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Personal Hospital Room

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Published: 4 months ago

Personal Hospital Room

A personal hospital could be similar to the 1600's through mid 1800's water therapy rooms...........

with modern electric and water pumps, etc. such a facility can be 100x easier and surely better.........

1 issue is the fact that humans 400 years ago were superior to us today in every possible manner, especially in strength.

we puny poisoned specimens of today in comparison are easily shocked, easily brain washed, easily lead astray...

SO, surely we today can not tolerate the water therapies of the 1600's, but anyone should be capable of the common sitz bath therapies of the mid 1800's....not full strength at first, but easily worked up to with ease.

SUCH water therapies "activate" the sluggish lymph glands. It is easy to know if your lymph glands are compromised-----just look at your self...if your over weight, loose skin, fat looking, etc. then your lymph glands are "bloated" and no different than your intestines are bloated---AKA you lost your muscle tone.

WE would have decent lymph glands "IF" we never wore shoes-----YOU can bet 400+ years ago, few humans wore shoes.

Most any modern day bathroom can provide the basics for water therapies....the larger the room the better.

For strong water pressure therapy being on a second floor and collecting the water and pumping it back up to the shower would save allot of $$$$ hot water wise.....

high pressure , large volume water can make you sweat so fast it is un-real....such as 1.5 inch size water line under 50 PSI directed at you from close range... 103 degrees warm is nice.

For your sitz bath you need 50 degree water or as close to 50 as you have---some city water is not very cold and those in the desert cities---they often have no cold water at all.

the slap bath, sitz bath, water pressure therapies combined is easy to accomplish. SKIN therapy is a side effect and for many years I have wondered what it would be like to shower in what I call: SPRAY 1..........and those that have read the Japan Garlic book--can only imagine what the M.D. was doing to patients when he was high power spraying their entire body in fresh garlic juice----his machines look like torture chambers and fresh garlic juice would about kill a common human today just from the fumes alone......

IN SHORT as Dr. John Christopher would say------no matter what the therapy or methods---it works when it aids in the cleansing of the body and the sitz bath is the ultimate "body" cleanse.

Using air/skin therapy along with water therapy === is not hard to do.....would do wonders for the lungs and all the skin...

I have played with such things for 25 years and always wanted a barn where such a room could be assembled....

IDEALLY such a room should be large enough to also sleep in-----it must have a functional toilet.

YOU would want to use such a room as PREVENTION and not allow the body to become loaded down with accumulated trash...

TRASH is the downfall of all...if we did not eat trash, we would have so much more life...

Hopefully this will be the year I get time to play in such a room...

cold / warm with a 50 degree difference can make the human body "cleanse" in the correct directions.

The use of herbs can make it all so much easier, so much better than the old medical books could have ever dreamed of.....


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