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Day 10
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Published: 5 months ago

Day 10

-15.4 pounds

That is more than "normal" for me, but I am trying 2 different things.

YOU always keep self-experimenting; there is 'nothing" that is perfect-- EVERYTHING "can" be made / done BETTER.... NO ONE lives long enough to perfect self-health.


I will try to make this simple enough for a "TEEN" to understand:

Meat / Wrong foods stay in the stomach TOO LONG. This can cause STOMACH ACID or what people know as upset stomach.

Medical Facts:

1. meats/wrong foods force the blood to concentrate around the stomach--------this causes RED BLOOD CELLS to DIE-----they believe as much as 85% of your energy (LIFE) is used up by the digestion of what you put in your mouth wrongly.

2. you spend much of your life and $$ in the growing / processing and consumption of wrong foods.

3. a baby can not experience their first tummy ache or cold, until their kidneys are over worked---trying to keep the blood clear of undigested food---baby is no healthier than mother and mother's milk/ diet fed baby.

4. all doctors know that people come to them because they put something in their mouth that was not human food.

5. correct diet education would destroy 90% of all doctors/nurses jobs.

6. drugs cure nothing, all drugs are toxic and can kill you; their side affects are always bad.All good doctor's books condemns the use of all medical drugs. Vitamins are no safer and are a medical creation.

7. dirty water has always been the world's leading cause of premature death; not only by disease, but certain death due to the dirt in water.


Plagues are diseases that spread by nature and germ warfare; they kill due to bacteria/viruses (parasites) entering the air we breathe or just by skin contact. Humans have been wiped out by the hundreds of thousands by way of contact with bacteria.

FACT: Earth is a planet of Bacteria, we in fact live at the bottom of an ocean of air, which is all BACTERIA. God is a name we use to describe CREATION of "ALL"......Nature is the LAWS of EARTH created by GOD'S PERFECTION. Humans are the only creatures on earth, that have the ability to defy NATURE and as a result, all humans are under penalty of NATURE (God). One could easily suggest humans are an invading species from other planets, because they are the only disobedient specie.

Humans are like locust, they spread over the earth and destroy all habitats, really bad humans destroy land and oceans----they harvest and kill everything they can and put it in their mouths-----which is worse than locust. Locust only eat, humans pollute entire countries and the water----some humans will eat every living specie there is until there are no more.....and make the environment toxic so no more can live. If you look at humans as a whole---they are parasites of earth and each other---various species of humans seek to 100% kill other species of humans because they are different species, look different, speak different as though they came from different planets and were placed on earth to fight for space---this explains why different species of humans forever kill each other, not only for space, but because they hate the sight of different looking humans.

MEDICAL KNEW how to cure all diseases by the year 1900. They did this various ways, but always by feeding the blood stream, because they knew sickly humans of all ages, from birth till death----suffer from poor blood. They know a child (all of us) suffer from the habits and diets of out past 7 generations........we all are paying for out ancestors mistakes.

Medical KNOWS the human brain and blood are very POWERFUL and can adapt to a toxic battle field of life..............

WRONG DIET greatly reduces the RED BLOOD CELLS in out blood, due to over working in the area of digestion and elimination of wrong foods.


What we eat that is WRONG, can enter into the blood stream and is pushed through the arterial walls into the surrounding LYMPH SYSTEMS into the LYMPH GLANDS. There this inorganic food waste is captures for removal down to the colon for exit...........but when diet is bad, this waste is too much and accumulates in the lymph glands. MEDICAL long before you were born, knew that our lymph glands are really what people know as our stomach, BECAUSE this waste foods can be trapped in our lymph glands for 1-2 years depending how bad out health is..........and FUNGUS eats this waste---SO IN FACT, many doctors believed we EAT to FEED our parasites. Too many Scientist today believe some parasites control their that our parasites make us eat to feed them-----humans have more parasites inside their body than anyone could ever count---the smallest ones always being the most deadly.

MEDICAL, all of MEDICAL COLLEGES by 1950 had studied and all concluded that the Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. Way was the cure for all diseases and Dr. Hay proved that with 63,000 patients and recorded in the yearly medical journals along with Dr. Jackson of Toronto.

They all concluded that just 14 days of Orange Juice the Hay/Jackson Way, results in 5x more red blood cells and that is the true cure-all.

I HAVE NEVER READ how much better the blood becomes after 14+ days of orange juice fasting / correct diet other than in the Hay/Jackson Books and a few examples:

I watched the strongest man in America 50 years ago lift 14,000 Pounds above his head---this man was very slender, very tall. When asked his diet, he simple stated that he lives on orange juice alone.

GOOD MEDICAL KNOWS humans are a result of SUN and AIR---we like all other life on earth, are not what we eat, but a result of our air and sun----------a tree has no dirt in it, same as humans are not made of food---in fact, the only reason sweet tree/vine fruits are proper foods for humans, is because sweet fruits are CLEANSERS, they aid in the removal of out "used" (dead) red blood cells.

EATING MEATS / wrong foods, over works the digestion organs up to 85% of their energy/life span, we do literally eat our selfs to a premature death.

The less we eat, the less our RED BLOOD CELLS DIE---------that is something you should never ever forget or ignore---we eat our selves to death.


Our red blood cells respond so fast, humans can not understand.....our blood cells have true brain function, out blood and out solar plexus nerves have amazing abilities as does out brain---------only by way of bad / false school education, are humans "REDUCED" to slaver like dumbness; by design by those that want the children as slaves to obey.

ALL of MEDICAL by 1950 condemned the medical cure-alls of the previous 50+ years and took the opposite path-----the use of toxic / deadly drugs and operations. THE GOOD DOCTORS after world war 1 condemned all of medical due to medical creating the 1917 swine flu that still kills millions every year over 100 years later. EVERY GOOD M.D. Condemns vaccines and will not permit their children to be vaccinated or use drugs on them. Same as those that create cell phone power will not permit their children to have a cell phone. Dr. Hay, M.D. was a large protester of VACCINES long before you were born and sent letters to the Presidents condemning the gov use of vaccines to reduce the human population. Life on earth since 1895 has been nothing but those in control exterminating billions of humans and drugs took the place of bullets and bombs after world war 1 proved drugs are the most affective way to exterminate unwanted humans. History proves that as fact.

When a vaccine mixes posions and dna / genes from other creatures into your blood ---they seek to make you less human and more "mule" like creature that has less ability to "think" and more apt to obey a master; this has been the sole purpose of vaccines for 150 years. The best Bacteriologist books by 1950 explain this, as did Dr. Hay and all the great medical doctors after 1900 as they watched medical evolving into military / depopulation.

As a vaccinated "mule", you are less human, your children will not be "perfect" and all of nature seeks to destroy every creature on earth that is not perfect, that does not follow God's Design. The Ancient Biblical Monks believed that when there are no "true" humans left on earth, God restarts life on earth or what we call a new earth cycle. The earth and sun forever follow a path and that path results in THE END TIMES and emerges as a NEW EARTH CYCLE. In the beginning all lives as it should, towards the end everything starts eating each other.

PLAGUES happen to meat eaters the most, for the simple fact they are using up to 85% of their life by digesting meats..........these races of people most often lived on other humans-----they were people eaters. Human history is all about humans around the world that ate their neighbors and after 2,000 years of the world killing these people eaters, the people eaters are returning and once again, you can buy baby soup, buys whole babies and in some countries enter restaurants and buy human steaks. In fact, humans will eat just about every type of meat on earth.

BECAUSE they have low red blood cell counts---bacteria/parasites easily overwhelm them and can kill them.

Those that eat properly, will have 5x more red blood cells than they do------these healthier people are in fact---walking through the valley of death as their experience on earth as a human.

The word ZOMBI can apply to all meat eaters to some degree..............humans that eat meats----have no clue how much they would like human meat and once on human meat, return to living on their neighbors......what is socially acceptable in 1 country is different in others...many people love to eat cats and dogs, while others treat them as nice as children--------you would eat and love human meat if you were raised by your parents to do so----------YOU CAN FIND the last video recording of humans eating humans----the family and his neighbors kill the man (dad) and the children and wife eat him with their neighbors. THEY SPEAR HIM and chop him up and his little children haul pieces of their dad back home to eat---------that is how they were raised---it was natural to do so..........humans around the world lived that way and are returning. There are private restricted islands around earth that are HUMAN ZOOS that allow humans to live naturally and they eat each other....The USA owns such an island as does many other countries do----colleges study "EVERYTHING".

Everything we do that reduces our RED BLOOD CELLS, will prematurely age us and make us easy victims for disease to enter and cause plagues (mass deaths).

The greatest doctors BEFORE we were born, stated as FACT, we are ALONE, we have no professionals to go to for help. IN FACT, our parents had the job to instruct us and empower us to live as healthy as we can, otherwise predators will use us and kill us-----we were in fact: born on a battlefield and not only bad humans our greatest threat to our lives-----there are endless PARASITES out to kill us, dissolve us and return us to dirt---BECAUSE we disobey NATURE'S Laws and parasites have the job of killing those that disobey.

I am the person that took the Dr. Howard Hay original first-copy book and cut the back off of it and purchased a scanner that cost me 3 weeks pay check to buy it. I took the pages and scanned them to a word file, so I could enlarge them for easy reading. I then highlighted words on each page that I then made a study guide for and those high lighted words are the answers to my question in the study guide.

I call the Dr. Hay book---Book number 1, my original goal was a series of 108 old books / study guides that would teach humans how to survive. I quickly discovered that humans hate the subject of diet and habits and refuse to read such books that points out their flawed education that they became addicted to and refuse to I stopped after a few study guides. What I called books 2 and 3 were more than humans could accept---just too scary/depressing for them.

BOOK i is 100% what Dr. Hay wrote---not 1 word added or removed. My study guide is a method to explain what an author was teaching and compare to what others had learned---via a study guide, a book can come alive..............SADLY I also learned that the people that can not read properly, seem to be the most educated people I have ever known-----they skim read and they never could understand these great health books.


ALL GREAT BOOKS have so much to offer---YOU NEVER read more than 10 pages per day and best to do prior to bed time.

Those that read far more than 10 pages daily----are just skim readers...

ALL GOOD BOOKS are meant to be read from page 1 and NEVER EVER skipped through---if you are a skip reader, you learn nothing.

ONCE YOU ACCEPT NATURE and understand human function---you need not waste your time with books anymore.........all good books will have the same theme.

ONCE you know---all bad books will stick out as worthless trash.

ONCE you understand air, sun and water------and who you are---YOU WILL BE FREE OF ALL HUMAN TEACHERS and see them for what they are.

Those that STEAL YOUR TIME-----are harming you. Those that lead you away are almost always wanting you to suffer with them, die with them......

YOU WILL CONCLUDE "if" you live long enough---that in fact, you are walking through a valley of death and by the grace of God, you are the witness and not the victim of FALSE EDUCATION.

False education is enabled through your eyes and ears---they are the false profits that seek to harm you..........other humans. ONLY NATURE is your true teacher.

A few good books can set you free. it is not what you learn, but how long it takes for you to deny what your school teachers brain washed you with that determines how fast you can wake up out of your daze and stop killing your self.

FREEDOM is what the great war has been for the past 100 years---the bad people are taking your freedoms as their method to control and exterminate you by their 1992 they wanted us all dead by age 40--------today, a large percentage are killed before they can take their first breath of air....those that refuse to wake up and deny their teachers---will suffer all their life.

You were born on a battleground and sadly, many were born in a concentration camp (cities).

I SAY the Dr. Hay / Jackson Way can be 10x easier and 10x better than all of medical ever dreamed of by 1950---BECAUSE those fools would not use herbs and herbs can make correct diet 10x easier/better..........I BELIEVE.

Even the poorest human on earth can follow the Dr. Hay Way, they need no herbs to still experience what all of medical believed was the cure for all back in 1935-50


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