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Published: 79 days ago
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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Friday, January 29, 2021

"How Come it's Got to be Like That Anyway? Why has it Got to be All Pure and Stainless?"


Dog Poet Transmitting.......


Let us establish a few parameters, not that anyone can circumscribe existence, nor expect that the parameters will remain unmoved. It is like the border between Good and Evil, besides being arbitrary in the extreme, depending on what someone wants; at which point morality goes out the window and copulates with the animals so that portions of the world begin to resemble The Island of Dr. Moreau. Yes... that border is always in flux. Over time, what was once considered Evil is now Good and what was Good is now Evil.


Thunder and Lightning once terrified Humanity and fearful souls would place offerings on flat rocks to pacify the gods, who were as primitive as the people who worshiped them. Of course, that wasn't God. It is said that when one passes along the Northern Route, they go from the Land of the Devas to The Sun and then to The Lightning, and then to the unspeakable place of indescribable Rapture and Bliss.


Each year there are two routes that are expressions of The Solstice. The Northern Route begins after the Winter Solstice. The Southern Route begins with the Summer Solstice. It was considered inauspicious to pass during the Southern Route. However much the Winds of Destiny may batten us about like pinballs, against the electro-magnetic bumpers of fixed archetypes (who change in name and appearance only), it is The Wisdom of the Initiates which permits the awakened to ride the currents of planetary force, so as to rule the stars.


Once again, it comes down to the Ego-Personality and the Indwelling Godhead, common to all, though realized by few. If you are a slave to the appetites of the creatures of The Lower Astral, they will exercise those appetites within you, and eventually, devour you as well. We are all devouring each other all the time. God will devour us if we taste good, and even if we don't. The idea is to make yourself taste good to God, lest he spew you out of his mouth.


There is an invisible brotherhood, which has existed since long before the loss of most of the evidence of earlier cultures and times, and all evidence of what preceded them. They are also reachable on your interior radio. Some will say, “Yeah... yeah, I did all that meditation and yoga. I firewalked with the Tribe Member in the white toga and burned my feet. I learned to perform The Curse of Miracles, which is part of a course I took called, “Cliff Notes for Damaged Souls and Clueless Apostates”, and now I can pontificate from the lectern, and spout cliche-ridden bullshit with the best of them, AND ALL IT COST was MONEY and Time!. They told me it could either take a long time, with extended pain and suffering, or I could go right to the VIP section, cause I am UNIQUE and Living my own Truth. So... here's what I got to say, buddy;


“WHY!?! Why would I want to be stripped naked and reduced to nothing before some supposed greater light when I can be the light, cause all I got to do is fake it until the polish appears and then? Then I'm white hot brother! (whoops, racist color commentary)”


It comes back to the Ego-Personality and the Indwelling Singularity. You are either in one boat, rowing down the stream under your own direction, or you are riding in the boat by The Grace of God, who powers and steers it AND ALWAYS HAS anyway, even if you are fighting to get your hands on the controls. Every effort you make that is an effort, because of resistance met, is resistance to God. It makes you a fallen angel, in service to The Dark Side of God, following the Southern Route, into The World of Ancestors, then to The Moon, then to Rebirth. Each of us is then attended by a schematic that contains all the letters and numbers, which give the pinball its NEXT course of action among the bumpers, which seem random and unpredictable but, which ARE NOT.


I am sure that many find it an egregious burden to engage in Selfless Service, a forgetfulness of self, and a complete reliance upon the Prime Mover. What do I get out of it? Why can't we just do whatever the f**k we want? I... I... I... Me... Me... Me... Mine... Mine... Mine... How come it's got to be like that anyway? Why has it got to be all pure and stainless?


You don't know why that is?


It is BECAUSE THAT IS HOW GOD IS, inasmuch as we can comprehend God, which is usually not at all, or very little. God wants us to be like him, or her, even though God is beyond pronouns. 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.'


EMULATION is the key! You become like that which you emulate. That is the whole thing about PARENTING. This world is as it is because of BAD PARENTING. A good part of our problems; all of us, is that we carry the physical sins and shortcomings of our parents with us in our schematic. We RESEMBLE them in appearance. There is ALSO, racial and national karma that we MUST process.


If you want to know what your parents and their parents (etc) were/are like, you have only to study your own unconscious impulses and desires. Whether they are hidden or obvious, some portion of what is there is the pulse of your ancestors. When... was it Paul? When Paul said, “put off the old man.” And “I die daily”. This is what he was speaking of. Is this not what Christ meant? “Let the dead bury the dead.” Pick up your cross and follow me.”


You need to acknowledge your real parents. You need to step away from blood ties and material connections, because that ONLY means MORE MATERIAL CONNECTIONS, which have to be worked out later on, again, and again, and again. God the Father... right? God the Mother... right? Those are my parents. The Indwelling walks with me through the vastness of Divine Motherland. You have to be all in, or don't bother. God is not fond of half measures and I have heard they 'avail nothing.'


This world is what it is. It is an endlessly unrolling tapestry of change. The weather is a metaphor. Everything present and continuing here is a symbol of something that involves a great deal of detail. This was the point of The Tarot, because a picture is worth thousands and thousands of words and because The Subconscious thinks in pictures. Your possibilities are limitless once you understand the relationships of the parts of the mind and get them in the right working order. I take orders and I give orders. It is important to get the which of that right.


Observe what is taking place at this time. Everything and everyone is demonstrating what they are. Look at the famous, the powerful, and the connected. Look at how they are stripping themselves naked before the eyes of the world and are completely unaware of it. That is the nature of an apocalypse. It makes me laugh and it makes me sad to see the spectacle of it. I am so grateful and fortunate that God has not made me an example of bad intentions. I don't really have any bad intentions but that is beside the point. THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE GOES YOU... AND I. Don't sell yourself out for a mess of pottage. Believe me, it is taking place all day long. The venality and self-interest are breathtaking. The degree of hubris I am witnessing makes me tremble for these fools. Fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of wisdom.


♫ain't nothing like the real thing baby♫ Look at The Sun in the sky; not that you can. I won't even begin to attempt to articulate all that comes to mind when I think of The Sun. Most every day I ask the angels to make me into a microcosm of The Sun. ♫this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine♫ Don't think about it. Don't analyze it. Do it!!! It's like selfless service. You don't think about it, you do it. After a while, it becomes second nature. EVERYTHING is difficult in the beginning, except going off the path.


It is an interesting concept, this idea of struggling and not struggling. You need to and you don't need to. It is impossible for me to explain why that is. It is the basis of Zen and you can't explain that either. You can only explain things by analogy and allegory and you still can't. You can hint at it, but the mind has to pick up on it. Otherwise, it is like trying to explain swimming to someone who has never done it, who has never even seen the medium. On that account, water is not the only medium. There are a number of sounding boards and one of them is the aether.


Remember that bit of scripture that says, “ In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him, and without him was not anything made that was made.” Hindu scripture says the same thing and references OM for that. We have Amen. Then there was Amun Ra. OM comes off of The Om Drum and from that OM comes every other adaptation of manifestation; just as The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus states (in The Operation of The Sun). What do you know? Everything comes from The Sun. Where does The Sun come from? It comes from The Spiritual Sun. And where does that come from? Ain... Ain Soph... Ain Soph Aur.


It's all connected, but you can't see it until the samskaras are burned away. So it takes Devotion, Single Mindedness and the ineluctable, 'can't live without it'; Faith, Certitude and Determination. You have to be in the right frame of mind OR... you're in the wrong frame of mind.


Dear God, please... may your angels act upon the hearts and minds of the readers and lead them to that sanctuary within, that is unshaken and unchanged by the vicissitudes without. Feels like I could go on and on from this point, but... I will not. God's blessings upon you, one and all.


End Transmission.......


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