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Re: Pineal Gland Cyst
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Published: 3 months ago
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Re: Pineal Gland Cyst

adampfeiler, I too have a pineal gland cyst so you are not alone! Your doctors tell you it is incidental because their knowledge is limited to only their own experiences and education. It basically amounts to the fact that they are not looking beyond their textbook. Their textbook says it doesnít cause issues and isnít of concern, so this one medical opinion is taken for absolute truth. However, if one does research on this, everyone with pineal gland cysts have the exact same symptoms! These cysts do cause symptoms and it is not normal to have a cyst on the pineal gland.

There are several neurologists and neurological clinics that are aware of the seriousness of pineal gland cysts and its symptoms. These doctors have the same mindset that if it is causing symptoms, it should be removed.

Hereís my story: prior to my diagnosis, I was full of life, working full time, no migraines/headaches, energy, just a typical young adult. In mid 2013, I literally woke up one morning and felt weird. It was night and day. My head and hearing felt like I was under water or in a tank (hallow sound), visual disturbance (eye focusing and eyes not working together, night blindness), chronic left eye twitching, migraines, head pressure, ear pressure, ringing in the ears, eye pain and pressure behind eyes, brain fog, concentration issues, un-refreshed sleep, poor sleep, dizziness, lightheaded, etc.

Initially when I went to the doctor, the NP suggested I take Sudafed to feel awake, then suggested it was anxiety and Depression and needed psychotropic medication. Thatís the western medicine approach to everything that itís automatically anxiety and depression. I did not have Depression or anxiety but was getting depressed because of my symptoms and the fact that no one would listen to me or take it seriously when I told them how I felt! In fact, the longer I have lived with this cyst, I have developed anxiety because of the symptoms.

Finally after a visit with my primary physician, he ordered a CT but did not find anything and referred me to a neurologist who ordered an MRI where they found a 14 mm pineal gland cyst. They suggested no solution and acted as though it was unrelated. I was to have another MRI after some time at my primary clinic for monitoring. It had eventually shrunk to 10 mm but symptoms remained. The more I researched the more I learned that it is untrue that cysts do not cause symptoms. I asked for a second opinion to another neurological clinic and that neurologist wanted to monitor it and that I come back in a year. I felt frustrated that all these neurologists wanted to do was monitor it so I never went back. I thought ďif all you are going to do is monitor this thing, Iím not coming back for you do continue to do nothing.Ē

Since then I suffered through it for the last 8 years and actually have accepted my symptoms as my normal. Donít do this. I spoke with my primary doctor at my last physical this last December and he agreed that it should be relooked at and addressed. He referred me to the Mayo Clinic as they have removed these cysts from patients, however I was denied as they are unsure if they can provide me with any other treatment options. This last MRI, my cyst measured 8 mm but symptoms remain. From my research it is common for these cysts when they are larger to shrink after a few years from initial diagnosis and remain stable from that point. They do fluctuate in size slightly depending on varying factors such as illness, stress, fatigue, etc in which symptoms will become more intense.

If you have a good advocate or if you are able to advocate for yourself (which I couldnít due to my symptoms and lack of support), try to get a referral to a neurologist or clinic that removes these. There are a number of them throughout the USA.

After the birth of my second child, I questioned why I am continuing to accept my symptoms and not get this taken care of. This cyst is debilitating and has caused me to not enjoy the last 8 years which have been robbed of me.

Another approach is the same one I am doing as I tend to be natural minded and very much into homeopathy because I know it works with other issues that I have had and witnessed others be treated successfully with their ailments. However, not one of my homeopathic sources has yet been able to treat me with the frequency for pineal gland cyst.

I have one lady that has the frequency code to treat it and she is also an Ayurvedic Counselor obtaining her Practitioner status. She will look for the root cause of an issue and approach it accordingly. This lady does remote frequency treatment and successfully treated my horse that had chronic (third stage) Lyme disease. I also accompanied it with herbs. One round of Antibiotics was unsuccessful suggesting the strain of Lyme was Antibiotic resistant as her numbers increased after the Antibiotic was finished. After homeopathy, the last blood test proved she was treated successfully with homeopathy and herbs. My point is that this works! However, this lady is booked! So here I am still suffering with my cyst.

In my quest the past few months, just recently I was guided to looking into herbs to support the pineal gland. This research revealed that calcified pineal glands can be one cause for cysts, among other things such as parasites. I am working on decalcifying my pineal gland and now looking into Iodine therapy which is why I joined this site.

Iím reading the book ďThe Iodine CrisisĒ by Lynne Farrow. Itís absolutely fascinating what I have researched and read so far. In my search with Iodine success stories and the pineal gland, I just so happened to find your post. If you are further interested in what I have researched, I can elaborate and give you sources and more information. I am going to try these alternative approaches and see if this has a positive effect on my pineal gland and eliminating this cyst. Since I started last week, I have noticed that I have no migraines and wake up refreshed. All other symptoms remain as of yet. I have my follow up appointment in April.

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