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CATS and your health

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Published: 6 months ago

CATS and your health

Cats use to supply lots of pleasure for children in the past---back where there were no toys. Cats teach a lifelong lesson to children, because often many die young. If your barn cat lived 6 years old, she was doing pretty good. If a male lives that long--he is a master warrior for sure.

House cats and their vets produce a completely different creature, that can become so obese that it is not rare to see a 20 pounder..........

I have had many a cat in my lifetime, but luckily the last 3 dogs i have had were just anti-cat and that is pretty much proof that dogs are man's best friend--hands down.

This is a cat story----dog stories can be just as bad, but for now, this is about cats.

Few people understand that pound for pound, a house cat is one of the most dangerous creatures on earth. A common house cat could kill your toddler so fast, you would never see it coming.......the CAT family are killers by nature. Mountain Lions today are loosing their fear of humans they like to munch on kids. If you hunt mountain lions, you better have a pack of dogs, or you may end up being the hunted one.

House cats live wild in the woods coast to coast------if you have a hunting dog that hates cats and will tree them----you will see more house cats than you could imagine in just about any woods there is.

I had a house cat where I built a house some years ago and he or she was semi wild, in that you could see the cat in the daytime. A true wild house at only travels after dark.

My hunting dog was a born killer----he could kill 25# coons all night long and still have the power to pull you home.....he was solid muscle and he was very rare, in that he hated people. the only person he would tolerate was my dad, otherwise he warned humans to never get close to him........if he was loose and a stranger came around, he would circle me and threaten any human to not dare get too close. If he was tied up--he would lunge at any human that tried to pet him---he often knocked the human to the ground and when they got up, their neck would be covered in his saliva---instead of biting them--he gave them a huge wet lick...just to prove to them, they he could kill them if he desired to. He knew how to kill by biting the neck of any animal. He would grab the heart of large animals and not let go until the heart stopped beating. in short, he was a KILLER and a best friend to his last breath and he lived back in the days that the UFOs would come into the woods late at night and he would have to run the creeks home to avoid the open fields where the ships were searching for animal specimens---i know, because I would put him on the leash and we both would head home when the fleets of ships would come to the woods in the early morning hours---every night an adventure.......

Such a dog was fearless, he ran bear, he ran mountain lions, badgers, coons, etc......and yes, on nights when no other animals were out, he liked treeing so much --he would put up house cats.

This one semi wild house cat and him did battle for a long time---he could not begin to kill that cat. That cat when caught in an open field, would jump 8 feet high over and over again as it made its way to safety---------the dog would have his face and chest ripped wide open-=-=---BY A HOUSE CAT that maybe weighed 5 pounds.

This battle went on for 2 years---then this wild female dog came. She was maybe 40 pounds and he was an easy 70# and they both were pre muscle, pure killers. She killed for food, he killed to protect the property or as a hunting dog. When a pack of coyotes would bark in the distance, he would sneak off and in the morning when I opened the door, there would be dead coyotes stacked up on my steps--------I have seen a pair of BLACK and TAN BEAR dogs be killed by a pack of coyotes, but not this dog, he did the killing as the coyotes ran for their lives...THE BIGGEST animal he ever showed me was in the middle of the day--he started growling and heading to the top of the hill and on the other side of the hill was a full grown black panther---his big fluffy tail hanged down to the ground and curled back up---he was walking in the center of a soybean field and was the largest wild cat I had ever seen and the only black panther I have ever seen. Normally the big cats are only seen after dark.....the dog seem to instinctually knew to leave this panther alone--he set beside me and we both watched it walk away....surely it "knew" we were there, long before we ever knew it was there.

I befriended the wild dog by giving her hotdogs and finally tricked her into stepping foot into the house where I shut the door and made friends with her. Day after day she me back for more free food.........she became friends with the hunting dog and soon they were taking on this cat...It was probably at least the third time that the fight was on and they caught the cat out in an open field and that cat, ripped both doges to shreds, but the fight ended up in a brush pile at the edge of the field and i think they got the cat, because i never seen it ever again. Both dogs were sliced from their chest to their foreheads, it was a miracle they did not bleed to death.

That cat probably was some child's pet once upon a time....ANY HOUSE CAT, can kill a dog, if it really wanted to and brave enough..........but civilized cats are so dumbed down with toxic pet food and when kept in a house become fat and lazy and the really bad cats, become buddies with house dogs.

NOW the bad part-----------cats are killers, all house cats.............they harm your babies, your children and you. They carry so many different worms and suffer from many diseases.........distemper, brain leukemia and so much more---their salvia is toxic stuff.

Scientist now have a worm named that is one of many humans get from cats and this worm is a "controlling" worm by desires to enter the brain and change the behavior of other animals. The scientist now believe 25% of all humans have this brain worm from their cats.....and believe this is why so many humans today are suicidal, because this type of worm affects the brain that way... YOU can easily search for the name and stories of this cat worm.

No one liked cats more than I did as a child and I had many as an adult---but my last few dogs apparently knew to put a stop t the cats...they are large all black german shepherds and they just will not tolerate a cat getting too close to the property........I see them 100 yards away fairly often, but that is as close as they dare come....... I leave dog food in their dishes 24/7 and they are not about to allow some mangy cat take a free snack.

It has always been known that cats were dirty creatures parasite wise-----now, it just seems like people need to be cat free if a child is in the family.

ONCE in the brain, not only do these worms bess with your hormones and seek to control "you", they also form CYST and these hard CYST will wreck your total health over time.

BRAIN worms of various types seem to form CYST......often what we call Parasite CYST,,,the surgeons call brain tumors.

IN Theory, if we were to believe the late Dr. Hulda Clark, most adult humans have tapeworm cyst in their brain. If you were ever near horse, you have brain horse worms that cause migraines and now, we are finding out the cats are killing us......maybe this is why some cultures just fry cats and eat them.....

I am sure I will never have another cat in my lifetime.........


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