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The real deal

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Published: 7 months ago

The real deal

I have experimented with air therapy for about 10 years--------

I believe air therapy which was first written about 200 years ago and enabled large chicken buildings to exist and the author built himself a chamber to sleep in----is a great subject, as is the garlic medical chambers of japan about 40+ years ago...............because our skin is our largest organ as are our lungs.

WE are no healthier than our last breath of air.

I have a lifetime of breathing in chemicals and posions. Everything from chemical plating for 30 years to a lifetime of painting with hardener added. That hardener chemical is tough stuff. That and the chemical added to commercial coconut that gives it that coconut smell, is deadly stuff. Kills some people and medical never ever tells them--that stuff started affecting me by the time I was 5 years old and i never understood it until i was near 5o years old--it literally kills some people and makes at least 3% of the world's population sick.

Luckily I never smoked---I seen enough people die from smoking that by the time I was a teen, i believed people had to be stupid to smoke---but i worked in a dirty/smoky/oily factory for 30 years, so my lungs were just as black as any bad smokers....that and i had 112x more lead than a normal male in 50 countries by age 30. lead slow kills as does all heavy metals and rock trapped in the body.

BREATHING is something all humans should have interest in------

I 100% believe that breathing can treat every cell in the entire body and that fact---makes breathing subject number 1.

The fact that we only breath FREELY after we are in a deep sleep---makes your best herbal use after your sleeping----HOW NICE IS THIS

No taste, just sleep your self back to health..........sounds like a dream does it not.

SURE, your not going to cure your self as long as your eating your self to death---but for herbal use, sleeping is a huge subject that no book explains.

My dream bed room would be 100% controlled with no pressure build up--so it would be same as sleeping outside pressure wise. Humans do poorly inside homes where the win causes pressure changes inside the rooms------the slightest wind pressure can mess us up. We are NOT designed to live inside a sealed building.

The OCEAN-------the idiots will argue we came from the oceans, starting as a slime, then into a mermaid and then crawled out--that is all BS, except for mermaids, they have been around at least as long as we have....they have always been real and strangely enough the navy enjoys hunting/killing them...they are not humans, they are just mermaids that hunt fish with tools---which makes them smarter than the fish they catch.

That said, all life relies on the oceans and the oxygen made as a result of the oceans, as well as the termites that enable perfect oxygen levels. God made a perfect planet for his pleasure or what we would call the ultimate zoo. Would it freak you out to know that earth was someones personal ZOO, would that not blow your mind---no human knows God's Will, but surely humans are not superior in many ways to other species under and above the water---we are just the meanest creatures on this planet---so we rule with an iron fist.

This is the DEAL and keep in mind, this can be altered endlessly, because there are better and less ways...

1. obtain a common aquarium pump

2. obtain an ozone resistan hose and comes with 2 air stones-----all is ozone resistant and will be essential oil resistant

1 and 2 can be obtained on amazon (gov store)

3. obtain a 2, 3 or 5 gallon water glass jug and yes, can be obtained from the gov store (amazon)

4. please make your own distilled water (water wise) the best, only if you obtain the large stainless steel tank model 7000, otherwise all tabletop water distillers are just throw away models. Fill your glass jug 1/2 full of distilled water

5. I call my blend of essential oils, AIR FRESHEN, such a formula can be made from many essential oils, as long as they are pure and just steam distilled essential oils.
SADLY all the essential oils sold on amazon, are likely synthetics and not real---just perfume smell alike. TRUE steam distilled essential oils are RARE in North America, because it can take 50+ pounds of herbs to make 1 ounce---so you see it takes slaves to work on gigantic gov owned farms to be possible to make essential oils in volume----------so most essential oils are just synthetics made in labs in belgium, turkey, mexico, canada, etc....YOU DO NOT EAT these synhtetics and do not want to breathe them in either. WHAT EVER U CHOOSE, ad your essential oils to your water and turn on the air pump and place in your bedroom.

YES---essential oils diffusers work too, but they use small amounts of water that you must daily and they also use huge amounts of essential oils every day...MY WATER JUG SYSTEM runs 365 days a year, 24 hours every day==non stop. You ad oils when you desire to.

Pure oregano oil works well.......I know for a fact, real oregano oil will kill the mold inside a building when used this method. THIS SAID, the few that have read the have read the 1995 germ warfare book that explains germ warfare from 1917 to 1995, should understand this water jug method---could 1 day save your life........and good chance it could prevent all diseases.........actually, since we started this method years ago, we use it every night for life and as a family, we do not get sick anymore---but just 1 thing does not account for that, but I do believe that there is no good excuse to ever be sick.

THINK ABOUT IT, what if people were born healthy and never got sick? Do not think too long, because everything on that subject, will show you why this world is so horribly corrupt----healthy people have a target on their back literally....the bad people desperately want your babies vaccinated and taken into schools by age 3...mentally and physically the world can not stand healthy people...just a sad fact.

If I lived near an ocean, i would use ocean water. They use to sale ocean water in boxes at fish stores----that would be the next option. Otherwise, at least, buy your self a box of epsoms salts and put some of that in the water-----the mermaid within you will love you for doing so...ocean minerals and minerals from our sun are essential to our health.

Your advanced options?

Take that ocean water with your essential oils and make your self a water proof bedroom with plastic bed, etc. and sleep in a super fine mist of the ocean water with herbs, in your air-----do that and allow the minerals to float down on your skin and in your lungs and I bet----the mermaid within you will open doors you never knew existed....

The mist would be extremely fine---such as a larger air pump blowing air through a tank of water---same principle as the glass jug theory.

More herbs, does not harms.

You are designed to live on the sun's minerals that float down from the upper atmosphere 24/7 your entire lifetime----only in the past 200 years the air is now dirty as are our lungs as a result.

"IF" you feed your skin well, as you sleep, you have a chance that you would require little to no food in your the very least, when using the best essential oils as you sleep, your killing the parasites inside your cells with every breath of air......

WE are magnetic / electric / air breathing machines--------that crap we call food/drink, is what kills us.

Our sun supplies the earth life..God created the perfect systems and virtually everything the scientist write or preach about life and space is some what or all false...most hate God and what to believe all is just a accident and they have zero clue what life is...they can not explain life; but they know how to kill life.

SUN SHINE on your bare skin------is what you were designed to do all day, every day---you were not created to work or build anything.........all by design is given freely to all creation....only the human defies Nature or what one would call: sins. The people Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. wrote of in his current time of his book; he explains the 250 year old men looked the same as their 22 year old boys...and that the english army had found them 11 years previously and camped beside them studying them........Dr. Morton Walker and his wife went to study them a few years back and took the same lead test at the same lab i did and discovered their lead was 0, while my lead was 112. Dr. walker explained that is why they do not die, they are metal / rock free. That and back in Dr. Hay's day, those people never worked, had no phones, no tv and Dr. walker said they ate free food, such as wild pineapple.......their only job was to love and live free..........same as all other species. EVERYTHING a human does that is beyond love and freedom---shortens their lifetime on can take that fact to the bank.

Civilization kills. The "organized" defy God.


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