on the front page of the 502 page book. Kids raised on herbs, have no fear of herbs and they will take larger doses naturally.......

Max Restore normally is all that is required, along with adequate LBB capsules..........BUT, if a person let their health go bad for days, weeks, months and end up with flu, pneumonia or worse--THE MAX RESTORE / LBB can still do wonders in proper large doses, but there are a hand full of other herbs that can be life saving once a person has sever pneumonia, etc. NATURALLY once ill, is never a time to self-experiment and be learning.....this is why you learn and self-experiment your entire lifetime and NEVER allow your self to get pneumonia or any deadly sickness.

There are a hand full of the old North American Indian Herbs that are miraculous----Virginia Snake Wort Rt, Golden Seal Rt., etc. Virginia Snake rt takes 1,000 plants to make 1# of dry roots. Can you imagine going into a woods at the proper location and searching for 1,000 plants that are only 6 inches tall and grow only in dark is near impossible and only a couple people are left that even know how-----it is so hard, that I have never ever found a wild plant and I live in an area where they could be found---it is just NEAR IMPOSSIBLE, unless you were raised by parents that trained you as a child and your family made their living digging such rare plants and those people just do not exist anymore, because it is HARD WORK for such little pay. It took me 15 years of searching to find the last guy that does such things and he inherited the land where his ancestors knew such plants.....he had 10,000 roots and he was glad I purchased them all, because he then could do it again---because plants are really weeds and in nature, weeds do well, they replace them selves.

Why would I buy 10,000 roots? Tiny little roots that can fit in 1 bag---very simple, that root, along in a mixture with 3 others, changed my life 22 years ago. You never know what herb will change your life, but when one does, no matter how rare or how easy it is to obtain---you should collect a lifetime supply, because you only have 1 life and only you care the most if you live....if you do not take care of your self---you are already dead and just waiting to be returned to the dirt.


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