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Real life for some woman--
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Published: 86 days ago

Real life for some woman--

You may think this letter would be extremely "RARE" and depending on where on earth you live---it may be, but in some countries, this is very common.....just depends on the race and the religion...This is a 4 page letter, and a bit hard to read, so I will type it in parts---------

This is a person we do not know / a stranger---but completely have allot of experience with her situation and the precise area she is from and how dangerous a situation she truly is in--because in her area, women in her situation are replaced quickly & permanently by the church and forgotten about even quicker.... ENGLISH is not her primary language ---

page 1;

Dear friends;

Greetings of Love and Peace being sent your way. Is Tue P.M. at 2:00 & sure a nice day!

Well the reason of my waiting is that we need some help of some kind. We read your book ( note, what she is calling our book was part of a newsletter sent out 10+ years ago) & sounds as though you already helped alot of people & also people by just writing you their ailments.

So like here are mine: Our 8th child was home birthed like the other 7 children & like the 5th or 6th day I got a very hard & heavy headache we thought well it prob came from beings my bed was in front of South window & sun shining on me reading books. It finally did let after but we tried lots of home remedies. A year & 1/2 later when I was again pregnant with our 9th child, the 6th month i had again head pain like that time except it lasted the whole month till 1st of the 7th month. i went into labor & we called the midwife & she said she can't help us as the baby will need oxygen

Page 2

once is born. So we went for hosp. A stillborn son was born to us that was just 1# 3 oz, 10 inch long & the dr. said it died of high blood pressure & that was the 1st that we knew what was causing my head aches. Then a year & 1/2 of that stillborn we had another stillborn again 3# 5 oz. That dr. again said its because of high blood pressure. So now I'am on 2 kinds of blood-pressure drugs, not every day anymore. Dr. said I may back off if it goes down, but still at times it likes yo climb again. The last baby I carried 7 1/2 months was at the hosp. of shy of 7 months as was so hard they had a hard time on getting it down though. Somewhat again but at 7 1/2 months went again and got check up and baby's size and weekly testing and baby still died. So now I am again in the family way and little over 2 months & would like to know what you recommend ? As I don't want to lose it again. Last summer I did not feel good all summer.

Page 3

Page 4

coming soon.

Women in her situation by the thousands in AMERICA are living this exact identical nightmare...........this 4 page letter details the situation very well.....and is just 1 example of the MANY DIFFERENT reasons this group of women and their babies suffer premature death----


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