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it never fails

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Published: 5 months ago

it never fails

I am amazed every time I can find a blank slate and then set back and see how herbs changes their lives....

Nothing better than old order amish that stay eternally pregnant and when you find a young family popping out twins---------WOW

A family that has 2 sets of twins and 3 others ( a new born) 3 months ago and surely she is pregnant again---------is a sight all humans should experience...

The oldest surely are not past age 7 and the youngest little girl maybe 2, does her best to follow the pack................

They live on an apple orchard, make their own juice / vinegar and harvest maple syrup, own their own store in the barn that sales shoes and boots and they are like a few hundred in the same area----they all own a store in their barn------IN FACT, they do not need the outside world for much---like the song goes---NOT MUCH THOSE OLD COUNTRY BOYS CAN NOT DO...........and wow, do they have kids. She can easily have 12+ kids and he may have 30 kids some day...

When I met them, the kids were all snot nosed, and mom was 9 months pregnant and sickly looking, teeth terrible shape, etc.

Last night, the kids were a bundle of joy, all smiling and flirting and having a blast following the leader in the dark...........all wearing the same home made little coats that a normal child would freeze to death in--these kids were the happiest kids on earth-------no electric, house dark, no heat------JUST FAMILY and LOTS OF IT---no need for stupid plastic toys when you have a bundle of brothers and sisters to pester.

out of the experiment they all came to 1 conclusion---the product they know as I AM SICK, is a miracle solution that all the children ask for and dad loves it.....

For Mom, she became a new woman by way of using Mom's Help.

They all are now using NIGHT TIME

These 3 simple herbal blends---CHANGED THEIR LIFE in amazing time........

Because I believe those 1957 co-q10 scientist had it right---they just chose the wrong product, due to their greed.

For 20+ years I have seen that the old timers ended up with large herbal formulas and I took that to a whole new level---10x larger, because it follows that 1957 theory and I have seen it work over and over and the latest family just insures it is the correct path.

Because humans are starving to death-----they eat trash, nit real food. Thanks to the fake schools, fake news, they know no better and have no clue why they get sick.

EACH YEAR, due to last year---I TAKE IT TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL.............I have sworn 1 day---I am going to blend EVERY HERB I have into 1 blend--------I did that back in the day I only had 1/2 q dozen herbs total and 1 man, the smartest man I ever knew----he believed it was the greatest product he had ever used...we called it bottom of the barrel- the first experiment was a giant work horse down in Kentucky...the thing was dying and the old amish man wanted help--back then I had no clue, but had the first quart jar of bottom of the barrel and thinking it has zero value, because it was a blend of all----so I sent it to him...........he put a hose down the horse's mouth and poured the entire quart down the hatch---------------the old horse had not stood for some period of time and was doomed to die........he said once he pulled the tube out---the horse stood up, took a ginormous POOP and lived............then he asked for another quart for himself.......that in fact, was the first experiment that could be called the q10 affect.

Many years later, the wealthy elite's of China make a Q10---for giggles they sold me a few batches, they say I am the only human this side of the planet that has it---to me, it is just glorified co-q10, not the real deal, but just 1 of a hundred parts of the real deal...........

20 herbs makes a good co-q10

50 herbs really good

100 herbs WOW

That is my theory and that is where those white coats should have went back in 1957, but they were too smart to lower them selves down to using herbs.


"IF" they made a tv show on how two young amish live and produce 7 kids under age 7 and videoed the FUN those kids have and how much love those kids would blow all reality shows away....PEOPLE are sick of the drugged up rich brats that abuse their bodies and see how stupid they can be as they self-destroy them selves on tv..........they are not real, they are actually dead zombies, they are just too zombified to realize they are the walking doped up dead.

SO NOW, after seeing how they like using these 3 herbs, I have many ideas on what is "next".......

So simple---you pick out 1 family and there kids are no longer sick-----that makes all those other eternally pregnant mothers want some for their family.

IT is not easy to get your foot in the door of an old culture that calls you "english" and they speak german and only tolerate english as their second language.

The old order amish are absolutely blown away at what the new president did to the country his first 48 hours---they are shocked beyond belief.....2021 is the year life on earth turned "hard" for the entire world. Many cities have open war now---something big is going to happen. Those that can not care for them selves?


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