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The Anti-dote
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Published: 3 months ago

The Anti-dote

There are endless anti-dotes...the 1995 germ warfare handbook is loaded with antidotes for the bird flue (anthrax/bubonic plague sprayed on every city street world wide on 1 day)

Chem trail antidote does not "exist", because it is not a "fix", it is only daily prevention.....if your poisoned with every breath from birth till death, the only true anti-dote is to stop the spraying of the world---second best would be to live in a jungle far far away beneath 100 foot tall trees and those trees will filter out the chemicals......

The best a normal human can do is seek to have filtered air in their home---no carpets, no wallpaper, etc. and use herbs that aids in their blood steam cleansing out the heavy metals..........YES, you could no longer drink city water, because if you do that, the heavy metal accumulation will keep the blood stream overwhelmed.

Dr. Christopher long ago, had a heavy metal antidote ----not something people wanted to think about, so I doubt anyone makes it-------I have everything Plus to make it and make it better and probably about time to make it---no one is getting any younger and the jets never stop spraying.

The goal of 2021 will be THE ANTIDOTE ---------as all in one, it will be a kidney cleanse deluxe...........clean kidneys are your insurance to living. Herbs known to aid in the elimination of mercury, lead, titanium dioxide----are a MUST for those that enjoy living......


Did you know, there are areas in BRAZIL today that as much as 10% of the population believes they see and can talk with DEAD PEOPLE.............

I know a woman that grew up in a house that she seen and talked to a dead boy for YEARS........
I had a friend when i was 10 that his older brother communicated with raped/murdered women from the Piatt Castles and he grew up working for the FBI as a person that identifies skeletons ----(probably by talking to them)

If you ask around, you will find so many people that have had experiences with DEAD somethings----------DO NOT hang around grave yards after midnight or even drive by some of them----------it can get REAL on rainy late nights and if you see LARGE black or WHITE dogs around cemeteries, that is your first sign to take a different route....I personally have never seen the BIG WHITE DOGS..................and then these tv shows that show dishes flying from the cabinets in kitchen? YUP, that ### is REAL, every town USA and the world, has haunted houses and 1 thing the creeps like to do---is throw dishes, even knives.......TODAY with the billions of cameras, NOW the world is seeing the CREEPY DEAD somethings....................and creatures beyond imagination..........YOU play in the woods all night long---eventually you will see "stuff".......people that go looking in haunted houses so they can video such stuff........they are CRAZY.............spirits/demons, call them what you want...........they are not good.

There is not an anti-dote for DEATH-------so in theory, enjoy every day of life and stay alive as long as you can.


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