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Human diet

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MH 108 8 Views: 167
Published: 44 days ago

Human diet

1970's in America, the strongest man on the show--THATS INCREDIBLE lifted 1,400 pounds above his head. It took 4 muscle bound "steroid" boys to carry out the 1,400 pound bar loaded with weights. When picked up, the bar bowed from having 700 pounds on each side.

When interviewed the man was a UCLA african college professor, a very tall and VERY THIN man, not muscle bound what so ever. He picked the 1,400# straight above his head with ease.

When asked what his diet was, he simple answered that eat drank orange juice and he looked like that is all he drank, because he was a very thin person. 20 years ago this fellow was still picking up 600 # and a person that loved this forum sought the man out and visited him and us just to see if it was "real"; he said the man had a huge property out west and in typical college professor style, he wanted allot of $$ for his time.

Mike Dayton: a muscle bound performer, professional muscle builder. He traveled the country talking to school children and he would have local sheriffs come and hand cuff him on stage and show the kids that he could break all hand cuffs with ease...he could also lift a car off of you, etc. and explained that he simple learned how to control his adrenal gland response that would last for about a 2 seconds, just long enough to snap hand cuffs like they were made out of paper.

"IF" you have not experienced the "save your life" adrenal experience, then your lucky you were never in that position that you needed it---, but if you have ever experienced it--THEN YOU KNOW your body / brain has "enormous" powers to protect your self-----you could kill anything that was trying to kill you. Not only could you pick a car up, you could take an object such a knife and throw it accurately 100+ yards and hit your target with deadly force---because your eye sight becomes "extreme" as does your muscle strength---BUT it only last a couple of seconds, just long enough to save your life or the life of another from deadly attack. Mike Dayton admitted that is how chains could not hold him. The man that picked up 1,400 pounds surely was using the same "method", he had super human strength for a couple of seconds.

The adrenal glands have a total lifetime of adrenal hormone that if you could weigh it------a lifetime supply would weigh about as much as a postage stamp.

MEDICAL KNOWS thousands, maybe millions, mostly males, die as a result of their adrenal glands "busting". DID YOU KNOW your organs can bust or leak! Odds are your spleen is leaking inside your body right now--------- if your very old, your intestines could have so any worm holes and call it leaky gut. Your liver could be like SWISS CHEESE full of worms eating you none stop---YOUR MUSCLES full of WORMS.........

So what happens when you die as a result of your adrenal glands bursting? YOUR HEART EXPLODES LITERALLY in your chest----just like you filled it with an explosive. INSTANT DEATH and I can bet it feels like a freight train hit you in the chest and the facts are----even if your heart has just exploded---your brain can function up to 15 minutes --even if they cut your head off and during that 15 minutes your brain is going to "create" the greatest fears and pains that we can not even imagine possible----because that brain did not want to die.

A famous medical book explained the most famous boxer the time. The boxer was a world champion in multiple weight classes. The boxer won a free new home as one of his many prizes. When the boxer entered the new home he went to the kitchen and told the people around him: The first one of you that can take this new stove out of my kitchen, can have it. When asked his diet, he said he ate raw cabbage. He had zero use for a cook stove in his kitchen.

All of medical in the kid 1800's using the Smithsonian proved once and for all the human specie diet. The world proved humans are sweet fruit eaters based on design, function and development. That ended the mystery of diet for EVER, because human design by their creator never changes. All other diet is an adaptation---END of SUBJECT.

Pastor HOTEMA wrote 50+ books based on biblical earth history, a collection of freemason history--the stuff the popes stole and then hid from the people. HOTEMA 100% believed in "original" diet
at the beginning of a new earth cycle.

The true diet is air and sun as the Ancient Bible Monk's History education states and the only reason we humans would consume the sweet fruits of the tree and bush is for a "cleanse'. we are not made of fruits, grains or dead cows and pigs---we are made from the energy of the sun. This is why people long ago worshiped the sun.

MEDICAL knew humans were living on nothing but air and sun and they captured these people and killed them and dissected them for YEARS trying to understand how---most likely with a desire to build military soldiers. The perfect soldier would be one that needed no food, no drink. MEDICAL/MILITARY world wide has killed millions of people for experimentation--every military country has/does/continues to depopulate via posions and experimentation on the human body---in fact, much of the military creations were developed out of doing research on the human body---such as radar, hydrogen bombs, etc. The human design is a perfect design that scientist forever learn from.

MEDICAL LEARNED how / why humans are designed to live on air and sun once the first space ships went into orbit around the earth-------they then learned the true human food, how all life on earth is created via the SUN.

A few Doctors today on earth, have a simple theory: THAT BROWN CRAP that exits your butt is WORM CRAP and that rotted pig, fried cow, grains and vegetables, etc. is your brain choosing to select foods your worms want for supper and a few more medical doctors really believe your worms may be manipulating your body for their survival. They know parasites in lower species are 100% controlled by the parasites inside their body as a method to continue their life cycle.

Dr. Jackson, M.D. was the best health / medical canadian author of all time----his books are rare and very expensive if you can find one---I collected as many as I could locate. He created the Roman Meal Company that still exist today, he is their founder. Dr. Jackson saved his life and used his body to prove facts and turned himself into a man of strength and endurance long after he was near death and he watched his parents and family all die from adrenal failure as he was and his heart was ready to explode and hate a heart rate of 200+a and believed he would be dead within 1-2 days---but he decided to do what his friend Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. did down at his PA Sunrise Clinic and not only did he save his life, he went on to be a super man.

Dr. Jackson stopped smoking ands drinking and stopped killing him self like his entire medical family killed them selves before him...........Dr. Jackson tried all the diets, all the theories and wrote the best health books ever to be printed. I took those original books, cut the backs off 20 years ago and scanned them into word, then onto pdf--------back then that was an expensive job to do, but the good life saving books are worth it, because they are disappearing over time and the libraries burned them all by 1950. Libraries are corrupt, same as all news and gov are corrupt.

14 days of orange juice done THE HAY or JACKSON WAY will enable the human body to have 5x more red blood cells. HARVARD / YALE / ROCKEFELLER by 1950 did independent studies and all agreed, it is the CURE for ALL. Every human on earth can prove that to them selves by reading and applying their books. These books along with Dr. Christopher Herbal History are the foundation of The School of Self-Applied Prevention---AKA made for this forum.

DOP NOT LISTEN or waste your time (life) with all the quacks that say orange juice will kill you, distilled water will kill you, herbs will kill you---but eating anything but---is the their diet and they hate people that juice to follow NATURE.

NATURE will, does KILL every creature on earth that DISOBEYS...........period. WORMS / PARASITES have the God created job of EATING every fork of life that DISOBEYS of which the human is the number 1 specie that always disobeys.

21 days of orange juice done correctly: Dr. Jackson proved you do not get a repaired heart, you get a new heart.

Between 21-40 days, you get a new liver, new skin and the Biblical 40 day orange juice fast is something all humans should experience.


Florida Orange Juice specially the choice of doctors. I can tell you this, I have drank large qualities of juice for 30+ years and orange juice is the only juice I have never got tired of. I can go a year with out water or any other drink than orange juice and on any given year, I am sure I do not drink more than 2 gallon of water per year.

YET, juice, etc. is 99% water, so in fact, I drink "clean" water with the proper ratio of sugars/minerals.

I worked 30 years with pH, so I proved Dr. Hay, M.D. was 100% correct about diet-------anyone with pH paper can prove their diet and every human that attempts to deny these facts---CAN NOT PROVE THEIR DIET using pH paper------so do not waste your time reading their garbage.

pH paper testing correctly is the ONLY MEDICAL TEST any human on earth needs and once they understand it, they can pitch that test because if they are not perfect health, they understand as did Dr. Hay and Dr. Jackson that their diet is wrong and needs corrected.

THIS SAID, no human eats perfect---------Dr. Hay wrote about the last group of people on earth that did eat perfect...they had been studied for 11 years at the time of print and the european military doctors concluded the men at age 250 appeared as healthy as their 22 year old sons. Dr. Morton Walker and his wife studied these people shortly before he died a few years ago and concluded these people had a lead level of "0"


Do you understand what ZERO LEAD is?

Data Labs out of Chicago is what Dr. Walker used to prove that fact. That same lab test for "me' 25 years ago, showed a lead test of 112 x more lead than a normal male my age in 50 countries.

Where did my lead come from? DENTIST. How did i know? I befriended Dr. Hulda Clark and read all her books, of which the dental info is the best and finding Dr. John Johnson, he examined my teeth and explained those movie star teeth I had, was deliberately made out of lead and nickel to cause cancer by design. He explained all dentist are trained to use chemicals to create childhood cancers and supply the cancer industry and when he graduated a dentist, he did the opposite of his college training and spent his lifetime removing the cancer causing dental work. Dr. Hulda Clark required everyone to remove their dental disaster first, or you would just waste her time. She wrote how to test your dental disaster and i did that and my teeth were even worse than what she wrote in her books---thanks to my dentist.

IF you like LIVING, you wake up and remove the garbage the public school teachers put in your brains----and start learning real life.

ONCE you understand what a tree is made of, what you are made of, you do not need more books--all good books will just prove what you already know.

I learned in the past year----a superior drink to orange juice......or lets say, a equal drink? Well, lets say a drink I like equally as well or maybe "better" and as a result, I drank 75% less orange juice in 2020 than I have drank for the past 30 years.

IT is this SIMPLE, you never stop learning and the number 108 will change anyone's life..............the number 108 will remain a mystery to all that defy NATURE. Some things you can never learn, they are GIFTS. if you like GIFTS, you will learn to do 40 day Dr. Hay / Jackson orange juice fasting yearly..........REMOVE THE POISON from your body and GIFTS are a natural experience.

WORMS and DEMONS? Are their a difference? Worms are living creatures killing you inside, does that qualify as a demon? Or are demons an unwanted human spirit that took your body from you?

The Biblical Monks said you could have 666 demons inside you or literally THOUSANDS, they also said WORMS can consume you to your death.

The ONLY good worm is a DEAD WORM and few humans on earth understand your pancreas can be packed with worms and your liver is hotel 6 for worms and your brain can be loaded with sacks/nest of worm eggs..................I have studied how to kill worms for 20+ years just for 1 reason---i enjoy living and i do not enjoy worms eating me.

You can eat anything that does not eat you first.

"IF" you consume enough proper drink daily, your blood stream will not require anything else and that means all those dead cows and rotted pigs will go down your toilet unused.

The SECRET to LIFE is simple: If you are capable of reading / understanding, you will have learned from the above statements that if your healthy---YOU NEED NO FOOD put in your mouth other than AIR and the SUN on your bare skin does more than you can dream of. On a USB, Books and files number into thousands of pages for those that enjoy reading and the best book ever was printed, but now after years, there is less than 1 box of books left and no need to print again. The website will cover more than enough.

the website was built for this forum, but now years later this forum is no good--the website and direct e-mail replaced this forum 10 years ago...

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME with those that will only waste your time.

If you have a question---ask it by way of the website, it explains how and how you can enter sections just for people that do and not waste others time and those that like herbal use, can learn more than they ever new possible.

MH 108


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