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Herbal Salves

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Published: 6 months ago

Herbal Salves

I have made herbal salves well over 20 years..

Making herbal salves is "messy" business.

That said, selling herbal salves is not easy at all. People today tend to not use salves other than on their lips..........that said, I make a basic salve that is the best lip salve I have ever used----but never attempted to even try to sale anything like that for 1 simple reason----I have no ability to make that small of a label. Having no ability to make small labels, keeps me from selling those tiny essential oil bottles---basically as small as I can make is a 2 x 4 inch label and that fits a 2 ounce and larger bottles.

Making smaller labels takes a high quality printing system that makes letters "readable" when they are that small.........standard printers can make small letters, but near impossible to read clearly. You can "buy" labels and that is what the internet world wants all to do---and finding printer software today is about impossible. The problem with buying labels is the only way you can afford the labels is to buy allot of the same label and when selling tiny products that few to none want--it is not worth the effort and expense.

Dr. John R. Christopher's BF&C theory is something I took far far advanced than he ever did---most likely because he too could not sale such things, so not worth the troubles........BACK IN HISTORY, salves / ointments were extremely popular--back in pre electric days.......salves were a MUST HAVE.

I went a whole new direction with salves after a trip around Thailand---in Thailand they seemed to have 1 very small container of ointment for pain---a very small jar that cost quite a bit---because it held very little ointment. Once back in the states, I could never find that product for sale--so I made my own version as a "salve" and not a thin cream like they make in Thailand. I liked my version far better than the Dr. Christopher BF&C salve with a heavy dose of BF&C herbs in a very sticky bee wax formula....the BF&C Salves I made were all very dark, very thick and heavy with herbs---work great, but very messy stuff and I have not used them for 10 years now...luckily they last for fever and i still have a large assortment of each formula I tried over the years.......with the Thailand style, the salves are much thinner and not near so messy and not dark---I easily could make heavy and dark, but gave that up....just too messy. "IF" perhaps I was damaged to the point I had missing flesh and holes in my body---I might return to those heavy BF&C salves, but for minor issues and broken bones---I like the thinner salves much better.

That said.............the burn salve method as explained in great detail in a dedicated chapter in the 502 page book---is the best ever written and pictures--it works for all ages and makes burns, bad burns something that can be handled at home---"IF" a person was well prepared and not fearful of such damage to the body....

That mild salve can be called "A"-----so mild the entire body can be covered in it--even closed eyes, ears, nose, etc. and as well can be used for wounds---as long as the wounds are somewhat dry--------------WARNING: salves and wet wounds are something a person has to deal with safely----if too wet, dry herbs must be used to avoid "proud" flesh issues...........often a damaged area can start pushing out fluids and puss and that does not do well with salves.....but BF&C bulk powder can do wonders to dry those wounds up...horses especially is where proud flesh can be a bad issue for horse wounds.

Salve "B" was a total flop---because I made Salve C at the same time---C being stronger----NO ONE wanted B---so B was a complete failure......

C worked like a miracle for 4 years...........broken bones, sores, bad backs, you name it---an absolute "MIRACLE" Salve--------a must have for all sports injuries.

The the oldest lady and her husband that had used C for 4 years--said "we" could take something "stronger"...... so 1 day, I made D and i though, NO ONE will tolerate D.

My Theory, for each letter---DOUBLE the STRENGTH, so D was twice as strong as C. To my surprise, D was not a big deal to this very elderly and very active couple-----at a very old age---this couple still drives semi trucks all over the country and only hauls very large and very heavy equipment.....wide loads, etc. These salves and many herbs have kept them going for many years----and he can still pass the eye test for the licenses....and i doubt there are many truckers out there on the highways near as old as they are......and weirder yet---they do nit need $$$ at all, not at all, they truck, because to them--it is exciting. He does all the driving and driving a 1,000 miles in any direction is just "fun" to him--if he is carrying 30,000 pounds that makes it more exciting.....

So I discovered through salves and sprays that herbs are not "hot" at all.....once the brain/blood understands hot spicy herbs---they are no longer hot at al--it was the blood and brain making that "hot" feeling all the time----ONCE the brain/blood understands this---then it becomes tough to make "HOT" salves........

So eventually IO made "E" and E is twice as strong as D and then I made "F" and F twice as strong as E---------it makes no difference, once the brain knows it is just food and friendly---the heat is no longer an issue.

That said, I have seen very large , heavy set Truckers about cry when they applied C and return D because it was so hot they could not stand it...................

Today after 20+ years of handling such herbs, I can put the pure, undiluted herbs on my hands and i feel absolutely no hear at all---I can wash my hands in pure oregano or cayenne and i feel nothing hot...

Now put some in your mouth and you quickly know what you got and NEVER EVER rub your eyes with such herbs----the eyes are too tender.....yet, the eyes get sue to mild use after years of use...

SUCH herbs are terrifying to parasites-----very anti-parasite.

For 2021 I am going to make G----only because these old truckers say F is as easy as A to apply on their body---so the game continues.....and this time, G may have to be 100x stronger than F....I will not be defeated.....BUT it makes me laugh, knowing that 25 years ago, C would burn be so badly and oregano and cayenne burn be so badly and today--I can take a bath in such herbs.

can be our greatest tool for longevity or our worse enemy----

education makes or breaks us, because our brain will make it happen.......our brain can keep us alive or even kill us---it is that powerful.


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