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eye sight

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Published: 5 months ago

eye sight

AMAZING how much "garbage" adds google/curezone plasters all over the forums---they have deliberately destroyed the curezone YEARS AGO.....because NONE of their advertised products are of any value--if anything, not only do they take your $$$, they make you more toxic if you consumed them---

I needed glasses by school age and eventually got them by 7th grade..

My best friend in school was the smartest kid and he instantly became an eye doctor. He said the eye surgeries would not correct my eyes, because my eye sight was actually pretty good----he said i was just born with a stigmatism, that is basically inherited and that I would wear glasses the rest of my life.

The basic theory of eye glasses is to make your eyes worse and require stronger glasses your entire life.

The Dr. Bates book is the best eye doctor book ever printed, probably the first eye book available to the public a very long time ago. Dr.Bates did not like eye glasses for ill eye health--he explains many things back in a time all people had superior eye sight compared to anyone alive today. His most powerful tool was the sun.

TODAY they understand that our eyes are just "Lens" and the receptors in our brain actually determines what we believe we are seeing.

TODAY they know that the ears do not determine what we hear, anymore than our eyes determine what we think we see-------you can put ear muffs on all you want and the damage will not only enter through your ears---but also through your skull--forehead. The forehead is a "receiver" plate and like the eyes---the brain interrupts what it thinks it is seeing and hearing---same as when the body has contact with anything and everything-----the brain makes the decision of fear or friend....danger or safe.

WE learn as little ones what we are trained to "believe" ....what is safe and what is not safe.. ......EDUCATION is in fact, what makes us who we are........even if that education is false and has tricked the brain over a lifetime.

FEAR can make you blind

FEAR can make you death

FEAR can kill you, even though there was no reason to die

YOU should appear adult by age 22 and if you age physically, odds are that is not "old", it is just accumulated waste trapped inside your body that makes your body "fail"and then a fallen body appears to others as "old". Old in reality is a word that tells the girls that you are no longer a suitable mate for children---because you are old enough to appear "DEFECTIVE" and in NATURE that means you will have less than correct children..............humans seem to be the only species that defies nature and seeks to have defective children that Nature then has to exterminate.

There certainly can be physical reasons for loss of eye sight and loss of hearing----

1 simple example is that those that drink hard water and or cow milk, will develop a coating over their eyes and distort their vision----commonly called cataracts. In Brazil, there is often a "strange" doctor like person available that uses a common butter knife and scraps off cataracts ---(something no one should ever attempt to do to another). So naturally, if you harm your eyes or hearing---you will see and hear less.

My stigmatism was as explained to me by my school friend long ago as a "scar" like tissue that distorts the vison. A Permanent thing, because to medical, scars are permanent.

SCARS are a result of "damage" and I am not sure how that would apply to a stigmatism that you were born with---to me that sounds more like a birth defect, which the eye doctor also used as part of his description that he learned in college......all he could do is repeat what his teachers trained him to believe.

AS a child, I developed plentiful scars due to "cuts" and damage---------Once I got into herbs and reading real books---I learned scars are injuries that never healed correctly and EVERY INJURY I have ever had since those days---all, 100% have healed scar free.

Scars are basically a form of "lime" and that lime should not really be inside the body...other than you could say your teeth and bones are to some extent a similar material.

Scars are generally "white" in appearance , as is lime very white------BUTT, most all of us have been raised on a battlefield and have been fed aluminum our entire lifetime to insure we die sooner than later and this aluminum expels out of our body as a color of "white" and the real kicker is after 1992 we have all been fed titanium dioxide which is the true color of white. Nothing is more white that titanium dioxide and every human on earth is fed this every breath of air they have ever taken since 1992 and many house hold products and foods have this white paint added--often called EDTA.

SO the white you know as your scars---may be lime, may be aluminum, may be titanium dioxide that was exiting the body during an opportunist time such as when blood was leaving the body.

OUR BLOOD is such a fantastic fluid, no human on earth has ever described it with full justice.........our blood is so smart, so fast; that anyone that tried looking at blood---would instantly know "CREATION" is by a GOD and all the college teachers are out of their minds, because they are God haters and there for they destroy all truth in favor of lies that fills their narrative that you as a human or animal or fish or any living thing---is nothing but something they dreamed up in their heads when they were stoned on drugs.

our BLOOD is so powerful, it will collect and expel poisons, anyway it keep you alive. For 1 example---your teeth and gums. Your teeth set in "sockets" and those sockets, under pressure from the blood---will ooze out puss/waste that will build up into something they teach you to call "tarter' and in similar method---the blood will ooze the same types of material out your ears---that wax like stuff.

In fact, a great german fasting expert / teacher, proved a long time ago in the late 1800's that our blood captures and expels waste out n i jury where bleeding has occurred and fluids "leak" out--such as puss/water...........he proved the blood will use you cut to expel out waste while it has the chance to do so......that waste, results in you have a scar to prove that you were once cut.

DECREASE that aluminum, titanium dioxide, lime a little, by way of the Dr. Hay Orange Juice fast (my way is 10x easier and 10x better) and along with a little natural herbs added to your diet, your scars may all fade away----mind did. I have no clue is they would have over time anyway----I am fairly sure they will anyway, because my brother had massive surgical scars and over 50+ years time----they are almost gone too-----but he too, stopped drinking water.

The only knowable thing is this, as the lime dissolves your scars go away.

My eye sight has gotten better with age---the opposite what I was told by my eye doctor friend long ago........

For years, i was prescribed less and lesser strength glasses. I always refused to wear glasses for reading, so no bifocals. I would take my glasses off to read.

In MY CASE---2 possibilities:

1. my birth defect scars on my eyes---dissolved as visible scars on the skin dissolved and faded away over time.....I have no idea, because I have never seen a scar on my eyes, must be so tiny only an eye doctor can see such things.

2. The brain receptors? They now say our eye sight is determined in a part of the brain that many men know as that bald spot that tries to form on the top/back of the skull.

I DO NOT like bald spots, so for years, I have made herbal solutions to apply to the scalp. Over the years, I am certain our skin is absolutely loaded with worms, because where is not allot of blood, worms hide and those that like the taste of our hair and skin oils---they thrive in our skin.----SO over 20+ years time, I added stronger and stronger herbs to my scalp/skin. So strong, that if i had used them 20 years ago, the same herbs would have resulted in the skin burning---not from the herbs them selves, but from the human body making "acids' to repel substances that contact with the skin that the skin is still "fearful" of----over time, my skin learned that none of these herbs are the enemy and today I can apply just about any herb to my skin with zero production of acid from the body---this no "hot" feeling.

SO, based on the medical theory that we "see" at the location where I applied the most herbs for YEARS------the top/back of my head. a place where the herbs "stimulate" circulation and apply the strongest de-wormer herbs known in history........surely that helped----but the reduction of lime/aluminum/titanium makes the largest difference, because those 3 things ----KILL HUMANS by way of filling the organs until they suffocate or what people know as "old" body.

There have been doctors for years that you go to and using an IV, they fill you with a fluid to catch the trash in your blood stream-------often their patients are near 100 years can you argue with that?

EASILY, because RULE NUMBER ONE---------NEVER EVER allow any devil to use a needle and puncture a hole in your number 1 defensive system---your skin. NEVER PERMIT drugs to be put in your blood stream--------THE SHOCK to your blood/body/brain is tremendous. The KICKER is that these crazy doctors often use a blend that is based on EDTA............a substance that back in 1992 was added to the air, foods and products to "absorb" aluminum, but also resulted in loss of thyroid health.

These dumb ### Doctors always come up "short"---they often have great ideas, they just NEVER understand the full picture.

TO get away from chemical and germ warfare---you would need to go far away...where their jets do not commonly fly................far away from populated areas and live beneath trees that NEVER loose their leaves----YOU KNOW, where your ancestors use to live---in the jungles where it never drops below 60 degrees and you have all the free food you could possible need.

TREE LEAVES cleanses the air---so if you live beneath the trees, those leaves will absorb the man made chemicals they designed to kill you way back in 1949 to date----

Use the common olive tree as your example---it grows in many warm climates---such as California, basically the wild species grows all over those dirty cities and if you flip the leaves over, you see small black spots---those spots are the dirt/chemicals being expelled.

The same with COCONUTS----------in their bomb days where they nuked entire islands for FUN......they believed the nuclear death would last for ever and ever-----but when they returned many many years later, they were stunned that the soil was self-cleansing, so they searched for their "death" and they found it inside the trees, inside the coconuts---the trees were restoring the land.

THE ELDERLY that grew up trusting medical---they all are on dope, they all end up having eye surgeries and they all trust the white coats with their lives----something 14,000+ elderly learned the hard way in 2020 New York -----because all of world war 1---to date, has been an organized world wide depopulation the educated design of all the countries...they literally have killed billions when you consider the hundreds of millions did not live to have children. In the early days---1960's they murdered you because you were over 150 years old----they could not create life via medical drugs with old people living on 1965 they determined you need to be dead by age 65 and by 1992 they decided you should not live past age 40---------for hundreds of millions, they never lived long enough to take their first breath---for millions more, they do not even know if they are a boy or a girl---thanks to vaccines and man made poisons.

For the past 100+ years, it has been very difficult to live well past age must be smarter than "the average bear" as yogi always said----the ranger is always keeping an eye on you.

"IF" your eye sight, your hearing, your skin, your muscles and bones, etc. are becoming worse and not holding your own and succumbing to time----you are loosing your battle with "accumulated" waste trapped inside your body.

So many natural poisons and so man man made poisons-----if you enjoy living, you make cleaner choices. If you enjoy death---you smoke their pot, drink their booze and waste your body away as unwanted trash. The city morgues today never turn the fires off---they have more people than they can return to ash.---proof people are suicidal after generation of poisons in the water/foods/air.


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