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Trumpís Speech Listing Election Irregularities
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Published: 18 months ago

Trumpís Speech Listing Election Irregularities

President Trumpís Speech Listing Election Irregularities
January 6, 2021 in the morning before congressional certification

Editorís note: Every American should hear the election integrity debate from both sides. If youíve never heard Trumpís list of objections there is a link below. The following are my rough notes from Trumpís speech.
Trump presents a list of problems with the election starting at 34 minutes in this video.

Changes to the voting process must be done by state legislature, not judges, governor.
In Pennsylvania legislature was dominated by Republicans, they refused the changes by Democrat officials, but the officials made changes anyway.
The changes the paved the way for unprecedented fraud.
PA Dem Sec of State and Supreme Court justices abolished signature verification requirement just 11 days before election. Why, because they want to cheat. Trump wants voter ID.
In PA over 205,000 more ballots counted than voters. Where did they come from?
In PA more votes than voters, number was as of a week ago, greater number now.
Over 8000 ballots in PA were from people whose names and dates of birth date matched dead people! Some dead people requested an application. One died 29 yrs ago.
Over 14000 ballots cast by out of state voters. @37min
The numbers are massive, determinative.
10,000 votes in PA illegally counted even though they were received after election day.
In many cases date was moved backed so not after election
60,000 ballots reported received before ballots were mailed! @38min
25,000 ballots requested by nursing home requested in a large batch, suggesting an illegal ballot harvesting operation.
Day before election, PA reported the number of absentee ballots that had been sent out, number suddenly increased by 400,000 people. Where did the increase come from?
That is many times more than would be needed to change the outcome.
Now that PA [legislature] sees all of this, they want to recertify their votes but that can only happen if Mike Pence VP agrees to send it back to PA [state legislature]
Wisconsin @46min
Deployed more than 500 unmanned, unsecured drop boxes, collected 90000 illegal votes. This was more than enough votes to overturn the loss there. The boxes would disappear for days.
Over 170000 absentee votes were counted but there was no application. That's illegal in WI.
They came 100% from Dem areas such as Milwaukee and Madison.
In Madison 17,000 deposited in "human drop boxes," in duffle bags, in disregard to state legislature that sent cease in desist order.
According to eye witnesses, postal workers were instructed to back date approx. 100,000 ballots.
Margin in Wisconsin was less than 25,000 votes.

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