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Published: 3 months ago
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Re: 1-17-21

Strong evidence: The Trumpers at the capitol are not trumpers.

Trumpers will arrive pre-dressed. These were caught on video changing into Trump attire in the bushes at the capitol, from identical black duffel bags. The guy shooting the video was told to delete it also.

Many people got upset with me for having no confidence in Q.

Like the spanish flu (that is the same as Coronavirus now), when the Bolsheviks took Russia, they also had a "Q anon" which served the purpose of giving people enough hope to not take action until a gun was pointed at their heads. History repeats.


In addition to Q - With the way the communists are faking the stats now, how do we know even the spanish flu was real? The communists are recording death after death with corona, all of it lies, what's to say the original spanish flu which is only in the history books was real as well? You'll get lots of morons telling you corona is real, what about back then? There were idiots then too. HISTORY REPEATS, the timing of both happening in the middle of communist revolutions cannot be coincidence.


MOST DAMNING ELECTION FRAUD VIDEO SO FAR (TOTALLY NEW) I was going to ignore this because it is too late, but it is too damning.

During the Michigan election AUDIT, not the original vote count, the AUDIT, the people doing the audit found enormous numbers of ballots with the exact same signature and protested repeatedly, saying that the ballots could not be counted, and they were forced to count them anyway.




This is FAR WORSE than ANYTHING that has EVER been released. The election was stolen, it is past the "evidence" stage and hearsay, the election supervisor herself gave clear cut orders to count known fraudulent ballots and it is not a witness saying it, it is HER GIVING THE ORDERS, arguing with auditors and forcing them to.

HA, I was so mad at that video that even while being totally silent the look on my face made Lucas run to another room.



After the coup in the United States, the communists in Canada got BRAZEN. In Ontario, starting at 12:01 AM on the 21'st of January, no one will be allowed out of their houses or driving in the street without explicit written permission. If anyone is seen anywhere it will be a $750,000 fine and they won't accept Canadian Tire money (which in that amount would still be a serious loss.) In other words, comply or EVERYTHING will be totally lost. That's worse than anything I have ever heard of and clear proof the communists have taken Canada. If you are going to bug out in Canada, PACK YOUR BAGS AND LEAVE NOW. The Yukon sounds good, deep into ATV territory.

I am absolutely shocked, but the social media post that tipped me off to this ended up being real.

A few people took off ahead of this disaster and fled for the Yukon. That is how I found out about this. And the Yukon is NOT where anyone would want to live, that's a total act of desperation. Sad days indeed. It is likely they read this site, so I am going to give a reminder: If you do not have bow saws pick them up in Whitehorse along with a few axe handles, once you go in, you are NOT coming out, even Whitehorse is going to go down the Communist shitter. You had better buy forward if possible.

UPDATE: I forgot: Here is how you replace or tighten an ax handle and make GOOD AND SURE you buy at least 20 bow saw blades. The short bow saws are a lot safer and if you are not using two people they work better, a bow saw will chew you up REAL GOOD, be careful. Obviously chain saws are good too but you can't expect to keep that going after the crack down because the gas will eventually foul so even if you have gas it will be useless. A bow saw will be a lot better to have for the long haul. Get the 20 inch bow saw and blades, the larger ones are too dangerous when no medical is available especially with two people on them, I'd rate a chain saw as a LOT safer. I have had all 3 items, the chain saw is the safest, followed closely by the axe, and the bow saw needs to be used with a lot more caution.

Putting two people on a large bow saw is not worth the risk out in the middle of nowhere in my opinion. It is fun because you can almost hit the speed of a chain saw but it is dangerous. Due to how well a bow saw cuts however, in the absence of a chain saw it is the ONLY ANSWER. You have to have a couple at least and lots of spare blades.


I am going to replace all my advice on how to deal with tyranny with ONE COMMENT:

The second amendment was written for this place and time in history. The American people do not have to tolerate a communist takeover. The American people will get the absolute worst situation they will tolerate. It is not going to do any good for me to sit down here in Mex and tell people the obvious about how to deal with check points and so much more, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TOLERATE IT and will get exactly what you allow. THE WORST of what you allow. I am not going to spell it out anymore.

It is a better plan to make sure I am at least here to warn people about whatever info I find with regard to ongoing genocides than to tell people verbatim to start shooting and then either get jailed or shut down for it. If people can't figure that out, my words will fall on deaf ears anyway. And besides, I think it is pointless to say it anyway because I am certain EVERYONE will comply with their destruction and might even blow their own brains out if they are told it is against the law not to, my god, the willingness of the people to comply with tyranny is downright galling. I pray to God it won't end this way, but in the pit of my gut believe everyone will just sit on their butts and take whatever comes without a fight, including even death.

I have said my piece on this topic. Why risk arrest or shut down telling people what is so obvious a 10 year old can figure it out?



They are publishing BOGUS reports about Twitter not transfering Trump's "33 million" twitter followers to Biden. But there's a problem with that:


YES, they are saying "33 million" because the number of twitter followers has to be LESS than the number of people who voted for him, RIGHT???

The MSM is making a BIG DEAL out of how "Trump is not going to pardon himself or his family".

Salient point: What has Trump OR his family done that needs a pardon? All the MSM is doing is trying to convince the public Trump is guilty of something when he's not.

This is just another back stab. And preparation for any future event where they round him up, press false charges, and dispose of him like communists usually do to the previous LEGITIMATE leadership. ADVICE TO TRUMP: If things really are as hopeless as they look and Trump has no aces to pull, he needs to be off to a safe haven somewhere out of their reach, ALREADY.


Corona vax takes out another nurse

Gee, all the videos except Tiffany's look the same. The difference with Tiffany was that she died before continuous never ending convulsions manifested, and yes, it was never "fact checked", she is still missing and still dead. That said, convulsions seem to be a common theme with the corona vax. GEE, I wonder why. Actually, no, I don't wonder.

This will be showing on CNN in about 5 years, IF CNN is around then, and mis-labeled as a right wing gas attack. Quite frankly, I'd rather get a bullet in the back of the head than this.

There are numerous reports of the same thing happening to a lot of people out there on social media, but only a few have videos posted. REMEMBER, THE SAME PEOPLE PUSHING THIS CRAP STOLE THE ELECTION. I'll excuse Trump in this because Jared was an advisor, and how is Trump supposed to know this was a weapon when he never even got the whole truth about the steal or what to do about it? Even Giuliani has flipped, Trump was in the tank with ONLY SHARKS, I believe Bannon was his only real friend and he got duped into avoiding Bannon.


LET ME GUESS WHAT THE CORNA VAX IS: IT IS AN MMR SHOT FOR ADULTS. The MMR shot is not guaranteed to stop anything it is supposed to stop. But lots of kids end up autistic and screwed up like what is now appearing with the corona vax. The medical community had the audacity to pass it all off as "childhood defects" but I think passing it off as such for adults is going to be a far more difficult row to hoe. And that's why Biden stated that America would enter the darkest chapter of it's history after he took office.

The American people are going to have to decide on whether or not they are going to accept this as their future. It does not have to be America's future but it will be if the gun owners allow it. The white mind has what may be a race-ending defect: EXCESSIVE TOLERANCE AND RULE FOLLOWING. I believe it is entirely possible the whole white race will obey the orders of those they KNOW were not elected, and those they KNOW are tyrants, even as the tyrants kill everyone off. DO NOTHING TO STOP US, IF YOU DO, YOU ARE INTOLERANT AND GUILTY OF BREAKING THE RULES. I can just see it. "Karens" will be rejoicing in how right they are as they get rewarded for making call after call, sending countless people to their doom. Their phones won't be among those cut off, that's a safe bet.


The FBI moved in and arrested Oathkeepers and more, despite them doing nothing wrong.

That says RIGH THERE how things are going to go, the FBI is already rounding up patriots.

Additionally, it (appears) our communications are cut but it will take more time to know for sure. The web still works but it looks like we are cut off from communicating with anyone. It could be showtime. In advance of the inauguration we tried a donation request last night but it appears to have been cut at about 2 hours, and there was no response to what was posted in that regard today. So we are suspicious, this really could be it. They said they were going to do this. Looks like they might have gotten a head start.


President Trump issued a VERY ODD executive order today

If Trump does not intend to stay in office, this executive order worries me. Why on earth would he issue this if he is not going to fight? If he is not going to fight, this order will only help tyranny be enforced.



Do I need to say what that means? Full steam ahead communist revolution. They'll impeach biden early on because Kamala is what they want. Biden may be a sniffer but I don't think he'll do a genocide. Kamala will, with fresh breath, primped hair, and a smile.


Anyone can see this inauguration is not normal

It is clear we are entering a new chapter in American history. The communists know we know they stole it, so they are extremely nervous about it. This has led to a total lockdown on DC, with thousands of troops present. No one knows what way this is going to go.

I am going to assume, as has been true in the past, that the communists will succeed with the coup. They don't try these things until they know every general is compromised and every court is rigged. They spend decades setting events like this one up and they don't have an extensive history of screw ups. So I am going to focus on (over the next few days) how to get through this.


People in Ukraine did not receive the type of warning I am going to give next, hopefully this will make a difference

First of all, if you are facing eviction now, the ONLY thing you do is head south if that happens. Get to Texas if possible. Your chances of actually surviving in the north are quite low. Look at how long people live when they are trapped in their cars during blizzards. A couple days, and then they are gone. Your situation will be no different, the cold will get you. And don't count on homeless shelters or anything else to save you, once the communists take action, IF those places remain open, they'll be 50X overwhelmed. Your best bet will be to simply head south. Running out of gas in Texas just does not equal the same in northern Minnesota.


Even if you do not get evicted, if they cut the power, the situation will be identical. The house will cool off and that will be that.

If you have a fireplace and wood to burn (a rare combo) you might be able to stay put, and if the cops tell you "due to emissions standards" you can't use it to keep warm under these conditions, shoot them on the spot. If they enforce emissions laws under such circumstances they are murderers. Lots of pellet stoves are not going to work, people are going to be in for a rude awakening quite often.


IF you have to flee:

WOW, how things change after a communist revolution! Imagine THAT being said a year ago. And it is the right thing to say, despite the risks involved in saying it.

Hopefully you'll get to the southern state of your choice without incident. Once there, you will crash but it will be better to crash where it is warm. I have a hunch Texas is going to be ready for this, one quick change of the rules and they will easily have millions of small homes built quickly. DEAR TEXAS: HERE ARE THOSE RULE CHANGES Allow dry stack construction and 500 PSI concrete. Shoot for 200 square feet and don't even bother with proper doors or windows. It can be done, but people who have a long history of making other people's lives miserable will need to very quickly pull their heads out of their butts and DO WHAT IS RIGHT rather than code. Old style pit latrines with no one complaining about "corrupting this or that", if there is a genocide underway in surrounding states, Texas is going to have to move beyond beurocracy and simply allow people to live. And "not in a month" or "when legislation passes" or whatever.

And if opportunists spring out of the woodwork, don't even bother with concrete, just use adobe. Adobe worked before. House built in a day or two for the low low price of FREE, what's wrong with that in an emergency? Adobe would be the answer if resources were stretched so thin Texas could not even issue tents. Bring the water trucks and let people make their homes "wherever" with mud. All that would be required is for a few beurocrats to think clearly enough to allow it.

In all reality, I am just throwing ideas out, I have never been through a communist revolution so the only thing I can do is tell people to not put up with it, to shoot the enforcement, and then do what it takes to make it. Tolerance will be the only thing that will permit a genocide to happen with America armed the way it is, unfortunately, whites are VERY TOLERANT. And the communists depend on that.



For now I will embed this, but it will probably get wiped off Youtube and if it does I'll serve it from here.

Nurse in Broward County says they are already converting her unit over for a planned "covid crisis" and that even the supervisor giving the orders knows it is a con job but they are doing it anyway. She is very upset with the corruption.

This is a MUST WATCH, this proves the entire covid thing is a total scam, and that after the Biden coup is complete, it will be full speed ahead, they are immediately going to proceed with the setup for the "dark winter".

I suggest linking to this page rather than Youtube because if it gets deleted, I'll replace it and it will still be here.


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