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My parasite cleanse with dysautonomia

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GhostyG Views: 283
Published: 13 months ago

My parasite cleanse with dysautonomia

Hello All,

I am new to the CureZone Forums , and have found this site to be such a wealth of information. I'm hoping to hear from others who have some experience with parasite cleansing (this is my first one.) And provide my experience for those who may be dealing with something similar.

So I have had a massive dysautonomia flareup this past fall after months of intense stress and being lax on my supplements/diet...going from gluten free/dairy free, low Sugar to pretty much eating whatever and not taking my usual herbs. For me, this means orthostatic hypotension, low BP in general, palpitations, increased urinary output, episodes of tachycardia which seem to be triggered by stool moving through the transverse to the descending colon (I've never met anyone else with this symptom- if you've ever experienced please let me know how you deal!!) Hot/cold intolerance and ANXIETY! All of this actually began 13 years ago but I've been able to keep it under control with a strict diet and herbs. It has taken a lot of effort.

Since these issues have never completely gone away (just became more tolerable) I feel that now is the time to get down to the root cause. Someone suggested a parasite cleanse as the groundwork for further detox so that is where I'm at.

I did 18 days of the Parasmart kit, which utilizes capsules and a tincture of herbs, like Wormwood , clove, Black-Walnut , neem, etc. Let me tell you, this was no walk in the park and for the first week I felt rough!! BUT I saw a ton of results, including tapeworm, roundworm and flukes so I dealt with the discomfort. My palpitations and tachycardia was drastically reduced on this cleanse. I went from tachycardia episodes multiple times daily + at least 10 PVC/PACs to most days having NONE. It got me thinking, are parasites actually causing all this!?!

I was planning on doing this for 30 days (2 kits) but towards the end I was getting all sorts of twitching feelings on my liver and the feeling that my liver was swollen (no pain, just pressure feeling in liver/gallbladder along with the twitches) so I decided to stop for a few days. Today was my first day on no parasite herbs and the palpitations are BACK. Coincidence???

I guess I'm wondering what my next steps should be. Should I continue on with parasmart for 30 days and disregard the liver issue? Would a break from the herbs plus a Liver Flush maybe help (never done one of these either but it is on my list.) I currently have another set of herbs coming that utilize the ayurvedic herbs (vidanga, neem, triphala etc) for anti- parasites just to switch things up and target different worms, but not sure when to start this and how much of a break I need to give myself when cleansing.

If anyone has had similar experiences with dysautonomia or POTS and parasites I would love to hear. I intuitively feel like my issues stem from parasite/bacteria/virus. I will add the best I ever felt (closest to "remission") was after treating a bacterial infection in the gut with olive leaf, neem and biofilm disruptors after muscle testing positive for strep in the gut and these particular herbs were strengthening.

Thanks everyone for listening.

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