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Re: Is this water filter safe?

Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 5 months ago
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Re: Is this water filter safe?

They seem to keep secret what their filter is made of, but using the word black--it is safe to say it is probably charcoal.

Charcoal can really make dirty water appear super clear--this is easily proved in fish tanks and I use in hot tub.

The issue with filters is simple----they collect the bad stuff and every drip of water you drank---flows over all that bad stuff and the older the filter, the thicker the bad stuff.

THEIR theory is that the bad stuff does not get into you?

CERTAINLY less gets inside you---but since water is "dry" and therefor collects EVERYTHING it comes in contact with---filters can only filter and never create just water---just H20

IT would be impossible for any filter to clean liquid until ONLY H20 exited out the other end of the filter.

So fine filters catch worms and rock---but then all your drinking water flows over those dead worms and rotting rocks and 60,000+ chemicals...........

so in theory----your water has less large contaminants and more super fine contaminants.

For the reasons above, I agree with the late Dr. Hulda Clark---change your filters every 30 is just a fact, once a filter is used 1 minute--it is dirty.

NOTHING BEATS STEAM DISTILLED for your drinking water----

yes, use those charcoal filters for your bath water.

A wealthy / wise man will have whole house steam distilled water system-----but those wealthy men are never wise and get conned into whole house R/O systems......

A water distiller that is all stainless steel and has replacement parts, is what I went to 25 years ago

They need very few replacement parts--so I purchased a lifetime supply, as well as 1/2 dozen distillers of the same model---insuring a true lifetime ability to make clean water. I ALSO 25 years ago obtained simple water distiller that basically looks like a moonshine still----that you can use wood heat of need be---just in case a day comes that there is no more electric. If a wood fire water distiller comes out of the BOX----then you know it is game on---the world is in chaos and it is every man for himself---more many people in this world---those days already hit them and many do not survive---the USA is not there yet, but 2021 is nit looking the best...evil has consumed the cities and the easiest way to exterminate inner city thugs is for the gov to crank up the additives in the democrat cities---something they already admit they do 12x past toxic according to the EPA some years ago when they were asked why city water smells so bad. SO, if you live in a city, I suggest steam distilled and then use the charcoal filters on the distilled water to catch the depopulation chemicals the best a person can do...most distillers already use small charcoal filters just for that purpose---because city water is of the quality of the old german gas chambers.....


Water that has contact with the ground---is more horrible than PEOPLE can imagine.....

for an experiment I take well water, pump it into a 1,000 gallon tank and water, mixed with air---will bloom and rot and expose how dirty it truly is.....the rotten smell is gross.....................humans never know, because they drink their well water cold as it comes out of the ground before it gets oxygen-----so they never know what they are drinking.

Ground water is VERY NASTY STUFF and must be treated as a germ and chemical warfare fluid that shortens human lives---because it is just such a fluid, due to man made poisons as well as natural poisons in the soil-------------water for us humans was designed as RAIN...

RAIN use to be just pure h20

Clean water is a must for those that enjoy life and like to remember their name.


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