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Plagues and HERBS

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Published: 6 months ago

Plagues and HERBS

YOU KNOW---all of the world's GREAT PLAGUES were pre medicine (metallic drugs).

1 sick traveler could wipe out entire native civilizations -----HOW? Most likely because those natives were meat eaters and too often than not, people meat eaters......Meat eaters are more app to spread animal diseases.....kind of like the animals getting their revenge.

Eating death is suppose to supply life????????????

You must kill to eat???????

Surely the majority believe the more death the better and that lead to killing their own babies and baby soup for sale in some countries today or a spicy human steak....apparently if you eat a human, it must have a noticeable flavor or smell---so those doing it today, use allot of cayenne / hot peppers. to cover it up---a spice that came from those countries to america about 200 years ago.....and not uncommon for their ancestors to this very day, loving the taste of hot peppers.......(just saying) and peppers not consumed with human meat, can be a very very beneficial herb, because strong peppers thin the blood and increase circulation---just what heavy meat eaters need.

Surely garlic is KING and again, garlic a great herb for meat eaters...thins the blood, makes meats taste much better.

The Hot Peppers

Apple Cider Vinegar- (apple a day keeps the doc away)
YES, meat eaters love apple cider vinegar, a must for heavy meat consumption....aids that acidic stomach that all meat eaters are plagued by eventually.......

Thus the ANTI-PLAGUE Formulas almost always consist of Garlic, Cayenne and Vinegar.

Hmmmmmmmmm makes ya wonder if plagues, plague meat eaters more than none meat eaters? Dr. John R. Christopher sure believed so---he states on video that those military leaders in World War 1 sure loved their meat and the more eat they loved, the more aggressive and killer types they could me and the older ones suffered from enlarged prostrates..........

A great example of meat eaters today are the american/german amish-------talk about meat eaters.....most probably have eaten meat every day of their life and plent 3x every day and some have all the health issues ever known to plague people........of which the weirdest has to be the open wounds on the lower leg........something medical long ago attributed to eating way too much pigs.......and like a pig, they can grow an anus out their bottom leg.......and for that matter, some people that raise and live on hogs---too often they take on appearances from the ones they ate. Strange enough medical uses hog organs in humans allot.......

REGARDLESS of human history:


is the Plague Historical big 4 combo

MANY years ago, I started making my own vinegar, just for the fact year after year all the apple orchards faded into history and gov always hated any of them making vinegar -------so it got to the point, make your own or those days were soon over for good. ACTUALLY I self-explored the old way of making liquid herbs as vinegars, because back 100+ years ago, that is what you did, if you wanted a liquid herb for immediate use----vinegar herbs are OK, fun to make, but not practical if you want to sale for a profit.................wines are an advanced step---I made the best 1 time-----a orange/boneset wine created for wagon train travels 200+ years, did that ever work and was a great pneumonia killer for sure...a life saving home made wine. Yet, still nothing you could ever sale for $$$ and if you want to have a house, car and heat and not starve---ya gotta make $$$ and play that game., Not enough Barter anymore.

Anti-Plague formulas are best by the gallons, but kids hate that stuff, american kids on average never tasted cayenne in their young lives and most adults never grew up with peppers, so they hate it too, so i made that 1 time and I hated the taste as well...........but for people that grew up with or adapted to cayenne/hot peppers, the flavor is not hot and some enjoy the hot spicy flavors of anti-plague formulas.

The essential oils for sure.................

Cayenne essential oil is the most potent essential oil on the planet---the real stuff os thick, almost hard---so 20 years I collected a lifetime supply from Africa and diluted it 50% with oregano Oil---otherwise it was a thick paste..........YOU NEVER GET REAL essential oils in those tiny little bottles--what a joke that industry quickly became---if they are not selling you synthetics, they are selling you acid produced or highly diluted oils.

Then take garlic essential oil--wow, what an ### kicker like cayenne---surely those 2 are the real deal. SADLY, even the best essential oil sources in Canada/europe all lie and say their oil is REAL and PURE, while in fact, at best, their essential oil of garlic is ACID PRODUCED.........takes years and allot of wasted $$ to be ripped off by such suppliers to have a education on just how bad the commercial internet world really is as they sale trash for real.

SO what if you blended cayenne and garlic essential oil together? YES, that would be a viral killer if there is was one.......If the cayenne was 50% oregano, that in my opinion makes it better, because I already believe if oregano oil can not save your life---your already dead.

The people that make the world's purest essential oils, as a general rule charge a similar price, because the labor/machines/time is pretty much the same for no matter what the herb is---but a few do take far more herbs than average and those essential oils are so pricing no average person could afford or have any need---they mostly are for extreme perfumes and not medial use anyway.

So when you see all those scammers selling tiny bottles and this or that herb can cost 3x more or 10x more, you know that is all fake, just gimmicks.

Cayenne/Garlic/Oregano Oil, surely will last 3,000 YEARS when kept tight in glass.......probably for eternity and beyond.

1 small bottle would allow any human on earth to take their local vinegar and honey and make anti-plague where they live..........they could replace vinegar with wines or fruit juices, etc. and enough honey to make it tasty..................they could ad 1 drop of essential oil and drink daily and over many years of time, they could surely ad many drops as they make their body bug proof and like the anti-plague stories from the past state:

You can literally walk amongst the dead bodies with out fear.....or what biblical monks stated----we all walk through the valley of death.

In the herbal world, there are hundreds, if not thousands of options.


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