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Published: 58 days ago

when nails it


You know it is bad when a former Clinton advisor says Biden is turning the U.S. into a totalitarian state

It appears what is going on now is beyond what the Clintons wanted. There's a pretty good chance the Clintons were merely tools when one of their former advisors, Naomi Wolf, said this:

"America is becoming a totalitarian state before our eyes under President Biden's leadership. The United States is swiftly moving into a coup situation, a police state"

My comment: The coup already happened, and Naomi knows it. Everyone knows it. And if she was an advisor to Clinton, complete with radical feminist credentials, and she's saying this, it indicates that the Clintons, feminists, and everyone else were tools used to destroy the country and bring us to where this reality could unfold. Once they see it, even they don't like it. TOO LATE Naomi. You should have opted to not undermine the country DECADES AGO.



Scientific evidence of why "vaccines" don't destroy everyone revealed

Man registers .778 in DUI blood test. Not breathalyzer, which can be off significantly, this was a BLOOD TEST. Since at 0.4 you're beyond "legally drunk" and will likely be "legally dead" this occurrence stands as a shining example of why the vaccines don't destroy everyone. Some people can just down shots that should kill them and keep on driving.


Perseverence "sent back" reasonably clear 320P video

It is framed in a large 720 P window but is still only 320P. For the purpose this particular video served that's excusable but the verdict is still out. No matter how you cut it, Nasa's previous probe photos were ridiculously bad and brutally tampered with. I am going to be a skeptic until we see photos returned that are as good as what I posted (these are down the page a ways). The landscape photos I posted were shot at 2 megapixels with pre-911 cameras, cropped down to about 1.4 megapixels, and then compressed down from more than a megabyte to about 250K. If the probe can't match those photos, we got conned. And it should super hyper quantum exponentially destroy those photos if ZERO games were played. Even if they match the quality I posted it will be unacceptable. I am tired of the con jobs from Nasa as of late . . . . there is simply no excuse for ordinary cell phones to surpass a multi billion dollar probe BY FAR.


Everything the American people are receiving from the Federal government at this time is a CON JOB. A CON JOB supreme court, a CON JOB election, a CON JOB Texas blackout that was done on purpose, a CON JOB corona plague complete with a CON JOB vax, plus a CON JOB "National Guard" which, rather than protect the republic enforced the destruction of the republic when called upon . . . .

The federally mandated public school curriculum is a CON JOB that does not teach the basics and instead teaches kids to hate the United States, their parents, and in most cases even themselves; - a CON JOB FAA wrought havoc with SpaceX the second it possibly could, a CON JOB FBI ran a CON JOB capitol riot so a CON JOB electoral college vote could be done after state level courts that were a TOTAL CON JOB made damn good and sure 100 percent proof of vote fraud did nothing but get thrown out - and that's not even mentioning the 911 con job.

Even the medical system is a CON JOB with medications costing 100X more than elsewhere in the world, while CON JOB insurance still makes sure you end up paying out of pocket 30X what other countries charge for even basic stuff, AFTER you get raped for an enormous pile of your useful wages;

The silver, gold, and stock market are ALL manipulated CON JOBS as is the fiat currency, which is a CON JOB everyone has been aware of for quite some time -

How on earth can we expect perseverence to be anything but a con job? I don't care what kind of cute video they released today, it was still low res (understandable) but with all the other CON JOBS that are going on, how do we know even that was not done in a simulator? If it was, they got it right, but that should not be too tough with hollywood and all . . . . .

Add to all those cons a CON JOB media that does nothing but CON JOB reporting on a public that is quickly tired of being conned, and what about that CON JOB white house press secretary? I guess I'll have to "circle back" to that!!!


Aside from a totally corrupted supreme court, news seems to be turned off for today. Ercot is apparently not going to allow price gougers to have their way, (Griddly was actually not at fault, people farther up the chain were so such utilities will probably also get off the hook) and the con artists are not going to pay anything, they'll just not be allowed to rob - hopefully. Anyway, I have been wanting to do the following report for a while and today is a good day for that:


Update: Lately, every time I post something that really stirs the pot, we get a call from a funeral home. That call came in again a half hour after I posted this.

Permission granted to re-post this in full if it is mentioned where it came from.

Are Oriental Asians really incapable of creativity, or is something else at play?

Before anyone gets worked up over this question, the answer is NO, they are just as creative as whites. But in many cases, there's a problem: COMMUNISM.

Over practically my entire life I have thought the asian races were intelligent, but not creative enough to not need to borrow from whites to get ahead. I was wrong.

First, let me go over a couple of cases that really made it look like Chinese people simply could not add up:

1. China could not, despite all their efforts, make good steel until President Bush drove Geneva steel out of business and then allowed Geneva steel to be totally stripped from the landscape and sold to the Chinese, FORMULAS AND ALL. All the equipment, all the formulas, all the processes, and then after that, suddenly Chinese steel was good. Crappy tool problems for the most part eliminated -

2. Baic motor corporation could not make a good car. The Chinese totally failed at making good cars, until Baic bought Saab, and got ALL their engineering and construction methods handed to them. After that, in recent years, China could finally make a good car. But they could not study, create, and develop, they had to have it handed to them, and they brag about their "German tech" that Baic is designed upon now, they are not bragging about "Chinese tech" and that begs the question, WHY?

Let's get a couple more examples from a WHITE country that totally failed - Russia.

1. The Russians could not make a space shuttle. It was simply too complicated and though they tried, their shuttle looked like a copy of America's shuttle and never got to where it could be launched.

2. The Russians could not build a nuclear bomb until traitors from within the United States handed them the blueprints. Once they had it, they improved on the prints they got, but they could not create it to begin with. Meanwhile, Britain, France, and anyone else in Western civilization that wanted to develop their own bombs via their own technology paths succeeded. And the blasts from all of them were unique to the countries they came from, proving differing technology paths. Why was Russia incapable of this? Additionally, even now, Russia cannot design a CPU, and I beg to question why. Actually, I don't question why.


The Japanese have basically the same genes as the Chinese. Why can they create, where China fails??

Everything Honda is a totally Japanese design and it is proven that there are no other engines in the world with such a low failure rate, with the next low failure rate engine brand failing at twice the rate of Honda. The Zero was an awesome aircraft with totally Japanese designed engines, with it's only limits being available resources so the zero was predominantly made from bamboo and despite that, it was a good aircraft. The Japanese also went on to develop great cameras and other tech, they are definitely creative, why is this so when China needs to have everything handed to them?

Additionally, Korea is very creative and has it's own great cars, they did not need to get "german technology" handed to them . . . . .



Gosh, Tesla came from that turf, what on earth is up??? GENOCIDE. THE ANSWER IS GENOCIDE.

Both Russia and China murdered every last person that was smart enough to challenge the communist system. And on the tech/creativity front, China sucks and Russia sucks. Russia is succeeding now only because Hillary gave it to them. Those countries murdered their talent. Anyone at all who had a brain in their head could see through the communist B.S. and challenge the system. The penalty for that on the populace was death. The penalty for that on the nation was the complete loss of it's creative base.

If Orientals were stupid, how can you explain a Honda engine? Or a nice Pentax camera? Or a Nikon? How can you explain having Korea repeat the success with many good brands like Samsung and Hyundai? How could you explain away fireworks and the original rockets, that were done by the Chinese? You can't. They are brilliant and capable until communists murder all the talent. So much for Xi's "divine mandate". Anyone who had that would be able to cope with having creative people among the ranks.


Sad to say, America is next.

Probable: Biden won't pack the supreme court

Trump's advisors conned him to a level sufficent for that to not be needed. There are 7 treasonous judges on that court, that's all they need.


Former Pfizer VP gives corona vax warning

A great mail about the mars rovers

Guy sent: I too have been very pissed off about previous Mars camera shenanigans by NASA. For instance the previous rover images were always color-shifted to look more red, for some stupid PR reasons (or worse.) They slipped up a few times and posted images that included the top of the rovers - which had some color reference swatches, and white insulated wiring. Showing how much they were screwing with the colors. A lot, and always way towards red. I had found a photo of the rover taken back on Earth by some guy in the build lab with a good camera, and yes the swatches and wires looked exactly like you'd expect: pure Red, Green, Blue, White, etc. Not Red, Brown, Brown, Pink as they appear in the images from Mars.

Once JPL had a press conference, with a backgroud poster of a Mars scene. JPL handle the downloading of the raw image data from the rovers... and their scene wasn't 'redish' at all. Looked like any Earth gibber desert - normal rock colors, bluish sky. But it was a raw, un-f**ked hi-res image direct from Mars.

However I think you're jumping the gun a bit with Perseverence Rover gripe about image resolution. Wait till they unfold the imaging mast, with the _good_ cameras. They're busy with systems checkouts and configurations atm, don't much care about imagery. The two and a half images you're talking about are supposed to be lo-res, so they can get full images rapidly - to avoid driving into things. And they apparently still have protective covers attached. Also they are very wide angle hence the fisheye effect.

Sadly I do expect that Perseverence won't have any color reference swatches where they can be seen by the main camera.

My comment: The Viking landers proved mars has a color scheme very much like earth - blu sky, colorful rocks, minus water and green. When I first noticed something was amiss with the rovers it was pre-2010 and it was obvious because all the images from them had a zero bit sky, the sky is supposed to be an infinite gradient, yet you could take a paint bucket set to zero fill variance and fill the sky all the way perfectly flat to the ground. I knew the rover images were fake or severely tampered with just from that.

Why have a legit mars mission when you can steal the money and launch a spy satellite instead, and then hoax it all in a desert somewhere? If they got away with stealing the last election the way they did, hoaxing a mission to another planet where no one can confirm it is even happening ought to be a piece of cake. I'll have to see those "high res" photos, which I will define as high quality two megapixel photos with no obvious games being played. That's what they said it has, and that's the max we will possibly be shown.

To EVERYONE: Here is exactly what it looks like on Mars: When you only look forward, it looks like a normal sky and normal earth desert. However, when you look straight up, the sky will not be blue, it will be black. The gradient to black is a LOT steeper than the earth's gradient to blue. The sun will not be noticeably dimmer, it will look like broad daylight. The sun will obviously be dimmer, but your eyes will not pick up the difference. Even Pluto, all the way out on the edge, many many times farther away from the sun, has enough light to have day be as bright as a bedroom with 4 100 watt incandescent bulbs. You won't feel heat from those bulbs, but the room will look bright because your eyes auto adjust.


Trolls, intelligence sponsored flat earthers and those they fool are using the very crappy probe photos to say the earth is flat and moon landings faked

I have a one line statement that lays all of them flat: China photographed the Apollo landing sites with one of their lunar orbiters, and they released the photos to the general public.

Need I say more? NOPE.

On to another topic then: SUBVERSION. Back in the good old days, America was not crawling with communist parasites hell bent on destroying the country, diminishing the impact of future accomplishments (by launching a criminally crippled probe for example) and expunging history. Now math is racist. If people can't see what is going on, GOD HELP THEM and it is obvious what the only way out of this situation is. And by the way, The right of the people to keep and bear arms HAS BEEN INFRINGED, because Americans can't buy fully capable F-35's and cruise missiles. "To keep and bear arms" in the context stated equals "Force equal to any corruption that might take over." That statement does not apply to only guns!

I don't know where this is all going to end up, with the FED actively seeking to destroy the country by cutting power by 30 gigawatts in Texas after a plea to increase it by only 4 went out, Oh please, can we PLEASE make a little bit of smoke to alleviate the problem? NO, YOU CANNOT MAKE ANY SMOKE, YOUR REQUEST IS DENIED. AND WE WILL INSTEAD HAVE SUBVERSIVES AMONG YOUR RANKS SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN AND SEE WHAT WIND AND WHATEVER LITTLE GAS YOU CAN MUSTER CAN DO.

In response, the FED had Coal and nuclear shut down and there were enough criminal infiltrators in the system to make it happen. That was an act of war, and proof Texas needs to secede. You cannot obey the orders of someone who wants to blow your brains out when you have the means to defend yourself, and you cannot allow subversives to do what they did. Those who actually went around pulling plugs and hitting shut down should all be arrested and executed along with those who gave the orders. To allow them to get away with this is the same as committing a crime against society.


Regardless of what you see posted elsewhere, it is 100 percent confirmed that there was no reason for any electrical shortages. The power was shut down by choice. A deficit was caused by a willful action to drop fully available capacity offline. It was in all ways an act of war, and the opening shot of Biden's dark winter. I do not care who claims to have sources claiming otherwise, aggression is exactly what this was and it was nothing else.

Additionally, the huge pile up was CAUSED. It has now been revealed that there was no weather that caused that, it happened because someone laid down pure water rather than de-icer and that froze. How could that not be on purpose? I now believe that was done as the opening volley of "dark winter" to "prove to the public" something bigger was justified. Then Texas had the intentionally caused blackouts.

I hate to see the union split, but the writing is on the wall. Texas has the right to secede and should. And while doing so, they need to expunge their institutions of Jews. It is likely certifiable fact that EVERY SINGLE GENERATOR SHUT DOWN WAS OWNED OR CONTROLLED BY A JEW. They are the ones who orchestrated the election theft and coup on the United States. It was them, and ONLY THEM. They are the ones doing the communist takeover and "dark winter" that ordered the shut downs from Washington. Don't be fooled, Biden is no Catholic! The other tribe is responsible for this. Just the way their media they WHOLLY OWN covered Texas and the election proves it. Expel them from Texas. Let them run off to New York. Texas won't make it if the subverters are not rooted out NOW and they are there, the "power crisis" proves it.


Very funny: Biden said "blacks can't internet and . . .

A black man mocked him to the moon and back. PERFECT. Blacks can't internet? Take that you racist prick.

I don't need to explain more, other than to say blacks probably, on average, "internet" more than whites do. It fits their culture PERFECT. And CNN just lets it slide. Oh the hipocricy. At least the black community did not let him get away with it.


Mars perseverance photos posted by CNN are FAKE

As of now, these are the only photos

Now, I will at least say that the only images received so far are from the hazard and engineering cameras. We have to wait for one from the main camera before I can accurately rip this probe. However, even the hazard cameras ought to be a hell of a lot better than what has been returned, if everything blows out or clips to black or disappears into lens distortion it will be problematic for navigation. And I'll be looking for the hoax in this, it appears to me the images are so bad so far that either they are hoaxing this or hiding things.

IF they in fact launched a gigapixel camera on this thing (which it should have) and they are sticking us with 2 megapixels it will mean they are trying to hide crap and picking through a scaled down 2 megapixel photo to edit it and remove anything decent. It is a lot easier than picking through what this probe should really have, so there's that.

I am not backing off on this. Either they prove this probe is real by sending PRISTINE 2 megapixel photos or I'll start trolling this mission into the dirt. FOR NOW: Photo quality SO CRAPPY it is coming from a Nevada test site. No excuse!


I am tired of FAKE. I am tired of false flags, PHONY ELECTIONS, sham impeachments and NASA MISSIONS RETURNING RESULTS SO POOR THEY MAY AS WELL BE FAKE, I am so SICK of FAKE from a FAKE zero credibility government with rigged in senators, representatives and president that I am ready to pop, END THE FAKE, if this mission is not totally fake then PROVE IT WITH REAL IMAGES. Ohh, I am sorry, pictures in space ALWAYS look like CRAP. Unless they are from Voyager!!! OR UNLESS THEY ARE FROM A G** DAMN SPY SATELLITE!!!

And YOO HOO: You can't say the lenses are "dirty", aunt edna's yogurtified cell phone lens captures better shots through yogurt than we are seeing from this probe so far. And you should have put peel off lens sheets on the outer glass, 1000 layers of them for stripping away that "mars dust". If Nasa did not do that or implement some other way to get rid of dust, it's a great big CON.


FUNNY: Elon Musk says Bitcoin is "Almost as B.S. as fiat money".

You know what that means? The inverse of "almost" is "not quite", and what he said then was that even though Bitcoin is questionable, it is STILL MORE LEGIT than the U.S. dollar, Euro, GPB, Yuan . . . . . HA HA HA, good one. The only thing more legit is silver and gold!

Elon just backhanded the world currencies by putting Bitcoin a notch (however small) above them. Gotta laugh.


The new mars rover sent back better images but is still not as good as a camera I paid $49 for in 2010

Very poor contrast curve, lots of clipping, and poor color rendition along with a far lower resolution than a 12 megapixel Polaroid I picked up in 2010 at Big Lots. It is the low grade kiddie cam I feared. The probe is a DISGRACE.

I guess people will clamor to the sh*tty images because "mars is cool". I GUESS. The images are no where near the quality of a 2 megapixel Olympus C-700 ultra zoom from 2001. NOT.EVEN.CLOSE.

I am going to cut to the chase with this photographically myopic probe. HERE ARE IMAGES FROM (CONSUMER GRADE) 2 MEGAPIXEL CAMERAS, DATED 2001 OR OLDER. The probe can't match this, and that's beyond pathetic, it is TREASON.

First image: Camera: Olympus C-700 ultra zoom, relased 2001, (click image to enlarge:

Bandwidth no excuse, even according to it's pathetic spec, the probe could send this image in one minute and 35 seconds:

Second image: Olympus C-700 ultra zoom. The probe could send this with it's pathetic modem in one minute 45 seconds.

Click image to enlarge.

Third image: Camera: Toshiba PDR-M60, YEAR: 1999/2000. The original image was 1920 pixels wide and was just as clear. The probe could send this image in one minute 20 seconds with it's pathetic modem.

Click image to enlarge.

Fourth image: Camera - Fuji S5200 released in 2005

How about a REAL OUTRAGE? Why set the bar at pre 2001? Why not 2005 instead? This image was shot with a Fuji S-5200, a consumer level camera released 16 years before this multi billion dollar probe project started sending back horse dung. Why compare it to 2 megapixel cameras with super compressed photos? Here is one that is basically "straight from camera" and the probe would take 17 minutes to send this with it's pathetic stripped out modem, (which means we ought to get thousands of images this good) THIS IS FROM A CONSUMER LEVEL CAMERA FROM 16 YEARS AGO. Compare it to the rover pics. Click to enlarge and make sure you hit magnify. WE GOT CONNED.

There are piles and piles more images I have from those old cameras that are just as good, these are not lucky shots. The point is made.


Can you see why I am angry with this probe? I am not kidding when I say circa 2000 2 megapixel cameras stomp the hell out of it, and they were not even fancy cameras. They were consumer grade cameras. There is absolutely no excuse for that probe, NONE WHATSOEVER. We got CONNED. Another BIG SCREW JOB by treasonous bastards on America.

This is perfect proof of a subverted nation that gets saboteurs into the decision process of all important programs. They sabotage them ON PURPOSE. There's absolutely no excuse to have a probe that can't hit the quality of a circa 2018 professional Nikon, Canon, Fuji, or anything else. It does not even hit low grade 2005 consumer, a cell phone I picked up three years ago for $35 beats it, and that is not a joke, it does. We can't excuse horrific quality just because it is "outer space", if space was an issue the Hubble would suck and it does not. The hubble is from pre-sabotage America.


I am calling it: If things from that probe do not shape up REAL QUICK and at least hit a decent quality 2 megapixels, the probe is an act of SABOTAGE.


The Biden administration, via the DOE, issued the order to wreck Texas. THIS IS WHAT VOTE FRAUD LOOKS LIKE.


Water shutoff tool

Operation choke point: The Communist method of shutting down conservatives

The Federalist did an excellent report about how banks are now going to be shutting down gun shops and conservatives in general for "not being liberal enough", that's the gist of the report and I suggest people read the whole thing. We are fast approaching a time, (and I mean within the year) where conservatives WILL be cut off completely from all financial services. Just wait. It will happen.


The gist of this is if you do anything that goes against what is pushed on CNN, you'll be labeled a fraud, and the fraud laws will be enforced to put you out of business even if your business is perfectly clean. Ditto for your employer, they'll be forced to fire you or they will be shut down and once fired, your bank accounts will be GONE. This is SOP for the communists and cold hard proof a revolution is underway NOW. This is one of their cornerstones of genocide. Their favorite method: Starvation.


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